25 Contemporary White Polo Shirt Ideas – Statement-Making Outfits!

The white polo shirt is a statement maker, and it is one of those kinds of clothes that should always be present in a man’s closet. Whether you prefer wearing formal outfits or you are most comfortable with some denim jeans and a t-shirt, the polo will still work for you. You can pair it with anything from khaki shorts to a rugged pair of jeans but what most mean love about this shirt is that it always makes them look neat and stylish. Look through the picture gallery below for the different looks that you can pull with a white polo.

# 1 Polo and Shorts

A polo shirt can pair with almost anything that you want, but this look proves that a white one will look fantastic with a short. The white and blue shades also make a perfect match, and this look is ideal for the outdoors.

# 2 Patterned Polo with Shorts

Although plain white is the most popular there is still an option of wearing one with some patterns and patches of bright colors to match with your shorts.

# 3 Semi-Formal Fashionable Polo Look

This white polo has a fashionable design with a badge on the left side and a number on the sleeve. The shirt pairs with blue dress pants to give the man an attractive semi-formal look that is perfect for a day out on the golf course.

# 4 White Polo and Black Pants

White also has many shades, and so you can be sure that you will have plenty of colors for your shirt. This beautiful has a cream-like shade and a small badge, and it pairs with some black pants to create an adorable casual look.

# 5 Striped Collar and Sleeve Polo with Stylish Short

Some colorful stripes on the collar and the sleeves are perfect for breaking the monotony of the white shade. And if you pair your beautiful shirt with a stylish short you will look fabulous.

# 6 White and Camo Combo

This polo has a simple design and a loose fit with the small badge being the only detail on the shirt. But, it pairs with the camouflage shorts and the Nike sneakers to create a chic outdoors look.

# 7 Slim Fitting Shirt with Dress Trousers

Your white polo shirt can also pair with dress trousers to give you an elegant look. In this style, it pairs with the blue dress pants that have a cute check pattern, and you should tuck it in for a beautiful semi-casual look.

# 8 Branded Light Polo

This white shirt has a touch of light blue, and this gives it a distinct shade. It is a branded shirt with a badge and a larger number. The fact that it also has four buttons also makes it look different, and it pairs well with some blue khaki pants.

# 9 The Blue Lined Collar

The blue lining on the inside part of the collar on this shirt is an excellent addition as it helps to brighten it. Apart from the lining, there is nothing else fancy about the shirt, but it has a good fit and a simple horse head print.

# 10 Summer Patchwork on a Lacoste Polo

Here is a simple idea that you can use to spice up your white Lacoste polo. It entails using fabrics with different colors and patterns to give it a beautiful patchwork.

# 11 Light Blue Shorts and Polo

Whether you are proceeding to the beach or just want to enjoy the outdoor climate, this is the perfect summer look for you. It is a fantastic outdoor design that involves pairing a white polo shirt with cute light blue shorts.

# 12 Relaxed Weekend Look

This weekend look requires pairing your white polo with some nice khaki pants and brown leather dress shoes. It is a relaxed look that can also work as your semi-casual appearance.

# 13 Long Sleeved Polo with Suspenders

Long sleeved polo shirts are rare and classic, but they can still give you a charming look. The one in this design pairs with denim jeans, a brown suspenders, and brown leather boots to create a unique outfit.

# 14 Pink Shorts and Polo

Cute pink shorts like these will make a man look neat and stylish which makes them a perfect summer weekend wear, and if you pair them with your white polo, you will look glamorous.

# 15 Sassy Look with Leather Jacket and Jeans

This look pairs the shirt with a brown leather jacket, gray jeans, and black sneakers to create a unique weekend outfit.

# 16 Lovely Two Button Lacoste

If the designer matters for you when choosing your clothing, you should always go for Lacoste when it comes to polo shirts. Apart from producing high-quality shirts it feels classy to wear shirts from a famous label.

# 17 Nice Fitting Polo with Jeans and Jordan Sneakers

A loose fitting shirt like this one is perfect for pairing with your light blue jeans, and if you also add in some stylish Jordan sneakers like these, you will look fabulous.

#18 Beige and White Combination

This striking casual look requires you to pair a cute white polo shirt with beige pants and some white sneakers. You should also accessorize with an attractive time piece.

# 19 Bulltus Polo with Denim

A white polo like this one from a great label is always a perfect choice, and you will look fantastic if you wear it with your denim jeans and spice up the looks by leaving the collar unfolded.

# 20 Fashionable Striped Bulltus Polo

Here is another cute shirt from Bulltus but it is not in a pure white shade because it has some colorful stripes on the neckband and sleeves. The bright stripes give you more options when it comes to matching it with trousers and shoes.

# 21 The Black and White Look

Few colors make a better combination than black and white. These two shades are the theme for this look which entails pairing a white polo that has some black sleeves and collar with a black trouser, a black hat, and some cute suspenders.

# 22 White on Beige

The best looks come from keeping things simple like in this design. Here you only need to combine a nice white polo with beige dress trousers to create a beautiful outfit.

# 23 Colorful V-Neck with Jeans

V-necks are very fashionable, and this is more so if it is slim fitting and with some cute colors and patterns like this one. It pairs with the light blue jeans to give the wearer a chic, casual look.

# 24 Cute and Impeccable

An extra neat and attractive appearance like this one will grab the attention of anyone looking at you. The look comes from combining a white polo that has a stylish line on the sides with some tight blue jeans.

# 25 Black Khaki Pant and Polo

The black khaki pants in this style pair with the simple shirt to create an elegant look that you should spice up with some beautiful boots and a cute jacket.

The white polo shirt is stylish, and if you do not have one, you should buy it as it is what a gentleman needs to keep up with the trend. And, the best thing is that you can wear it with anything including shorts and khaki pants for casual and semi-formal looks.

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