An Outstanding Guide on How to Maintain a Beard – Advanced Tips

Modern men are always exploring new ideas on how to maintain a beard. And this is rightfully so because for most life is never the same without their facial whiskers. A beard or facial hair is the ultimate symbol of masculinity, and it is also most men’s biggest pride. Beards come in varying sizes and shapes because every guy is different from the other. While is takes some a few weeks to grow out some thick facial whiskers, for others, it can take several months.

Beards mean different things to different people and in some cultures they are a symbol of wisdom and even strength. Apart from this, they are also functional because they help keep the face warm during the cold winter days. Although some jobs will only accept men with a clean-shaven face, most others have no problem with a beard as long as it is tidy. It is this fact that makes beard maintenance vital for every gentleman.


Why is it Important to Maintain your Beard

The beard is what defines a guy, and this alone is enough reason always to ensure that it looks clean and tidy. Whether you have short stubble or an extra thick curtain in will not look attractive without proper care and maintenance. And so it is better to go with a smooth shave than to keep a long unkempt facial hair.

Maintenance is also one of the surest ways of ensuring that your facial hairs grow fast and in an attractive style. Getting rid of split ends when grooming the whiskers is always very beneficial, and research shows that it helps to keep the beard healthy and aids in growth.

Your appearance is your greatest asset as a man, and in many instances, it can make or break your career. A beard can change your looks completely, and this is regardless of the types of haircut or hairstyle you have. Whether you keep a bald head or some luscious locks your facial hair will always be the first thing that most individuals will notice which goes to show that it is vital to keep it in good shape. Also, combing the whiskers as you try to maintain them will help prevent red spots and bumps from ingrown hairs and keep the whiskers out of your mouth.

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Growing the Beard Out

A guy will first need to grow a beard before he can even think about maintaining it because one cannot take care of something that he does not have. Just like the hair on the head, beards will follow different growth patterns that will vary from one guy to the other. For some gentlemen growing facial hair is an easy thing that only takes a few weeks. But for some men, it can be several months before they get the length that they desire.

However, regardless of how fast your hair grows you still need to be patient when growing out a beard. To get the best facial whiskers, you need to maintain a healthy diet that is full of fruits and vegetables because this helps to keep hair and skin healthy which includes your face. You also need to avoid scratching it no matter how itchy it might be when growing as this will ruin it. Finally, just let it grow without interference, and this means that you will have to live with a wild and unkempt look for a few weeks, but in the end, it will be worth it.

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Beard Maintenance Essentials

Once you have that long facial mane that you always desire you can now start working on the maintenance. But, to maintain a beard, there are several things that you will need, and so you have to be ready to make the investment. Although men will have varying tastes on their choice of beard maintenance essentials the following are some of the items and products that you need.

# 1 Beard Trimmer and Scissors

A beard trimmer is what you will need to cut and shape your hair which is an important element when trying to maintain a beard. TRYM II is one of the best on the market. But, you have to be careful when using these as they are not always easy to control. A pair of scissors is also vital as it is what you will need to give the whiskers the precise shape that you desire.

# 2 Beard Comb

Whether you are trimming your whiskers or styling them, you need a comb. But, there is a particular type that is suitable for the face which is what you need to buy as it is gentle on your facial whiskers and helps to keep ingrown hair in check. Striking Viking comb is crafted tenderly out of 100% natural sandalwood that leaves your beard and mustache looking great.

# 3 Beard Oil

Beard oil has some essential and carrier oils such as jojoba which your bristles need. These oils also give the strands an amazing scent, and they have many other benefits. Men have been using beard oil for centuries, and so it is also a good idea to maintain the tradition. Although you can buy it in any local store, there is still an option of making it at home.

# 4 Shampoo and Conditioner

Although some men will find it okay to use the shampoo and conditioner that they use on their hair to clean their beard, it is not always a good idea. You should instead go for those that have a precise formulation for the beard like Zeus as they contain some gentle and beneficial ingredients.

# 5 Styling Products

When it comes to styling, you will need beard balm and wax. Although some men might not see these as essentials, they are still necessary for a well-groomed facial hair. Beard Balm works in the same way as beard oil, but it is the best for those with long, curly, kinky or bushy beards. Wax, on the other hand, will always come in handy when you want to create a particular style as it provides an excellent hold

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Washing the Beard

The first step when trying to maintain a beard is to know how to clean it well. Washing or cleaning the hair is one of the most important elements of beard maintenance because a neat beard always looks healthy. Washing should be the easiest part because it is all about choosing the right products and knowing when and how to do it.

First, you need to comprehend the fact that you should not wash your facial hair every day. Most men have oily skin and so cleaning the whiskers every single day will mean that you are removing most of these oils from the whiskers and this will leave them dry and damaged. Instead, you should wash the facial hair about two or three times a week, but this does not imply that a gentleman should not clean his face daily. However, if you work outdoors or play sports, it might be necessary to clean the stubble daily.

What you use when cleaning the whiskers will have an immense effect on the health of your facial hair. Although most guys are okay with using regular shampoos when trying to maintain a beard, it is not the right choice. The formulation of these shampoos is for the hair on the head which is different from the beard, and so they can be harsh to your whiskers. A beard wash is always the best choice, but you can also go for an organic shampoo with a unique formulation for cleaning facial hair.

Washing the whiskers in the shower with warm water is an excellent idea, but you can still do it in the sink but make sure the water temperature is just right. Also remember to be gentle when scrubbing it because it is more prone to damages than the hair in your head. After cleaning, you should dry it by patting it with a towel but do it gently. Lastly, avoid blow drying the whiskers as this will make them weak.

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Comb Your Whiskers Well

You cannot maintain a beard if you do not know how to brush it and this is more so if you intend to keep a thick and long one. Brushing it should always be the next step after washing and drying the facial hair because it not only helps you know the exact size of the hair but is essential for dealing with the ingrown strands.

When combing the facial hair, you will need to use a beard comb. Although there are many types available, anything with fine tooth will be perfect. The material of the comb also matters because cheap plastic will cause some electrification which brings about stray hairs. Before you start, it is imperative to make sure that you moisturize the hair so as to prevent pulling and breaking as you comb.

The procedure is straightforward but doing it in a gentle manner will ensure that you get excellent results. Always brush the whiskers slowly and use your fingers to untangle any knots that you find. Also, do it from the sides towards the center and from top to bottom. Starting with the wider tooth side of the comb and finishing with the narrow one also works well.

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Trimming the Beard

Brushing your facial hair helps to prepare for the next important step which is to trim it. Trimming might not look like a good idea as it means that you are getting rid of some of the hair, but it ensures that you keep everything neat and uniform. In fact, trimming the beard once or twice a month will help it grow faster.

To do the regular trims, you will need to use clippers and scissors after you comb the hair to identify the scraggly strands. You should use the bigger guards on the clipper to cut the beard to a uniform length but be very careful to ensure that you do not chop off more than you intend. And this is because clippers are not always easy to control. The last step is to use the scissors to cut individual strands so that everything can correspond to the shape that you want.

Trimming is one of those things that will take practice when you want to maintain a beard. The rule is that you should never trim the hair when it is wet, and you should always make sure that you comb it first.

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Grooming and Styling

You should not just stop at trimming and combing because there is still more that you can do for a well-groomed beard. It is important to take things a notch higher by styling the whiskers inventively. The first thing that you should do is to identify a shape that works well for your face and conforms to your style.

There are many facial hair designs that you can use for your full beard and also for the mustache, but you should not just copy what your friends have. It is important to know that all men do not look the same and so a style that makes one look adorable might be a total mess for the next guy. The good idea is to try out different shapes so as to get what works for you. But make sure that you do not choose something that requires you to trim a lot of hair.

Once you identify a shape and style that you like the next step is to create it with beard oil and wax. The oil softens the hair and makes it easy to work with while the wax is what will hold the design in place. A man should also not go for a style that involves a lot of combing or pulling the strands as this will only make them weak.

There are a few styling rules that you can follow to make sure that you get the best look from your facial hair. Key among them is always focusing on getting a straight line on the neck and cheeks because the edge gives the face a clean and sharp look. Also, watch out for the length of the stands on the chin because men with longer faces look best with short hair on the chin.

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Dealing with Split Ends and Making the Whiskers Softer

You cannot maintain a beard well if you do not get rid of split ends. Although, you will eliminate most of them when doing your regular trims you have to make them a priority. The regular trims are in most instances for keeping the beard uniform and so it is possible to leave some of the split ends if they do not affect the uniformity of the whiskers.

Keeping your stress levels down, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet are some of the best ways to prevent split ends and to keep your beard looking soft. Doing the following things will also come in handy when you want to maintain a beard.

· Always condition and keep the beard hydrated because this controls dandruff and will give you some luscious facial whiskers.

· Use scissors instead of trimmers when you want to make the hair neat and cut the split ends.

· Minimize the use of harsh shampoo and other products as they make the strands weak and hence causing split ends.

· Avoid touching and tugging the whiskers all the time as this will ruin them.

· If you also want the beard to look thicker, you should apply beard oil and use your fingers to fluff it.

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Choosing the Right Products

You will need some high-quality products to maintain a beard, and so it is vital to know how to pick the best ones. Although going for the most popular brands works well for some guys it is important to have the right information when shopping for your beard care products. Also, what works for other men might not always work for you, and so it is vital to have the right information.

Beard oil is one of the products that you will need to use a lot to maintain a beard and so it is crucial to go for the best on the market. Also, if you intend to make one at home, it is still important to choose the best ingredients. The first thing should always be to read the ingredients label and makes sure that you know them or they are all natural. Here The American Beard Company is one of the best on the market. Secondly, look out for the carrier oils in the product because they are what make the strands soft, shiny and moisturizes them. Some of the good choices for carrier oils are jojoba, olive oil, apricot, almond, pumpkin seed. Finally, ensure that the company uses pure essential oils on the product and not the fragrance ones because they are what will give your whiskers an amazing scent.

For other products such as the shampoos and conditioner, the first step in making your choice should always be to go for something that has a precise formulation for facial hair. The other important feature that you should use to make your choice is the type of ingredients. And for this, the golden rule is to go for something that is natural and organic.

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Other Vital Tips for Beard Maintenance

· Consistency is the key to a well-groomed beard and to ensure you have it the best idea is to dedicate some particular time every day for your beard.

· It is a trial and error process, and so you should not give up even if the cheek or neckline looks unattractive.

· If you have any quandary with the trimming or general maintenance, it is a good idea to talk to an expert.

· Patience is vital because you cannot grow or get a perfect beard overnight. Also, you need to put in enough effort to maintain a beard.

· Remember to clean up the edges because controlling the stray whiskers is an essential part of managing your facial hair.

· In case the hair does not grow how you want, shaving and starting again is still a good idea.

· Wear a white t-shirt when trimming your facial hair because the plain background will expose more loose strands

· You can get all the things that you need to maintain your whiskers in your local store and so you do not have to worry.

Every gentleman that wants to have a refined and masculine look should know how to maintain a beard. There is way much more to facial hair than just letting it grow long because if you do not do important things like wash, trim and style it, you should not expect to get an impressive and attention-grabbing appearance. But, with the right information, beard maintenance is easy and even exciting for most men. This guide will give you more than enough information when it comes to managing your whiskers to ensure that you do not have any trouble giving them the best care.

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