40 Trendy Brogues Ideas – Ways To Wear Them Like A Style Expert

Brogues are a fashion staple for any gentleman. They are versatile shoes that can be worn with a number of outfits from casual shorts to vintage suits. They are easy to recognize by the pattern detail on the sides of the leather, known as broguing. The original shoes had these rows of holes and perforations to allow water to drain out of them as they were created for walking in the damp conditions of the England and Ireland countryside. If you’re wondering just how to wear your brogues then just check out these 40 hot styling ideas:

# 1 Black Wingtip

These handsome shoes are polished black wingtip brogues, sometimes known as full brogues. He’s wearing them navy chinos and a soft blue shirt and coat combo.

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# 2 Jeans and Brogues

This shot shows just how versatile brogues are; add them to blue jeans and black coat outfit and you instantly look polished!

# 3 Professional Longwing Look

These tan longwing brogues have exquisite patterning detail that will take your corporate look to a whole new level. Here they are being worn with a navy suit and a crisp white shirt, and colorful socks add a playful edge.

# 4 Statement Kicks

Needing a statement outfit? Let’s take some cues from this model. Firstly, yes you can wear shorts and brogues together, as long as the shorts are tailored. Secondly, carry your colors through your outfit, as he has done with his red shirt, snappy laces, and socks.

# 5 Brown Tanned Brogues

This model is wearing a long black woolen coat together with soft blue jeans and dark tanned brogues. Notice the way he accessorized with a brown scarf to match his smart footwear.

# 6 Two-Tone Casual

Once you have brogues you’ll quickly find that they are your go-to item. Spice up a casual wool and denim outfit with statement black and tan shoes like this gentleman.

# 7 Light and Dark

You’ve probably wondered if you can wear light colored brogues with dark suits and the answer is yes, definitely. Light colored shoes brighten up your outfit and are right on trend.

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# 8 Vintage Footwear

If you’re going to wear a vintage style outfit then there is really only one choice for the best footwear; you guessed it: brogues. Don’t you love how these gray and black brogues tie his outfit together?

# 9 Metro Man

In this picture, the model is wearing slim fit indigo denims with a white shirt and fitted gray tweed jacket. He’s teamed his outfit with slick black quarter brogues. Quarter brogues have the least amount of patterning.

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# 10 Dapper Happy

Don’t you just love this colorful outfit? This stylish gent is dressed up to the nines in a three piece midnight blue suit, white shirt, red lapel pin and bow tie. His chosen tan wingtips to finish off his look together with cheeky white and red socks.

# 11 Brown Boot

Brogues were designed to protect your feet and ankles, making them great for walking outside. In this shot, the model is wearing oak brown lace up brogues with black cuffed jeans.

# 12 City Swag

This is a look made for a night on the town. Want to steal his style? Grab a white collared shirt, add a plain black jacket and light gray trousers. To finish it off add polished brown wingtips. Don’t forget the matching brown belt!

# 13 All Weather Wear

Wet pavements certainly won’t slow this guy down, not in those handsome quarter brogues with dark oak tips. Add dark jeans and a dark blazer with a caramel coat and you’re all set!

# 14 Suits Me Fine

In this look, corporate wear meets prep school style. This model is wearing a dark blue suit with subtle patterning along with a white shirt, blue striped tie (to add a little color) and suede gray brogues.

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# 15 Stay Classy

You’ll have no problem staying classy in this outfit. It consists of long sleeve light blue shirt, a gray button-up vest, paisley tie, navy trousers, and to finish it off a pair of brown full brogues.

# 16 Victorian Eclectic

This gentleman is eye-catching in this Victorian era inspired ensemble. His fedora, tie, overcoat, gloves, and trousers are deep brown and he’s wearing a sand colored jacket with a white shirt underneath. The shoes tie the outfit together; they are two tone white and brown wingtips and he’s added funky socks for an eclectic edge.

# 17 The Easiest Choice

Brogues are not only hardy shoes but also one of the most versatile pairs of shoes you can own. Check out this casual suede style; black jeans and dark brown brogues.

# 18 Monochrome Magic

Two-tone brogues are a fashion statement alone, but you need to pair them with the right outfit. This model is getting it right with a simple suit, paisley tie, and a crisp white shirt. Tailored clothes will always sit better, and look amazing!

# 19 Weekend Walks

If you love to get out into the country on the weekends but don’t have a pair of brogues yet you’re missing out. Look how comfortable this model looks in his casual outfit of jeans, knitted top, bomber vest and tan brogue boots.

# 20 Style Detail

This outfit is so well put together; look how the color of the buttery coat ties in with the soles on the dark navy wingtips. Also how the jet black jeans tie in with the buttons on the coat.

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# 21 Classic Leather

Need an instant style update? These rosy brown leather brogues are just the thing. We love this models street style; trendy red jacket and classic blue jeans.

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# 22 Understated

This classy gentleman has donned a dark outfit consisting of a dark navy waistcoat, gray trousers, dark brown wingtips, and black socks. On top, he’s wearing a dark caramel colored coat.

# 23 Leather and Suede Duo

In this picture, the model is wearing an awesome everyday outfit. He’s wearing a handsome brown coat, tweed trousers, and a light blue scarf with leather and suede brogues.

# 24 Old School Glamour

Here the model is wearing a 1930’s inspired dove gray tweed suit with matching waistcoat, black tie, brown bomber jacket. To finish off his look he chose dark tipped full brogues.

# 25 Suit Up

You’ll feel ready to take on the world in this outfit. He’s looking polished in a light blue checked suit, crisp white shirt, light gray waistcoat, and dark oak brown wingtips.

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Traditional brogues are made with leather, but other styles such as suede brogues are also popular especially for city wear. For the outdoors, you’ll rather want to opt for leather instead. These shoes can be worn with virtually any outfit and are suitable for work, play, and special occasions. If you haven’t got a pair yet then what are you waiting for?

Brogues & Wingtip Shoes Guide

40 Trendy Brogues Ideas – Ways To Wear Them Like A Style Expert

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