Types of Ear Piercing Popular Among Men – The Short Guide

Ear piercing is a fashion as well as the tradition of making small holes in the edges or lobes of ears followed since long time ago and still in practice. Nowadays, men do ear piercing just like a long time ago but when it comes to ladies, they pierce their ears to follow their girly tradition.

In the recent times, there are many artists and parlours who do men ear piercing and are paid a good amount to support them and their families. If there was no ear piercing for men then there would have been no existence of these parlours. This clearly shows the increasing rate of ear piercing by men. The following are some of the best ear-piercing done mostly in the recent times as the best ear piercing design for almost all men.


Earlobe Gauging

In this style of piercing the existing hole is expanded and stretched in order to fit bid earrings. It is a popular fashion for many teenagers in the world. It’s easier and fashionable to find a clean, reputable place to have it done perfectly. It is one of the most loved ear-piercing choices for boys and girls. This style originated from various tribes in Africa and other indigenous lands.They used it for religion, traditional and cultural purposes.Today people use it as a body modification and also making themselves attractive and catchy.

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Snug Piercing

Also known as anti-helix piercing, is a type of ear piercing passing through the antihelix of the ear from lateral surfaces to the medial. It is called anti-helix piercing because it is adjacent to the helix. The inner part of the rim is perforated making it look fashionable to other people. The exact location varies from one person to another as the best niche to put a snag will be different depending on the shape of one’s ears. A circular earring or a ball is worn in this part of the ear. It is this type of ear piercing which will make you appear unique and stand from the crowd looking attractive.

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Rook Piercing

It is one of the popular design according to artists of ear piercing. It is also hardest and it pains but once fished looks attractive. This style may not be applicable to all me because if you don’t have a proper cartilage holding in your ear then it is not applicable to you. Piercing gun is used to pierce the cartilage which involves few risks in the process. Rook piercing is cared for like any other piercings, warm optimally sterilized boiled water mixed with salt is highly recommended twice a day for the first one month. These helps to soften any dry lymph cleaning the jewellery as well as piercing.

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Helix Piercing

Helix piercing includes piercing the helix which is one of the most ways of intercepting the ear. Helix can be pierced with two or more rings. Many celebrities in order to look attractive pierce their helix. Since helix does not have nerve endings. Therefore their piercing is not painful but few people feel pain in the process. This may be as a result of the pressure applied by the piercer to go through the cartilage. The expertise of the person carrying out the procedure predicts if the piercing is painful or not. The actual pain lasts for a very short time actually sixty seconds. Helix piercing makes one look presentable and also attractive.

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Tragus Piercing

Tragus is an oval small cartilage flap located outside the ear canal. Tragus piercing is the perforation of the external portion of the ear which projects in front of the ear canal for the purpose of wearing a jewellery. The piercing is made with a small piercing needle whereby you cannot insert big and heavy earrings. You will have to puncture light and earrings. Most of the time circular rings are worn on the tragus. Tragus piercing requires some pressure from the piercer since the area to be pierced is thick and hard, People are advised not to try this at home as it can bring some complications in the future. Wearing of officials matches perfectly with this kind of ear piercing.

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Industrial Piercing

Also called construction or Scaffold piercing. It includes connecting two holes with a single straight metal. Along earring is driven through the holes making a line connecting the two holes. It is also double perforation of the upper cartilage. Double piercing is made, one forward helix piercing and the second down the Felix. Every piercing hurt but the intensity of pain depends on the expertise of the person handling the pain, people with much stamina are able to face less trouble compared to those who cannot handle much pain. This style is very attractive and makes one look very different in the crowd because it is out of this world.

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Orbital Piercing

This style is done whereby two piercings are connected by a single jewellery. Most of the time it is located in the helix region of the ear. This kind of piercing can be done in many parts of the body including earlobe. Before it is done, piercer needs to have the following; a captive bead for jewellery and a sterilized hollowed gauge. The area to be pierced is marked by the use of a marker then the hallowed gauge needle is inserted at the marked positions, the captive bead ring is slid in the hollow part of the needle. Once the jewellery is placed in the ear the piercer repeats the process take the captive bead and place it past in the second hole.

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Lobe Piercing

This is the easiest and the simplest form of piercing. Jewellery of distinct sizes is used to perforate the bottom of the ear lobe. Lobe piercing compared to other ear piercings forms it causes minimal injuries and-and in the process, you experience no or minimal pain

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Daith Piercing

This is a piercing which passes through the innermost part of the cartilage fold. A thin wire is used to perforate the inner cartilage. Piercing artists say that it works the same way as acupuncture which stimulates nerves under the skin and muscle tissue. It has been done for a thousand of years but it can be painful due to the bony cartilage therefore much care is needed to prevent infections.

Grooming your ears is very important in both your personality and appearance as it brings out a clear picture of who you are all round. All piercings should be kept clean far from any infections. One also should trim ear hairs anytime they grow past limit to keep standard hygiene. Anything oozing or growing around the ears is pretty gross, take care of it and enjoy being a smart gentleman.


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