Do Women Like Beards? – One of The Contrivercial Topics

With regards to facial hair, men ride on both extremes. Some maintain a manly beard while others prefer the clean shaven look. What is common to all straight men, though, is women and what they like. To this end, you might find yourself asking “do women like beards?” This question has been asked over and over again and the results are in: Yes, women do like beards. Whether you are single or in a steady relationship, the state of your beard will determine your success with the fair sex.

Recent research from Wiley finds that single men often have a higher ability to attract long-term relationships and flings depending on how they have chosen to style their beard.

Published by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, the study had researchers asking 8,520 women to rate the physical attractiveness of different men with different degrees of facial hair. The men’s looks were manipulated through computer graphics to varying degrees.

Additionally, the researchers played with such atypically traditional male features – such as a more pronounced jawline and brow. The findings from the research were such that these features actually underlie health and virility thanks to evolution.

Beards, on the other hand, signal the age, dominance, and social status of men. The bottom line from the study, therefore, is that beards do have a major influence on a man’s perceived masculinity and social status.

As the women viewed graphics of clean shaven men, they found that masculinized and feminized men were viewed as being less attractive in comparison to the men whose faces hadn’t been manipulated. In other words, the decision across the board was unanimous irrespective of whether the women were looking for potential husbands or for one-night stands.

Why Beards Matter

In general, stubble is deemed the most attractive look on a man. From the study above, stubble received higher ratings for short term relationships and flings than full beards. Full beards, on the other hand, were found to be more attractive to women on the search for long-term relationships.

The researchers now have cause to believe that beards do make men seem more formidable in that strapping, strong, and red-blooded kind of way. As such, beards give women the sense that the men wielding them can provide such direct benefits as survival and enhanced fertility.

The authors of the study said that sexual selection through the choice of females has always shaped the evolution of how men ornament themselves – regardless of the species. Further, they mentioned that one can consider beards the equivalent of a deer’s antlers or a peacock’s plume.

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Why Women Love Men with Beards

So, why do women seem to love men with beards? What is in a beard that attracts women left right and center? Essentially, you might want to know that the rough out-of-bed look is quite attractive. Not only will it make you look stronger and more confident, it will also give the impression that you are adventurous. Additionally, irrespective of how old your stubble is, you should be able to pull it off regardless of the outfit you choose to adorn.

Following below are some of the reasons given by women for their love of beards:

– Masculine looks that make women skip a heart beat

– Beards make men look mature and serious about life

– Beards feel ticklish and fun for women while kissing

– They give one a badass, raunchy look

– With a little trim and much stubble, your beard should go on every outfit be it casual, traditional, or Western

– Bearded men look sexier

– Stubble makes you look stronger and adds an edge to your personality

– Women generally don’t like to be with clean shaven men

– It feels good running one’s fingers through a poky beard

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How Beards Make Men Attractive

For those who prefer the clean shaven look, science has come up with findings that beard is actually deemed more attractive by the fair sex. Apparently, adorning a beard is one of the tips you can adopt to improve your love life.

This fact was discovered by Australian scientists in a recent study. During the research, the scientists show women a series of pictures. The 16 men participating in the study were shown clean shaven, with 5 days of stubble, with 10 days of stubble, and with at least 14 weeks of bushy beard.

The ladies were then asked to rate every picture they say on the general level of attractiveness, which pictures they preferred for a short term fling, and which they would pick for a long term relationship.

The results from the experiment showed that women looking for a long-term relationship found men with bushy beards more attractive. For short term relationships, the size of the stubble did not matter because the women realized that they wouldn’t be with the man long enough for them to really care about the facial hair.

However, this is not to say that every type of facial hair is attractive. Some of the least favored looks included soul patches, mutton chops, and pornstaches.

So, why do women seem to like men with full beards? As with most things on God’s green earth, it all has to do with psychology and evolution. Having nice thick hair indicates good health. Therefore, men with bigger beards are typically deemed healthier by women. The healthier a man, it follows, the highly likely it is that he will be able to provide for a family.

Therefore, if you have a nice and full beard, you can be sure that more women will see you as the perfect baby daddy. They will, consequently, desire you more than if you were clean shaven.

However, if you are not ready to settle down, this should not worry you. All that baby stuff is in the subconscious and women hardly reveal it consciously. Remember, everything here is evolutionary.

That said, you should seriously consider ditching the razor and anything else that might get rid of one of the symbols of your masculinity, virility, health, and ability to provide. Instead, treat yourself to some good beard care regimen to ensure that your face looks even more attractive. After that, the ladies will all be flocking to you whether you bid them to or not.

Although women like beards, this fact is dependent on a number of factors. It is also highly subjective and it depends on the women. However, one thing to keep in mind is that whether or not women like beards is somewhat related to why most men are so into breasts – they don’t have them.

That said, women do have different preferences where beards are concerned. These preferences are dictated by the women’s age, their relationship status, and what they are looking for in a man.

The common thing across the board, however, is that most women consider facial hair on men as a mark of maturity, confidence, and masculinity. Beards, it would seem, denote that one is a man and not a boy.

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Grooming Your Beard for Her

Although it is an undisputed fact that women find beards attractive, you still need to ensure that yours is worth the attention you are trying to get. The way you sculpt your moustache and beard will definitely leave an impression on any woman you are trying to attract.

Maybe you are wondering what women think about your small beard comb. Or, it could be that you are concerned whether they even notice if you made efforts to slap a bit of conditioner into your moustache.

One thing to keep in mind is that your beard will highlight your eyes much in the same way mascara works for women. It is also the perfect adornment if you are looking to conceal your chicken neck or weak chin. Here are a couple of grooming tips to ensure that your beard is always on point:

a) Condition

You might want to condition your beard because most women think that wiry coils are unsightly.

b) Food

After eating, always check your beard to see if there are pieces of food nestled in your nest.

c) Size

Depending on the look that you like most, ensure that your beard is properly trimmed.

d) Self-Tanning

If you are looking to self-tan, you should cover up. Using too much of the tanning cream will leave clumps around your chin. Instead, use less of the tanning solution and blend it all the way through.

e) Kissing

When it comes to making out, you should watch out for the size. If your beard is too short, the women will feel an itch and leave them with an inflamed feeling. However, if is too long, they will feel like they are kissing a fluffy dog. Keep the size moderate.

f) Beard Combs

As far as possible, never use a beard comb in public. The beard hairs that will fly out will serve a purpose opposite to what you are trying to accomplish – push the women away.

g) Hairiness

Just because you have a beautiful beard does not mean you have a license to look hairy. Always get rid of ear hair, nose hair, and that mono-brow. A pair of tweezers will come in handy for this purpose.

h) Even Growth

Last but not least, ensure that your coverage is even.

Over and above everything else, women do like beards. However, the wear you wear and style one matters a great deal. Therefore, take the time to ensure that your beard and any other facial hair you have looks trim, neat, and attractive.

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