45 Fantastic Oxford Shoes for Men – Look Impressive

Oxford shoes are the true companion of a gentleman. Everything that someone wants to know about you can be known by the grace of your shoes. Therefore, we have a list of highly fashionable and top notch oxford shoes that can make your style even dapper than before. Choose one and lighten up your personality.

#1 Brandy Classic Shoes

These classical brandy color shoes go well with any color apparel. The laces on the front of the shoe give it the grip that is typical of Oxford shoes. The light brown heel and base offer a good contrast.

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#2 Faded Oak Mesmerizing Shoes

The upper skin of the oak color shoes have a faded look to it. The outer welt and heels are made of classic oak color and sturdy material to give the stylish formal shoes look.

#3 Saddle Brown Shoes

Awesome saddle brown color shoes made with a mixture of velvet and leather to give it an astonishing texture feel. The welt of the shoes along with the heel are of black and brown color. Looks great with any outfit on a bright sunny day.

#4 Pointy Impressive Black

All black shoes look great any day of the week. These pointy shoes have an impressive shiny leather feel to them. the upper skin, as well as the welt and heel, are all of black.

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#5 Camel Color Shoes

These ankle height camel color shoes are not only cool but they also go well with any occasion and any outfit. The toe cap is slightly puffed-up with the heel and laces being of a darker shade of brown.

#6 Shades of Brown

These oxford shoes have two elegant colors on it. the toe cap is of chocolate brown color while the vamp, the quarter and the heel cap are all gingerbread brown in color. The welt and heel are followed the heel cap color.

#7 All Black Dull Shoes

These all black shoes have a dull shade of black on it. The entire shoe is made of the best leather material while the laces tighten up perfectly to give a vintage look to the wearer.

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#8 Elegant Shiny Black

The color of all seasons, black has given these oxford shoes an elegant look. The shiny texture of the shoe gives it a flawless feel. The entire shoe including the heel and the welt are made in black color.

  • Oxford Shoes 31
  • Oxford Shoes 32
  • Oxford Shoes 33
  • Oxford Shoes 34
  • Oxford Shoes 35

#9 Burgundy Dapper Style

One of the most stylish colors, when it comes to shoes, is that of burgundy. Looks formal and appealing at the same time. These all burgundy shoes give an astonishing look to the wearer.

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 #10 Vintage Black Oxford Shoes

These vintage black oxford shoes are made with dull leather texture and in all black color. The welt and the hell have a stiff and sturdy feel to it. Would look perfect for any formal day or night out.

#11 Super Cool Black

Hardly any color can beat the cool nature of black and it is evident in these shoes. They can be worn perfectly with gray to give a smart and striking look. these all black shoes have a wonderful touch to it.

#12 Morning Dapper Black

Blue suit and black shoes? Flawless combo. The seam of these black shoes’ toe cap makes it stand out from others. The class of oxford shoes is unprecedented.

#13 Umber Brown Shoes

The umber brown color is very close to black yet it has the uniqueness of brown in it. While the heel cap, quarter and vamp have a fabric touch to it, the toe cup is made of pure shiny leather.

#14 Camel and Tawny

This mixture of camel and the tawny color is very sleek. The entire shoe apart from the toe cap has a camel skin color while the toe cap, laces, welt, heel and the seam of the shoe is of excellent tawny color.

#15 Dashing Two Brown Shades

The shoes are divided into three different colors. The quarter, part of the heel cap and the tongue has made in velvet dark brown color. The rest of the shoe has a camel color on it but the heel and the welt are black.

#16 Penny Brown Model

This penny brown shoe is divided into three parts, all in the same color. The toe cap has a dividing seam along with the vamp and heel cap. The welt and heel are all black.

#17 Pecan Brown Elegance

With high laces, these pecan brown color shoes are as elegant as anything. The toe cap is smoother than the rest of the shoe which is made of good fabric and high-class seam stitching.

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#18 Exquisite Shiny Gingerbread Brown

The borders of the shoe along with the seam and laces are of black color while the rest of the shoe is made of high-quality gingerbread brown leather. The look these shoes have is as exquisite as ever.

#19 Camel Color w/shade of Carob

These exclusive shoes have a light camel skin color tone to them while the toe cap along with parts of the heel cap and welt have a strong touch of carob brown color. The welt is all black.

  • Oxford Shoes 36
  • Oxford Shoes 37
  • Oxford Shoes 38
  • Oxford Shoes 39
  • Oxford Shoes 40

#20 Cinnamon Brown with Umber

This mixture of cinnamon brown and umber are giving it a touch of pure class. The toe cup right till the heel cap has a combo of very dark and dark brown. Total dapper.

#21 Light Brown Magic

All light brown magical oxford shoes with black outline and seam make it a really impressive combo. The welt and the heel are black to give it a smoother touch of finesse.

#22 The Beauty of Black

The beauty of black is pretty evident in these dapper oxford shoes. Giving you the best of style and fashion, the firm fit shoes can be worn to any occasion.

#23 Black Shine

The sight of having your shoes shine in the sun is magical, to say the least. These all black shoes have a masterpiece shine nature that shows the class of the material and design.

#24 Maroon Charmed

These charming maroon shoes are pure sophistication for a gentleman. The welt and heel along with the seam and topline are black which makes it every more ideal to wear.

#25 Pecan the Shoes

If you are looking for an elusive color for an event then trying pecan for your shoes. It is graceful and gives you everything a shoe must have. These shoes have all pecan top with the welt and heel being in the black.

#26 Darkish Shade of Maroon

These shoes have everything, elegance, style and the darkish shade of maroon. These dark maroon shoes have a touch of refinement in them. the welt and heel are black but the rest are pure best.

#27 Brilliant Camel with Gingerbread

These shoes are a top notch mixture of camel skin color with the toe cap being of gingerbread color. The shoes also have a pointy nature which looks very stylish and sleek.

#28 Faded Black Gem

This gem of a shoe has a thick black seam while the upper part including the toe cap, quarter, vamp and heel cap are of faded black color. The base along with the heel are again of jet black color.

#29 Thick Maroon with Black

These shoes though look all black but the thick maroon nature in the color gives it an exceptional finesse. You hardly get these shoes in the market but at the same time, the impression they help you make is unprecedented.

  • Oxford Shoes 41
  • Oxford Shoes 42
  • Oxford Shoes 43
  • Oxford Shoes 44
  • Oxford Shoes 45

#30 Scintillating Brown

These all brown shoes are extremely scintillating. Apart from the laces, welt, and heel that are of darker brown shade, the rest of the shoe are made of the only brow. Very classy.

This is nothing better than formal Oxford shoes worn to a formal gathering with sleek pants and shirt. Whether it is an office meeting or a wedding, Oxford shoes look great. They can help you make a fashion statement and an incredible impression to wherever you go.

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45 Fantastic Oxford Shoes for Men – Look Impressive

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