50 Fantastic Hip Black Hoodie Ideas – Mastering the Art of Layering

A black hoodie is one of the few unspoken wardrobe necessities for the modern man. However, there are one or two things every man should know about rocking the hoodie in a way that suggests he has a bold and ravishingly masculine sense of style. While most men prefer to use it as a layering piece, others are satisfied with the old casual allure of a hoodie that has been used as a top layer of clothing. What matters is that you own the look in the most fashionable way possible by pairing it with the right clothes and accessories. So, if you’re wondering what the correct way to wear the black hoodie like a man is, herein are 50 examples that will school you accordingly.

# 1 Hoodie and Collared Jacket

This two-toned ensemble is an expertly put together combination of grays and blacks that have been used to complement each other superbly. The hoodie is a layering piece that looks casual and hip underneath the casual grey jacket with the stylishly large lapels.

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# 2 Skater Boy Look

Although there isn’t much that can be said about the originality of this look, the black hoodie does go surprisingly well with the light camo pants and a white t-shirt. Matching the color of the hoodie with your shoes is a nice way to show people that you’re conscious of what you wear.

# 3 Logos and Ripped Jeans

This is a look for the young man with a versatile taste in fashion. A hoodie with a bold logo will always attract more attention especially when the rest of the outfit is a white t-shirt and a stylish pair of ripped jeans.

# 4 Street Casual

Once again, we see how the simple act of matching the color of the hoodie with your shoes goes a long way to improve the appearance of your outfit. Going with light blue ripped jeans was also a nice choice as it complements the darker hoodie better.

# 5 Hoodie and Camo Jacket

Simple yet stunningly stylish, the key to pulling off a look such as this is to let the camo jacket become the center of focus in your outfit. The hoodie and the black ripped jeans create a sleek black under layer of clothing that looks very casual.

# 6 Camel Topcoat

For the men with an unrestricted sense of fashion, here is a casual ensemble that will draw attention from every corner in the street. Instead of an ordinary jacket-and-hoodie combo, go for more flair with a nice, tan suede topcoat to stylishly finish your layered outfit.

# 7 All-Black Layered Outfit

At first glance, this may not seem like a look worth writing home about; that is until you notice how the ripped jeans have been ingeniously given a stylish gradient fade that makes them look lighter towards the bottom. As for the hoodie, it has excellently been paired with the black, bulky jacket.

# 8 Denim Combo

This list would not have been complete without a denim ensemble; the hoodie in this example has been amazingly used to complete this layered look. To maximize on that casual appeal, it has been worn with sweatpants and fashion sneakers.

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# 9 Red and Black

When layering a look using a black hoodie, the least you can do is to make the bottom layer a solid color. As for the top layer, you have a bit of room to show off your style like in this example where a red bomber jacket wraps up the casual look in unique fashion.

# 10 Shades of Black

Here is an all-black outfit for the ages: a black leather jacket, a black hoodie, and t-shirt with black skinny jeans and, finally, tasteful black Yeezy sneakers. The appeal of the look lies in its simplicity and, of course, how everything is slightly different shades of the same color.

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# 11 Metallica Hoodie

For the cool kids out there, here is a black hoodie look that you can use to repurpose your old flannel shirts. It is a fairly simple hoodie and blue jeans ensemble which gets a bit more pizzazz with the addition of the checked flannel shirt.

# 12 Ripped Denim Jacket with Hoodie

It does matter what the final layer of your outfit is when you use your hoodie in a layered outfit. Always go for color and flair in that final piece as it gives life to the under layer in the same way this light blue ripped denim jacket does to the hoodie and ripped black jeans.

# 13 Hoodies and Beanie Hat

If you decide to use your hoodie as the top layer, it always pays to go for a bit more flair by wearing stylishly ripped jeans and eye-catching boots. For both the cold and to add a bit more spice to your look, a beanie hat worn underneath the hood of your hoodie never fails to impress.

# 14 Black and White

Another way you can make the hoodie-and-jeans look more interesting is by alternating some colors. The white jeans automatically become the focus of this outfit but the loose-fitting casual black hoodie is easily the most attractive garment in the ensemble. And, of course, you should match the color of your shoes with the color of your hoodie.

# 15 Hoodie and Nikes

A touch of color can go a long way in enhancing the first impression people get when they see your casual outfit. A solid, washed-out denim jacket is unquestionably the best way to wrap up this layered look at the top but it is the black and red Nike fashion sneakers that will definitely steal the show.

# 16 Hipster Vibe

Admittedly one of the slightly more eccentric looks here, the length of the caramel topcoat is probably what will turn heads the most. However, there is little that is at fault in the way the black hoodie underneath has been paired with ripped blue jeans.

# 17 Flashy Casual

This look is definitely a winner in the casual department. From top to bottom, it radiates laid back flamboyance in the way the red flannel shirt has been casually draped over the black graphic hoodie and ripped skinny jeans. A pair of brown suede boots is more than a worthy substitute for any casual sneakers that could be worn with this ensemble.

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# 18 Cozy Fleece Outfit

With hoodies, you never have to compromise coziness for style. Case in point, this big, black and comfortable hoodie looks surprisingly tasteful for a casual look when it is thrown on top of ripped black jeans and black sneakers.

# 19 Graphic Hoodie

A bit of writing across the chest of your hoodie can enhance the look, but only if you stick to reserved logos. This pitch-black ensemble will certainly get you recognized, especially since the loose hoodie and the skinny jeans complement each other in a tastefully paradoxical manner.

# 20 Knee-Rips and Boots

Bold and masculine all the way, here is a way to rock the black hoodie for the alpha males out there. The big leather boots and bowler hat add an element of class that does not take away the casualness of the hoodie but elevates the laid back look a notch or two.

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# 21 Suede Boots and Graphic Hoodie

Instead of casual sneakers, wear your all-black hoodie and skinny jeans ensemble with a pair of tan boots. Not only do they enhance the look by bringing in the color element, they also look a lot classier than sneakers no matter what you wear them with.

# 22 Laid Back Street Look

Straight ankle-length pants possess the same appeal linen pants do. When they’re black, you have a lot more room to experiment with different styling options. A plain black hoodie and bright red shoes are one way to show off your fancy sense of casual style.

# 23 Hoodies and Sweats

Perfect for the gym and casual weekend wear, hoodies, sweats, and beanie hats were made to go together. The all black outfit is given a bit of contrast by wearing all-white fashion sneakers to round it off.

# 24 Open Black Hoodie

Your zippered black hoodie can be worn open to create yet another flawlessly assembled casual look. It adds a tasteful black layer that is a much-needed addition to the green jacket and brown t-shirt worn over solid blue jeans and old-school sneakers.

# 25 Modern Biker Look

Clothes are a lot tighter these days and the best way to own that aspect of fashion is to layer, layer and layer. The hoodie is an accentuating piece in this ensemble that features a form-fitting black leather bomber and ripped form-fitting black jeans.

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# 26 Laid Back Denim and Hoodie Look

Simple yet stunning, this is a look you can quickly put together before you leave the house on a cold day. As always, the hoodie adds a very nice touch to what would have otherwise been a boring, worn out look.

# 27 Sporty Vibe

One of the nicer ways to sport the hoodie, pairing it with a pair of knee-ripped khakis and all white Air Max sneakers will give the first impression that you’re a man who cares about how he dresses.

# 28 Fur Camo Jacket

Hoodies are versatile since they can help you dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. This look may seem loud thanks to the shouting logo and camo print of the fur coat but it works well when toned down with plain black jeans and solid boots.

# 29 Gym Look

The best part about hoodies is that you can wear them anywhere and for any occasion. This simple half-zip hoodie is the ultimate sporty look for the gym that can easily be paired with your black sweats.

# 30 Leather and Boots

Far from being just the ideal gym wear, hoodies can be repurposed amazingly to help you pull off looks such as this. Worn underneath a tasteful black leather jacket with a solid pair of black pants, the crowning piece of this look is definitely the camel brown suede boots.

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  • black hoodie 16

# 31 Suede Topcoat and Hoodie

A hoodie can be repurposed to match a whole range of looks. If you’re gunning for the classy modern gentleman with a laid back sense of style, you can mix a bit of street with a bit of elegance by pairing your black hoodie and ripped jeans with a suede topcoat.

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# 32 Black Bomber with Hoodie

If you decide to go all black, your sneakers can either match the rest of the outfit or be contrastingly white for more impact. The pullover hoodie plays its part in making this casual ensemble look amazingly layered.

# 33 Edgy Street Look

Before you get rid of your old flannel shirt, here is a look that will allow you to stylishly rock it on top of your black hoodie. The edgy ensemble also features a white t-shirt and white sneakers which wrap up the look perfectly.

# 34 Simple Style

It is marvelous how the simple addition of a hoodie to your casual outfit can dramatically enhance its appearance. Worn over the white t-shirt and black jeans look, the black hoodie does not fail to impress.

# 35 Thrasher Hoodie with Skinny Jeans

This is a sporty casual look for men with an active lifestyle. The perfectly fitting black hoodie looks just as good as you would expect it to when worn with a nice pair of skinny jeans and black fashion sneakers.

Although the hoodie was previously considered the staple of the “lazy slob”, it can be revitalized in a whole lot of ways to be the versatile piece of clothing it always has been. All you need is the right combination to express your personal sense of style in the best way possible.

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50 Fantastic Hip Black Hoodie Ideas – Mastering the Art of Layering

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