25 Kanye West Fashion Ideas for Men – Become a Fashion God

Kanye West fashion is one of the most influential fashion trends in this generation. The rap mogul is well known for his borderline eccentric sense of fashion which has spawned more than a few trends time and time again. Kanye West’s fashion style borders on the millennial hippie’s baggy dress code with a bit of street thrown into the mix. He is often seen with loose fitting designer clothes in either black, white, browns, grays or army greens. He rarely sports anything that has bright primary colors or any bold logos.

Recently his taste in fashion has taken on a turn into the distressed fashion world. Kanye West is rocking more ripped jeans and shirts than ever and has even produced a clothing line that is themed on that rugged design. For men wishing to borrow a page from his book, expect nothing but dazzling celebrity style and outfits that will make you stand out from a crowd. Here are 25 examples of Kanye West at his fashionable best.

# 1 All White

Nothing screams “celebrity” more than an all-white outfit such as the one Kanye decides to rock in this example. No doubt designer, he pairs a baggy sweatshirt with a long hemline t-shirt. A pair of ripped jeans and white sneakers complete the look tastefully.

# 2 Bulky Jackets

Bulky jackets are ideal for a casual laid back look but it is easy to end up looking homeless instead of fashionable. Kanye West makes up for the look with some fresh white-soled black sneakers worn with designer sweatpants.

# 3 Desert Boots

True to his trademark Kanye West fashion, he sticks to the muted colors with this grey, black, white and brown combo. He wears the lighter colors on top where his loose grey sweatshirt combines well with a white tee. On the bottom half, plain black jeans and desert boots give the look the celebrity flair it’s missing.

# 4 Hoodie and Jeans

Dressing up like Kanye involves taking something that sounds basic and turning it into a runway-worthy look. Here, he rocks a pair of fashion sneakers with a charcoal grey pair of jeans and a dazzling white hoodie over an equally white t-shirt.

# 5 Cuffed Overcoat

One of the elements of dressing like a celebrity is trying the eccentric looks. Cuffing the overcoat is unconventional but ends up looking quite stylish when the sleeves of the grey sweatshirt underneath peek out. He rounds off the look in classic style with grey jeans and brown suede boots.

# 6 Casual Kanye

This is one of the few random moments when Kanye West fashion ideas take on a more fanciful stride. He eloquently combines the blazer and jeans with a pair of black leather loafers. The celebrity element comes in with his low-cut t-shirt.

# 7 All Black

For those with a natural affinity towards everything black, here is a Kanye West fashion idea to take home with you. It is simple yet undoubtedly stylish the way he makes the slightly different shades of black combine before wrapping it all up with a pair of white-soled sneakers.

# 8 Chunky Chains

Too many people are wearing chains wrong or in the most boring way possible. Kanye shows us how to effortlessly rock the chunky “bling” by draping a light jacket across his shoulders to layer the look a bit more. He sticks to the boots here to give the look a perfectly masculine touch.

# 9 Suede Blazer

Blazers have been seamlessly incorporated into modern fashion trends time and again. They are slowly replacing the leather jacket with their calm and sophisticated allure which makes for much more appealing looks. Adding a simple white vest and a bit of jewelry to accent the look results in a great weekend look you can try.

# 10 Colored Sweatpants

The shade of maroon of the sweatpants is a tad off his usual stride but Kanye West compensates for it with his usual desert boots and a plain gray t-shirt on top. The look has been simply accessorized by a couple of chains and a wrist watch.

# 11 Distressed

Onto the more “Kanye” fashion trends, here is a typical Kanye West fashion idea that will draw you plenty of attention. In addition to a wildly tattered pair of blue jeans, he also throws on a stylishly faded t-shirt with the usual long hemline and then finishes the look with a simple wrist watch.

# 12 Winter Wear

A lot of the Kanye West fashion ideas involve a few bulky layers of clothing, which is great if you’re looking for something stylish to wear this winter. This ensemble, for instance, comprises of a bulky brown suede jacket over a grey hoodie with black form-fitting pants and slate gray sneakers on the bottom half.

# 13 Casual Whites

White outfits are great against darker complexions and are perfect for sunny weekends or nights out. This is a very simple outfit to put together and allows for a lot of personalization in the shoes and pants. You can go for sneakers or like Kanye, opt for the more aggressive boots to complete the look.

# 14 Camo Outfit

Nothing exudes the laid back appeal better than a simple camouflage outfit paired with some trendy sneakers. Keep the clothes loose-fitting and casual to get that laid back appeal. Huge side pockets on the Camo pants is a nice touch that will make them look even better.

# 15 Yeezy Outfits

More often than not, Kanye is seen rocking pieces from his eccentric clothing line, especially when he is performing on stage. He pairs Yeezy t-shirts with sweatpants of the same color, rolled up slightly to expose some shine and a trendy pair of Yeezy sneakers.

# 16 Edgy Layered Look

You can achieve a very attractive layered look by making use of bold patterns such as the Camo design of the jacket Kanye is rocking on top of the grey hoodie. The brightest item in this ensemble is the classic brown Timberland boots, which add a lot of spunk to the look.

# 17 Hippie Style

Kanye goes a little hipster with his dressing every once in a while as this look testifies. He settles for an all-black outfit with a collarless long-sleeved shirt, simple black jeans and suede boots.

# 18 Timeless Black

Black is never going out of fashion. If you want a look that is both low-key and very easy on the eye, a simple black sweatshirt, a long hemline black t-shirt and black sweatpants will help you achieve that casual look. Kanye spices it up some with brown suede boots.

# 19 Overcoat and Sweatpants

A lot of Kanye West’s eccentric fashion sense revolves around sweatpants and baggy top coats. He usually matches this with sneakers and a simple black, white or grey t-shirt and a chunky or slim chain depending on his attire.

# 20 Checked Shirt

Get your favorite checked shirt out of storage because this is one Kanye West fashion ideas you don’t want to miss. He uses it to add some color to his trademark grey ensemble and perfectly wraps up the look with brown suede shoes.

# 21 Scarves and Trench Coats

Kanye knows how to dress for the cold weather and we have seen him time and again pairing those grays and blacks superbly. Here he opts for a chunky knitted scarf and pairs it with a simple gray trench coat.

# 22 Leather Pants

Wearing leather pants is a risky move if you’re not sure what to wear them with. However, Kanye pulls it off effortlessly with a bulky tan coat over a grey hoodie then wraps up the ensemble with a pair of black sneakers.

# 23 Flashy Suede Jacket

Every once in a while, Kanye uses color to brighten up his usually muted shades of grey, white and brown. Here, he opts for a maroon suede varsity jacket that looks lush and expensive to give his t-shirt and jeans look some flair.

# 24 Baggy

It is not uncommon to see Kanye West fashion ideas take on a more retro street kind of design. He tastefully combines a black sweatshirt with black pants and combat boots to achieve a laid back but masculine look.

# 25 Leathers and Hoodie

Kanye rounds off this fantastic casual look with a pair of classy brown boots. This is one of the more colorful ensembles he has worn as it features a bit of blue, some green and his usual black.

Going Kanye is a great way to express your sense of fashion, especially for the millennial looking for something versatile and more in tune with the latest trends. Kanye’s fashion is one that many men can relate to especially since it features a lot of solid, earthy colors that are easy to combine. Have fun coming up with your own personal look!

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