40 First-Class Tony Lama Boots – An Iconic Western Style Footwear

The Tony Lama boots are handcrafted western style boots from El Paso, Texas. These boots have been around for close to a century now, and they get the name from the man who started making them in the early 1900s. Even as technologies and fashion trends change they still maintain their original look, and the company still makes them by hand. But, there are now more designs available than at any other time, and so any man looking for head-turning western style boots should always go for the Tony Lamas. Below is a gallery of some cute pairs that will convince you to try out Tony Lama.

# 1 Elephant’s with a Buckle

The elephant print style on these boots gives them a very attractive appearance that is just what a man needs for a traditional cowboy look. They also have a buckle on the side, and a western style Spur at the back.

# 2 Brown Suede with Black Sole

This pair comes with a plain suede brown upper section that looks impeccable, but the sole is in a black shade for some contrast.

# 3 Patterned in Tan

A rough leather material with a patterned upper section and a detailed stitching between the top section and outsole are what it takes to create these adorable tan boots.

# 4 Walnut Elephant Print Work Boots

These work boots come in a beautiful walnut brown shade, but their elephant print is what gives them their trendy look. They also look very comfortable, and this is what makes them perfect for work.

# 5 Glossy Black Cherry

Tony Lama has been making boots for a century, and so you can be sure that they have numerous types. This particular one is from the Black Cherry series, and it comes with the signature pattern at the top and in a dark tan shade.

# 6 Brown and Blue Buckled Boots with a V-style Top

The intricate patterns on the blue shaft and the contrast with the brown shade on the instep are just fantastic. But, this pair also has a unique buckle on the side and an attractive v-style shaft design.

# 7 Exotic Crocodile Print Cowboy Boots

Crocodile print leather always makes some interesting products, and it is what gives these exotic and sharp pointed boots their adorable appearance. However, they also have a beautiful color and attention-grabbing shine.

  • Tony Lama Boots 26
  • Tony Lama Boots 27
  • Tony Lama Boots 28
  • Tony Lama Boots 29
  • Tony Lama Boots 30

# 8 Patterned Tony Lama Boots

The design and pattern on the shaft of this boot look amazing, and they also help to enhance the western look. Apart from this everything else is just simple but these shoes look very comfortable for work.

# 9 V-Style Buckled Boots

The V-shape on the upper part of the shaft not only makes these boots comfortable and easy to wear but it also gives them an impressive look. But, they also have a beautiful color that entails having the shaft in a patterned blue shade white keeping the rest of the shoe brown. Also, the buckle on the sides enhances the western look.

# 10 Brown Dress Boots

This pair comes in a traditional brown leather and Cuban high heel. They are plain without any intricate patterns, and this makes them ideal for a formal look.

# 11 Modern Dark Tan’s for Work

Tony Lama boots do not always come in a traditional western style because you can still find a modern looking pair like this one. It is in a dark tan shade with an unpatterned and stiff upper section.

# 12 Shinny Black Leather Boots

These black boots are for men that prefer to go for something without too much detail. They have a traditional look and a zipper on the sides, but the shiny finish of the black leather also gives them some beauty.

# 13 Sharp-Pointed American Style Boots

These American style boots come in a shiny black shade and with an unpatterned upper section. But, their sharp-pointed front is their most distinctive feature.

# 14 Adorable Brown Workboots

Western style work boots like these are the best choice when you want something to wear for many hours as they are very comfortable. Apart, from comfort, they also have an adorable look that consists of a sweet shaft with cute prints and a brown instep.

  • Tony Lama Boots 31
  • Tony Lama Boots 32
  • Tony Lama Boots 33
  • Tony Lama Boots 34
  • Tony Lama Boots 35

# 15 Vintage Tony Lama’s

This pair of boots has a look that you would expect to see from some of the early ones that Tony Lama created. It is in a brown shade and a cowboy style top with some intricate and detailed patterns.

# 16 Blend of Traditional and Modern Styles

This boot is a product of combining the classic western look with a modern one. The upper section has a brown animal print leather, but the outsole is in a contemporary design.

# 17 The Summer Cowboy Look

The color choice and design of these shoes are what give them the summer cowboy look. They come in a brown shade but without any pattern and they maintain the traditional heel design and sharp-pointed front.

# 18 Classic and Stylish

Vintage looking boots like these will always be trendy. They are the ideal choice for everyday or weekend wear during the summer, and their brown shade with subtle patterns on the upper section means that you can wear them with any jeans type or color.

# 19 Ostrich Print Cowboy Boots

The bumps on these ostrich style boots are what makes them special as it gives the shoes a unique appearance. This pair comes in a shiny brown shade, a medium round toe and a black outsole.

# 20 Brown Tony Lamas with Tall Shaft

The height and print design on the shaft of these boots maintain the traditional Tony Lama look and the instep is a patterned brown leather. Also, the outsole has a western heel design while the front comes in an R toe style.

# 21 Square Toe Boots

Square toe boots might not have a western look but if you go for a unique pair from Tony Lama like this one you can always be sure of an outstanding footwear. Apart from the toe style they also include some attractive patterns on the shaft and an intricate buckle system.

  • Tony Lama Boots 36
  • Tony Lama Boots 37
  • Tony Lama Boots 38
  • Tony Lama Boots 39
  • Tony Lama Boots 40

# 22 Classy Suede Footwear

The options are endless with Tony Lama boots. This pair comes in suede leather material, and it is in a brown shade. It also has a unique outsole design and toe shape.

# 23 Flat Sole Modern Suede Boots

Unlike the traditional cowboy boots, this pair does not come with a high heel outsole design as they instead have a flat rubber outsole. Also, the top comes in a brown suede material and with a tall shaft.

# 24 R Toe Classic Brown Boots

Some comfortable boots like these are perfect for exploring the outdoors on a summer day. They come in a brown shade, and they also have an R toe and a tall shaft design without any fancy patterns.

# 25 Suede Boots with Rubber Sole

Men looking for western-style suede boots that also have a modern touch but without too much altitude should go for this pair. It comes with a contemporary looking rubber outsole and without the distinctive Cuban style heel but it still looks very stylish.

A pair of Tony Lama boots is all that you need for a fabulous western cowboy look. This footwear is also very comfortable for the outdoors and for working. And with the many styles and types available you can always be confident of finding something unique.

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40 First-Class Tony Lama Boots – An Iconic Western Style Footwear

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