25 Cool All-White Air Max Ideas – Rocking the Trainers

The all-white Air Max sneakers are undoubtedly the best casual sneaker/trainers we have seen in our time. The shoes have withstood the test of time and remain afloat in a market full of emerging brands by simply retaining their trademark look: visibly raised soles with clear panels that show the air cushioning. Previously preferred for the extra kick they provide during athletic events, the shoes are quickly gaining traction as fashion sneakers and as you will see, the all white Air Max is still a dominant force in this market. Looking for the best way to rock your favorite all-whites? Check out these 25 cool examples.

# 1 Triple White Air Max 90 with Jeans

If you own a pair of these impeccable sneakers, do them some justice by pairing them with your favorite pair of blue jeans. If you’re gunning for the casual look, folded cuffs will look more relaxed and casual.

# 2 Air Max with Track Suit

Your tracksuit bottoms can be a fashion item if you have the right pair of sneakers to pair them with. For instance, this pair of Air Max 87 sneakers plays the part of creating a casual look excellently, resulting in an effortless weekend look that can just as well be perfect for the gym.

# 3 Straight Cut Jeans

Straight cut jeans are becoming obsolete in a world that is quickly being dominated by skinny jeans and form-fitting khakis. However, with your Air Max sneakers, you can bring them back into style with a bang. Keep the cuffs high to enforce that casual appeal.

# 4 Air Max Sneakers with Shorts

Sneakers and shorts are a timeless casual ensemble for most people. If you decide to go with this look, a pair of ankle socks can bring out that youthful casual appeal associated with Air Max sneakers.

# 5 Classic Jeans and Sneakers

Of course, you can still rock your sneakers with your trusted pair of jeans and still look good. You can never go wrong with a pair of form-fitting light blue jeans—they are the epitome of casual. An all-white pair of sneakers is the right way to wrap up this look.

# 6 Baggy Jeans with Air Max 95 Sneakers

Break out your baggy jeans by pairing them with a pair of Air Max 95 sneakers. A pair of matching white socks and folded up cuffs will give you that tasteful and timelessly classy 80s look.

# 7 Elevated White Air Max Sneakers

For ladies, a pair of elevated Air Max sneakers can be the perfect shoes for a cold, casual day out. Pair them with a black pair of form fitting pants to get that stylish black and white contrast.

# 8 The Kumquat

This pair of Air Max sneakers features a bit of textured patterning on the sides that gives it more personality. It still retains its classic raised sole and looks as good as you would expect with a pair of solid blue jeans that have been folded up at the cuffs to show off the socks.

# 9 Sweatpants and Sneakers

Whether you’re out on your morning run or just wiling the weekend away at the park, here is a look that will not fail to look effortlessly classy. A simple pair of black sweatpants looks extra good when paired with these fantastic Air Max sneakers that feature a stylish scaled texture on the sides.

# 10 Kicks and Folded Jeans

The all white pair of Air Max 90 is not your ordinary pair of sneakers. These shoes have a distinct air of casual style that makes them very easy to pair with folded jeans and ankle socks.

# 11 Nike Air Max 90 Premium Sneakers

These shoes feature distinctly grey panels and orange rubber soles that set them apart from the original Air Max 90 sneakers. They are just as easy to wear with jeans but will look a bit more reserved thanks to the slight color alteration.

# 12 Folded Jeans

When it comes to folding jeans, there really is no standard other than to avoid looking ridiculous. Depending on the length, anything between an inch above the ankles to an inch below the knees is acceptable, provided it looks proportional to the shoes you’re wearing.

# 13 Ripped Jeans and Air Max Sneakers

Air Max sneakers are preferred mostly because of their unisex appeal. You can hardly go wrong with their effortless stylishness, especially if you decide to bring out the brightness of your all whites using a form fitting pair of ripped jeans.

# 14 Nike Air Max LD Zero Sneakers

Although a bit rarer than the more popular version, these off-white sneakers look just as amazing as you would expect. The uppers are mostly beige except for a white streak across the midsole and the white laces.

# 15 Straight Down

When wearing sneakers, avoid pants that seem to flow over it, covering the top parts of it. That is a fashion trend that was long put to bed. Instead, opt for perfectly long pants and a pair of ankle socks to rock the look.

# 16 Baggy Jeans

Rocking your best pair of all white Air Max sneakers sometimes makes you want to show off a little. Always keep the cuffs of your jeans, whether baggy or straight, a bit higher than the tops of the shoes.

# 17 Kumquats and Sweats

The Air Max Kumquat is one of the more popular all-white Nike sneakers. They are very laid back, easy to match with either your favorite jeans or sweatpants, and also have that air cushion at the heel that adds an extra spring to your walk.

# 18 Air Max Euro Champs 2008

If you’re lucky enough to own a pair of these limited edition kicks, the best way to wear them is with shorts so that you can show them off in their full glory. Among the more exciting all white Air Max shoes at your disposal, these are fashion gems that will look good with almost anything.

# 19 Vintage All Whites

These timelessly fashionable pair of sneakers is some of the most versatile pair of Nikes you can own. Due to their extended tongue, these sneakers look extra good when worn with a nice pair of jeans.

# 20 Athletic

It is easy to forget that the Air Max sneakers are excellent for athletic activities. There are not a lot of shoes that will look as fashionable when paired with your running clothes as this delightfully white pair of Air Max sneakers.

# 21 The Nike Air Max Zero

These are without a doubt the most visually appealing pair of all white Air Max sneakers. From the dazzling all white uppers to the eclectic rainbow pattern on the heel and the clear plastic panel on the side, these are definitely a deluxe pair of fashion sneakers.

# 22 Independence Day Air Max Sneakers

These shoes are not just the most fashionable ways to be patriotic, they are also a great way to turn on the casual charm with your outfit. The high sole sneakers will definitely be the center of focus on your outfit.

# 23 Sporty

Ball out in style with your favorite pair of air max sneakers. Simply add some shin-length socks and your team’s jersey with the air max sneakers and step out with the ultimate sporty look.

# 24 Classic Air Max 93

The multi-hued design of these Air Max sneakers makes them a bit more interesting to look at. They have been paired simply but stylishly with a pair of black sweat pants.

# 25 All White Independence Day Sneakers and Jeans

There’s nothing as appealing as a dazzling pair of all-white sneakers when paired with some nicely fitted blue jeans. This casual look can be rounded off by a graphic or plain sweatshirt or even a nicely fitting t-shirt.

There is nothing that will not look good when worn with a solid pair of Nike Air Max all white sneakers. Own the casual fashion and show off your best pairs of jeans, shorts, and sweatpants with these stylish sneakers.

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