Top 15 Best Vodka Brands – Your Guide to The Top Drinks

Vodka brands tend to surprise us with something new every other season but there are some staples that will never change.  Vodka happens to be a clear spirit, generally distilled from barley malt, wheat and rye, however, can also be produced from corn, potatoes or grapes and often blended. The grain mash is fermented, diluted and filtered with water and then it is going to be distilled to a high proof. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention the top 15 vodka brands at present.

Aging doesn’t enhance the flavor and therefore vodka is usually never aged and therefore the distillation is restricted to only a few days. Given that the aging procedure is eliminated, the contemporary vodka producers have been able to capture our imaginations by means of more than one distillation plus exotic filtering procedures like diamonds, volcanic rock, expensive metals and so on. At present, nearly one-fourth of the global spirits sales are dominated by vodka with more than 60 million cases marketed every year.

Presently, vodka is actually produced worldwide with more than 350 imported brands obtainable to the consumers. The most recent vodkas are endowed with complicated characteristics with a bit of mystery and lots of sexy star power. Anybody who nevertheless believes in the fact that vodka is actually a tasteless and odorless clear spirit is not correct after all. Serious consumers are actually interested at present in the legacy as well as the pedigree of vodka. Whilst the majority of the drinkers nevertheless prefer the spirit which is actually mixed in the cocktails, a genuine aficionado will definitely appreciate the positive aspects which set the premium vodkas apart while consumed directly at the room temperature.



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In case you happen to look something unique try this variant. Several of these might be even hotter as compared to the more top quality brands. Nevertheless, Beluga is pure Rusian vodka made in Syberia miles away from big cities. This particular drink can boast of a smooth taste and exclusive design. It is suggested to drink this particular vodka straight. The bottle is closed with a sealing wax, a special hammer with a brush to unseal it is included.

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vodka brands3Being manufactured in Finland, this brand is actually the top premium imported vodka in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Israel, Russia as well as Hungary. The favored extensions of this particular vodka include lime, mango, grapefruit, red berry, cranberry, wild berries, blackcurrant and also tangerine.

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vodka brands5At present, the Skyy vodka is the number one domestic top quality vodka in the whole of the United States and also the fifth largest premium vodka globally. Its main markets happen to be Brazil, Italy, Canada and the US.

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Jean-Marc XO

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Given that the majority of the vodkas are actually prepared from the identical grains which are utilized for preparing whiskey it is hardly surprising that several vodka may be derived from Cognac. Jean-Marc XO is manufactured from 4 different types of wheat and undergoes the entire distillation procedure for at least 9 times after which it will be filtered through charcoal. Although its price is a bit high, it is ideal for somebody who really takes pleasure in good vodka anyway.

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vodka brands7It’s amongst the most well-known Russian vodka which is prepared from wheat as well as rye grain. In fact, Stolichnaya Elit is well known in various parts of the world.

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vodka brands6It belongs to one of the oldest vodkas in Russia with rich traditions. As a matter of fact, there are more than 60 varieties of Smirnoff vodkas at present.

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vodka brands7This is most likely the very best vodka in Poland these days. This particular beverage has a lot of nice flavors which every individual should enjoy whenever he or she happens to be in Poland.

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 Crystal Head Vodka

vodka brands8Not many individuals are aware of the existence of this alcoholic beverage since it is rather new being manufactured in 2007. Apart from the fantastic taste, the design of the bottle is also awesome. It is actually a pure form of vodka and you will not find any additional flavor in it.

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 Pinnacle Vodka

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Pinnacle vodka can be found in almost every market in the US. It has been captivating the hearts of people since 2002 and is actually a fantastic French alcoholic beverage. If you really understand the true taste of alcohol, then you simply cannot avoid Pinnacle Vodka.

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Absolut Vodka

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In case you are an individual who prefers a moderate taste, then this particular drink should be the first one which you must try. You will not find it very hard to come across this drink which is mainly because of its immense popularity. However, do not forget that this beverage has some precise flavors which might not suit you.

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This brand of vodka derives its name from the latest Russian Czar. There are mainly 4 different flavors at present on the market namely orange, premium, apple and lemon. Romanov vodka has an alcohol content of 42.8%.

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Having its origin in the country of Georgia, this brand of vodka is the finest available in the market in India. The three primary flavors happen to be Eristoff Apple, Eristoff Original, and Eristoff. It has an alcohol content of about 37% and is actually manufactured by Bacardi-Martini India.

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Chopin Vodka

vodka brands12It got its name from the renowned composer who hails from Poland. It is actually distilled from potatoes. Although a bit sweet to taste, Chopin Vodka is slight and not very strong. It tastes awesome in mixed drinks.

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Reyka originates from Iceland and is actually made with 100% pure spring water which according to the manufacturers will help to make it free from any impurity. Reyka is renowned for its crispness and cleanliness which is favored for the cocktails.

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 42 Below

vodka brands15This is the most awarded vodka in the world. It was manufactured in New Zealand by its founder Geoff Ross who made a decision to create is very own vodka brand in his own country. 42 below is exceptionally smooth and also almost free from any impurity.

After going through the above facts on the top 15 vodka brands is understandable to us that vodka is actually much more interesting as well as diverse than thought by the majority of us. Make it a point to try out several beverages before deciding which particular vodka is ideal for you.

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