30 Beautiful Flannel Outfits For Men – For The Best Look Ever

Flannel outfits are a must have in your wardrobe. Whether you are young or old, they will look great on you. They come in a variety of styles and colors and are generally easy to clean. They do not fade easily, so you can wash and dry them many times without worrying that they may start looking bad. Another thing that you will love about flannel outfits is the fact that they are warm. They will be perfect to wear during the cold months. The following are some of the great flannel outfits for men that you can try.

# 1 Vibrant Flannel Shirt with Jeans

Flannel shirts always go well with jeans. In this case, the vibrant flannel shirt is tucked into blue trouser jeans. The blue jeans coat matches well with the trouser and shirt.

# 2 Black Warped Flannel Shirt

This is a really nice look for fall. The black warped flannel short matches well with black jeans and a gray shirt. You do not need to button up the shirt. You can also leave it untucked.

# 3 Nice Saturday Outfit

A flannel shirt with gray jeans and a stylish black coat is a nice Saturday look that you definitely want to try. If you have Timberland boots or cool high top sneakers, they will go really well with this look.

# 4 Cool Street Style

A flannel outfit can give that cool street style you want when you are going out to town or somewhere else. The red color that flannel shirt features matches perfectly well with the blue accessorized jeans and the brown jacket. You put wear black or brown shades to go with this style.

# 5 Blue Flannel Outfit

A flannel shirt that has blue as the dominant color will definitely look great if paired with a blue jeans. Blue or gray high top shoes are an awesome way to finish this look. This is a style for both the young and old men.

# 6 Cool Weekend Look

When the weekend finally comes, you need a cool flannel outfit like this one in your wardrobe to rock. The blue jacket looks awesome. For the trouser, you can go with black jeans and then wear nice sports sneakers. A gray beanie hat will also be great for this style.

# 7 Vintage Plaid Flannel Shirt with Jeans

This is a cool look for gentlemen. The flannel shirt is untucked but buttoned down to look great. The blue jeans and the brown shoes that are worn together with it look perfect. A brown hat will look awesome with this look.

# 8 Flannel and Vest

A cool gray vest jacket will be a great way to style a flannel shirt that has shades of gray in it. A blue trouser jeans and a black and gray hat will make you really handsome if you rock this look.

# 9 Elegant Boys Look

A blue accessorized jeans with a flannel shirt is always a cool look for younger men. You can leave the shirt unbuttoned and then wear a black T-shirt instead of a vest for a nice street look.

# 10 Shaggy Flannel Shirt with Jeans

A shaggy blue/orange shirt will look really great when paired with blue trouser jeans. It will be a nice Friday look if you are one of those guys who like starting their weekend in style. Brown or orange high top shoes will go well with this look.

# 11 Stylish Men’s Flannel

When it comes to flannel outfits for men, it is all about being creative. This particular look features a jungle green/blue flannel shirt and tight fitting blue jeans. If you can get jungle green high top boots, they will be perfect for this style.

# 12 Blue on Black

This flannel shirt features two colors that most men love the most; blue and black. It will look absolutely great when combined with black jeans, black Asics and a black hat.

# 13 Matching Brown Shoes and Top Wear

A flannel shirt that has a mixture of brown and black, a brown jacket and brown shoes is a great look for men especially when combined with a blue jeans. It is a nice weekend wear that you should try.

# 14 Chic Winter Look

When winter comes and you still want to look stylish when you dress up, this flannel shirt that has a combination of maroon, white and grey colors will be great to wear with blue ripped jeans and Timberland boots. It is a great look for younger men.

# 15 Autumn Checks and Vests

This is one of the best styles to try during autumn. The orange/green flannel shirt is just perfect when worn with the gray vest. Blue jeans for the bottom wear will be great.

# 16 Flannel with Ripped Jeans

If Justin Bieber rocked this style, you can rock it too. The short sleeved maroon/blue flannel looks great when unbuttoned and worn together with ripped jeans. If you do not want to expose your chest, a black T-shirt will be perfect to go with the style.

# 17 Nice Relaxed Flannel Outfit for Men

This one is a cool look for relaxed or cool men. The acid green and black color mixture for the flannel shirt is just awesome. For the bottom wear, gray and black sneakers will be awesome.

# 18 Awesome Christmas Look

If you are a parent and have a little boy, one of the best ways to bond with them this Christmas season is to wear matching flannel shirts. Both you and your boy will look really handsome in these red/grey flannel shirts. You can wear a blue jeans and your little one can wear a blue short.

# 19 Iron Heart Flannels

When iron heart flannels are matched with a cool freenote jacket, the end result is an awesome look that will turn people heads when you are watching on the street. It is a great casual look for boys.

# 20 Nice Outfit for Friday Night

If you like dressing up on Friday night when you are going to party or just hang out with friends, this will be a nice flannel outfit to try. The mixture of blue and red for the flannel shirt is just awesome. The gray jeans match perfectly well with the shirt.

# 21 Sharp Stylish Look

The beautiful red/black flannel shirt and the cool black coat will make you look really handsome and stylish. Red shoes will perfect to match with the shirt. For the trouser, you can go for a bold color such as brown.

# 22 City Style for Men

This city style that features a red/black flannel shirt is perfect for men of all ages. The black trouser and black coat go well with it. White and black sneakers and a gray beanie hat are also great for this look.

# 23 Baggy Flannel Shirt with Bright Colors

If you want your flannels to stand out, try those that have nice bright colors such as green, red and blue. This particular one may be baggy but it will still give you a handsome look.

# 24 Flannels with a Kodiak Jacket

Kodiak jackets will never disappoint when worn together with flannel shirts. The shirt features sleek navy blue and grey colors that match well with the brown colors of the jacket. The black pants also look great with this look.

# 25 Dope Flannels for Fashionable Men

If you are the kind of man who is very particular about what you wear, these flannel outfits for men are just what you need. The red/black flannel shirt is styled with a white hoodie and will match well with black trouser jeans and grey sneakers.

# 26 Flannels with Custom Made Jeans

Anything you wear with nice looking flannels will look great, like these navy blue custom made jeans. The red and blue color combination for the flannels matches well with the jeans.

# 27 Slick Buttoned Flannels

While most men, especially younger ones, find it to cool to wear flannel shirts when they are unbuttoned, they can still look great when buttoned up. The maroon and grey colors that this shirt is made of are very attractive.

# 28 Nice Urban Look

A nice flannel shirt can give you a good looking urban look as long as it is worn with the right apparels. The black hat and black jacket in this look are superbly great for the brown/gray colored flannel shirt.

# 29 Flannels with Hand Warmers

Now these are the perfect flannels to have when winter comes. Since they have hand warmers, you will still be able to beat the cold if the coat you have does not have the hand warmers. The black and white colors that it features make it look really stunning.

# 30 Men’s Casual Flannels

When you match faded blue jeans with red and black colored flannels, you will look totally amazing. It is a great outfit to wear while just at home or while going about casual activities in town.

Flannel outfits are not only perfect for casual wear, but also for official wear. The materials that they are made of can be a light cotton that can be easily tucked in or they can quilted or reinforced so as to provide extra protection and warmth. You can buy them cheaply in bulk so as to have spares whenever you need to wear them.

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