25 Awesome Sleeveless Hoodie Ideas – Savage and Impressive

Sleeveless hoodies were primarily associated with gym and working out. They were regularly worn by bodybuilders that focused on stretching, especially of the arms and therefore wanted something that was loose yet impressive. With time, sleeveless hoodies have gained considerable popularity among the masses. People today wear it over a t-shirt when heading out, for training or simply to show off their muscles. Whichever way it is worn, it looks very cool. We have gathered 25 sleeveless hoodie ideas that you can adopt to make a fashion statement.

# 1 Gray Camouflage

This bomber of a camouflage hoodie has a regular front pocket with 3D muscles written on it and has broad ripped sleeves. It can be worn with tracksuit sweatpants and for women, they can wear a sports bra to cover their body. The hood on the head or left behind depends on the mood.

# 2 Black & Taupe Combo

This casual hoodie has an amazing taupe color combination. It’s longer than usual and is decorated with vertical stitches. Worn with a black cotton tracksuit bottom.

# 3 Black Savage

This all black hoodie has the word savage’ written in green with its meaning written underneath in white. This hoodie has a slim fit feel to it with fitted sleeves and looks great with the hood on the head.

# 4 Denim Blue

This denim blue color hoodie tracksuit is a thing of a beauty. With SMF styles make fights’ printed on the hoodie and the sweatpants, the entire suit looks ever so stylish with contrasting red sneakers.

# 5 Absolute Blood

There has to be a strong message on every working out an outfit and this is no different. Made by Till You Collapse (TYC), this all black tracksuit hoodie has Hustle in my Blood’ printed on it. Worn with TYC baseball cap and TYC tracksuit bottoms, the style is extremely emphatic.

# 6 Blue the Color

Everything looks great in blue as it seems to be the’ color these days. This denim blue hoodie is made by Gianni Salvatore and has fitted sleeves, one big pocket on the front, broad neck with straps falling down.

# 7 Purple Built 2 Grind

This purple ripped sleeves hoodie has Built 2 Grind printed on the front. The hoodie has the usual one pocket on the front with a relatively smaller hood. Worn with camouflage baseball cap and fitted tracksuit sweatpants.

# 8 Black Magic

Black always looks good and it does the same, here. The black ripped sleeves hoodie has the S and SLW of Strong Lift Wear embossed on the left top corner and also on the gray sweatpants. The inner of the hoodie is in camouflage color.

# 9 Cerulean Blue with Navy

This cerulean blue color ripped sleeves hoodie has a navy blue color pocket, hood, straps, and borders. Worn with lapis blue and gray baseball cap shows that a ripped hoodie can be worn and help make a fashion statement.

# 10 Black and Fern Green

No style is complete without black as is shown in this image. This broad sleeves black hoodie is worn with fern green color sweatpants that have a black inner lining. The black baseball cap completes the forceful black look.

# 11 White and Charcoal

This white ripped sleeves hoodie looks absolutely magical with these charcoal sweatpants. The combination is different and allows the contrasting nature of it, shine with this look.

# 12 Live Fit

Showcasing a strong and healthy message of Live Fit’, this red broad sleeves hoodie would allow any bodybuilder to show off their amazing biceps and wings. With the hood on the head, the looks become highly impressive.

# 13 Syrup Brown

This is a rather different hoodie with a zip covering half way on the front. The entire syrup brown tracksuit with a black inner t-shirt and black baseball cap shows the diversity of colors that are available in hoodies.

# 14 Marble Look

This hoodie has a look of a marble tile. The pearl white background has a black color sprayed un-systemically all over. This broad sleeves hoodie has the S and SLW of Strong Lift Wear embossed on the left top corner.

# 15 Black & Crimson Red

Black showing its class again in this hoodie that has Assailant in crimson red color printed on the hood. With no pocket, the front design and lower border are both in crimson red color which allows it to stand out. The lower tracksuit bottom is also in powerful black.

# 16 Ruby Red Casual

This casual ruby red color zipper hoodie can be worn above any smart jeans as shown in this image where it is worn over ripped charcoal jeans. The two pockets on the side and the white strap makes it very hot.

# 17 Spotless Black

This all black hoodie has no other color spot anywhere on it. It has a regular front pocket and straps and there is no doubt that black is too incredible in this image.

# 18 Lapis Blue V-neck

This lapis blue color V-neck hoodie has a faded design on the front. The fitted sleeves allow anyone to wear it regardless of their fitness. With the black jeans, the look is better than ever

# 19 Tortilla Brown Hoodie

This fitted sleeves tortilla brown color hoodie has a front pocket and a preacher aesthetic logo imprinted on the left top corner. The white straps and black zip on the side make it a unique hoodie.

# 20 Brown with Green

The combo of brown and green is not the most popular but when worn correctly, nothing can beat its look. The caramel brown color inner is covered by a front open light tawny brown hoodie and is worn with green fitted jeans and white sneakers.

# 21 Juniper Green

The gray inner is longer than the juniper green single pocket hoodie which allows the style to stand out. The pine green color zipper pants and tawny brown color Quadra boots complete the remarkable look.

# 22 Cool in the Sun

The terror black color hoodie with red straps and Dissident written in white color, on the chest is the coolest thing on a sunny day out. The blue sweatpants and red and black baseball cap is the best thing ever.

# 23 As cool as You Like

This gray zipper hoodie has fitted sleeves and a white strap. The gray shorts worn with white sneakers and black baseball cap makes it as cool as you like.

# 24 Jordon in Black

This Jordon black zipper hoodie has a Jordon logo printed on the left side of the chest. Worn with black glasses and with the hood being placed on the head, the synthetic material makes it super good.

# 25 Gray is the New Black

With gray becoming so popular, it would soon become the new black. This darker shade of gray has zip and a single pocket. The inner is longer than the hoodie and is worn with ripped blue jeans and tawny brown Quadra boots.

So, here it is. Our 25 sleeveless hoodie ideas and we hope that if you have one or plan to get one then you would know how to style it as per the event and day.

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