Top 5 Tips for Coping with an Itchy Beard – Leave the Problem In the Past

You’ve finally gathered enough guts to finally grow a beard. The missus is more than thrilled – she even goes out of her way to help you groom it every morning. All this effort and attention has lead to its showing signs of becoming a luxuriously beautiful mass of mature manliness. However, there’s a caveat: the beard itches. Like it really irks you and you are forced to constantly scratch.

Now you are in a dilemma of sorts. Should you lose that which covers a multitude of chins – your beard – or should you retain it? The latter solution offers more benefits so you decide to man your mane, itches and all.

We’re here to provide you with the solution that beats all three – the best tips you will ever need to ensure that your beard is no longer itchy. By the time you are done going through and implementing the guide below, you will not only be able to derive great enjoyment from your beard, you will also get to bid a sweet adieu to the itches and scratches that threatened to classify you in the same category as common curs.

Stop that beard itch with these tips:


Take a good look at the shampoo you are currently using. If it wasn’t made for your particular kind of beard, ditch it. Then, look for a good beard shampoo to help maintain your mane and help it grow smoother, thicker, faster, and itch-less.

While shopping for a shampoo, ensure that you get something that is friendly to your skin. It also helps, of course, if you are able to find one that has a good number of natural ingredients.

The best solution to an itchy beard is washing it – especially after a long day in the great outdoors. The shampoo you use, however, should keep your beard and hair healthier and softer after a couple of uses. After a week or thereabouts, you will no longer complain about how itchy your mane feels.

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After every wash, condition your beard. Although you don’t necessarily have to get a condition that is specialized for beards, it is absolutely vital that your properly condition your mane. This is even if you have to use your better half’s hair conditioner so long as it is of a good quality.

Conditioners are designed to make hair softer, all the while locking in the moisture. It also reduces split ends – one of the common causes of that itch on your chin and cheeks.

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It would also help your case if you could get a great beard oil to soften your mane. Beard oil typically contains natural ingredients design to nourish the hair, lock in the moisture, and moisturize your skin.

These ingredients include, but are not limited to hemp seed oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. In one or the other, you can be sure that using beard oil will help salvage your chin and cheeks from the itchy and tingly feeling you get from your beard. Further, beard oil will reduce split ends, make the hair softer, and reduce split ends.

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Pure Basic Oils

Earlier, we mentioned a couple of oils – like jojoba and coconut – that are typically added to beard balm and oil recipes. These oils, as you already know, are great for dealing with an itchy beard because they naturally soften the hair around your face.

Most of these oils can be used straight out of the box even if they are not part and parcel of a more comprehensive beard-care product blend. This is because they are a natural remedy for itchy beards.

Should you choose this route, of course, you can be sure that the application couldn’t get any easier. Only you need is a couple of drops of the oils, as well as a thorough application on your beard.

Coconut oil, in particular, works magic for anyone suffering from an itchy beard. This natural beard softener is awesome, smells amazing, and is delicious. However, seeing as how we are not into the culinary arts, let’s stick to using the oil for dealing with itches, okay?

We’d recommend that you experiment with different proportions first before adding a couple of drops of essential oil into your homemade beard oil concoction for scent. Maybe, at some point down the line, you are going to end up with something cool, refreshing, and effective.

Our recommendation:

That said we’d highly recommend that you check out the Smooth Viking Beard Balm in the link above. We have tried this balm and found it to be highly effective when it comes to softening and moisturizing beard hair.

The great thing about this Beard Balm is that it will not only moisturize your hair, it will also lock the natural moisture in. Further, it comes with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties that will go a long way in reducing the itch in your beard.

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While coping with an itchy beard, it might prove beneficial to you to invest in a good brush for specific use on your beard. This is the best, most natural of methods to reduce and stop the beard itch that has been driving you crazy.

The brush will take out all the debris and dust your beard has accumulated throughout the day. Brushes, with each stroke, will take everything away and leave you with the cleanest and softest of beards.

Apart from cleaning up your mane, a good brush will also ensure that your beard feels softer. It will, to this end, carry sebum oil (the natural oil in your hair) all through the beard, leaving it soft and smooth.

It helps, of course, to get a brush that features an excellent backbone. This is because cleaning the beard will be much easier than you’d expected. Apart from this, brushing will shape up your beard and leave it looking neat and trim.


Over and above everything else, proper care and maintenance of your beard should be a given. However, not everyone has naturally smooth and soft hair – hence the need for this guide. Use the tips and tricks described above and you’ll never again have to bother dealing with an itchy beard.

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