55 Striking Geisha Tattoo Designs – An Intelligent and Elegant Lady

Hailing from the Japanese culture, Geisha tattoo is one of the most attractive and widely used tattoos in the world. The tattoo basically symbolizes mystery and beauty and is usually done in larger designs and in larger parts of the body like the full arm and the full back because of the many details that are involved. Unlike what most people think about them (often misunderstood to be queens of the night), the Geishas are specially trained women whom their main work is to entertain people holistically in social places and not necessarily in bed. They simply symbolize the strong seduction and attraction that an intelligent and elegant lady can create.



As mentioned earlier, geishas were highly trained ladies and their main job was to entertain men in various ways. This included singing, dancing and playing various musical instruments. They also knew a lot about the Japanese culture and history which provided them with something enchanting to converse about with their clients.

They were also well mannered, well dressed, beautiful and sensual which made most people view them as perfect in every way. All these traits gave them the ability to create an interesting environment for their clients while still acting as a source of entertainment. Men thought of them as the perfect women to be with anytime they wanted to unwind and that is how people started having Geisha tattoos.

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Meaning and Significance of Geisha

Because these beautiful ladies worked to please and entertain men with their attractive appearances, they occupied a special and unique place in the society. Nonetheless, they were not respectable people because of the nature of their work and most men did not consider them fit marriage. But apart from working as artists, they also had other meanings in the Japanese culture. They are mostly featured with red garments which symbolize fertility. They also depict some sort of power as they gratify and comfort highly placed men in the society and sometimes assert some form of control over them. This trait is what makes many people fancy them.

Geisha tattoos were also used to show something admirable that is out of reach. Geishas were basically beautiful and enchanting women who only provided specific types of entertainment to men. People especially men never got to have close associations with them or even touch them. The unavailability feature of the lady for anything else other than pure entertainment can also be used in the Geisha tattoo to show an aspiration or a dream.

They also represent leadership and perfection qualities as they are usually trained to entertain their guests with their remarkable talents in dance, music and even conversation .Geishas also symbolize beauty, mystery, and grace which make them even more fascinating. So many people use Geisha tattoos to symbolize attractive things in life. Sophistication was also part of a Geisha woman, and it was believed that you could not succeed in anything without it, so you can use the tattoo to show sophistication. These are some of the main reasons why the popularity of the Geisha has managed cross to boundaries and reached other countries where she has been featured in books, animation series, movies, and entertainment spots.

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With its amazing design drawing the attention of almost everyone, Geishas have a significant position in the art industry. And even though it is mainly feminine in appearance, Geisha tattoos are also inked on men, thanks to their alluring and vivid designs. In the various Geisha tattoo deigns, the geisha lady usually features as the primary component and then some other components can be introduced to the main sketch to make it more meaningful. The elements may include flowers, dragons, koi fish umbrellas as on. Here are some popular Geisha tattoo designs:

Geisha tattoo with cherry blossom

The design is ideal for men who fancy a woman or women who have mysterious traits just like the Geishas. Here the back is inked with a stunning Geisha with an impeccable hairstyle and costume and then a cherry blossom is added as a backdrop. The cherry blossom adds to the general beauty of the lady and looks naughty as well.

Beautiful Geisha and Water

With red, blue and black shades, this design looks ravishing. The lady in full traditional makeup with water splashes added to make it more unique. It is an authentic Japanese deign as it blends two of the most essential things in Japanese culture. Sun and water are the most valued essences in Japan and it is usually associated with various meanings including good luck. So when combined with the Geisha image they give the tattoo more significance.

Dancing Geisha

Geisha women are well known for their remarkable dancing abilities, and this design tries to show this. The tattoo is drawn in such a way that it appears dancing and anyone looking at it can easily understand the message. The butterflies are sometimes added to the design to make it more attractive and pass out the message clearly.

Zombified Geisha

Contrary to the traditional design, this new school Geisha tattoo design portrays Geishas in a completely new way. It has all the main traits of a geisha, but the body has been changed to resemble a zombie.

Black and Gray Geisha

By taking away all the bright colors, the design gives the geisha a unique look. Most Geisha tattoos normally have attractive and colorful ornaments and garments but this design takes away all that. Gray and Black are the only colors in the tattoo.

Modern Geisha tattoo

Although the traditional Geisha designs usually have Japanese attire, this design depicts geisha as a modern day lady with vixen-like traits including a seductive eye expression, a neck-plunging dress that shows her bosom and a seductive eye expression. It also includes an ornamental head gear and the main colors used are white black and nude.

If you want to become a guru in the crafts and passion area, what a nicer way to bring out your desires than to get a Geisha inked on your back, arm, leg or wrist? However, one thing to note about Geisha tattoos is that they are very complicated and require detailed expertise as well as attention. So if you want one on your body, go for an experienced artist that can do the work to perfection. It is the artist’s ability draw out the grace and elegancy of the geisha that will make the difference in its significance and quality.


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