25 Cool Ways to Wear Your Duck Boots – A Man’s Guide to Looking Stylish

Let’s face it, men’s duck boots are made for practicality, not looks. The shoes are incredibly resilient in the snow and rain so they are considered a necessity in such foul weather. However, jeans are not the only thing you should wear your duck boots with. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of ways you can wear them AND look good at the same time. If that seems impossible to achieve, check out the following 25 ways to stylishly rock duck boots for men in any type of weather.

# 1 Khakis and Bean Boots

Here we see exactly how versatile duck boots are when it comes to matching them with other clothes. Not only do they look ravishing with the tucked in khaki slacks, their tan complexion has been suitable complemented by a tan belt.

# 2 Eccentric Look

Wearing your boots with jeans is a look that is fairly worn out. Spice things up with a wacky pair of pants pulled over the boots if you are looking to create a unique look. The cardigan is also a nice personal touch you can add to your ensemble.

# 3 Nike Duck Boots

Although less popular than their sneakers, Nike duck boots are just as easy to wear with virtually anything. Their slightly sneaker-like build allows you to rock them with a pair of form-fitting sweatpants or even skinny jeans quite easily.

# 4 Sporty

These boots look a lot sportier although they might not be the best choice for extremely bad weather conditions. They feature a sneaker-like lace up design and reinforced soles but basically retain the traditional high top shape of most of the sneakers we see these days.

# 5 Sweats and Boots

Nothing will keep you warmer than pairing your thickest flannel sweats with a solid pair of duck boots. Tucking in the sweatpants into the boots will help you maximize on heat retention to keep you toasty when walking through thick snow.

# 6 Winter Work Outfit

Although duck boots are not the most work-appropriate footwear for the office, sometimes they are capable of doing the trick. Just add a nice scarf and topcoat to the round of the look with a bit of sophistication.

# 7 Boots and Blue Jeans

Classic will always trump over everything when you’re running out of ideas. You can easily replicate this look by folding the cuffs of the jeans then tucking them inside the boots to keep as warm as possible.

# 8 Ankle Height Duck Boots

While a good pair of duck boots can go as high as the shins, a solid ankle boot can also work excellently and keep your feet protected from the rain and cold. These solid boots have been worn casually with a pair of blue jeans.

# 9 Insulated Boots

While insulated boots are not as versatile when it comes to practicality, they will look just as good as the usual duck boots when worn with jeans and some bulky coats and jackets.

# 10 Tucked in

Shin length rain boots are admittedly a bit harder to style. You can go for a solid masculine look by opting to tuck in your pants in your shin length men’s duck boots. Not only is the look easy on the eye, it is also very practical for wet weather.

# 11 Cuffed Jeans and Boots

If the weather is warmer, you can go for more style by folding the jeans high enough to let the edges of the folded cuffs rest just above the tops of the boots. It adds some fantastic detail to your outfit.

# 12 L.L. Bean Boots

These are not the most appealing pair of boots you can own so you have to work with the little that you have. Keep your jeans relatively baggy and warm but fitting enough to allow you to tuck them in when the mercury drops.

# 13 Ripped Denims and Rain Boots

You can rock your boots fashionably in warmer weather by going for a pair of cool ripped jeans. Wear them slightly over the top of the boots but keep most of the boot visible to show them off in their full magnificence.

# 14 Chic

Men’s duck boots can also look good on ladies. So far the most popular warm weather look that fits the design of the boots perfectly is folding up the jeans to rest just above the ankles and lacing the boots all the way up.

# 15 Stylish Rain Boots

If you’re heavy on the style, here is an option that will not require you to sacrifice your taste one bit. The high top Nike duck boots are already extra good-looking with their classic tapered design. You can wear them simply with your favorite pair of form fitting jeans.

# 16 Layered Outfit with Boots

Rain boots can look surprisingly classy, especially bean boots since they already have those tasteful two-toned uppers that are often tan and chocolate colored. Use these colors to your advantage and playfully match the rest of your outfit.

# 17 Casual

Men’s duck boots can also be worn casually as in this example. All you need is your trusty jeans and a nice short-sleeved shirt. Ideally, it should be warm enough for short sleeved shirts and a light cardigan but wet or cold enough for the boots.

# 18 Dark Denims and Boots

This is a simple casual look you can rock on days that are warm enough for t-shirts but wet enough to require the boots. A pair of form-fitting jeans can do wonders for your look. They can easily be paired with beanie boots.

# 19 Fishing Outfit

The best part about duck boots is that they are completely waterproof. While this might look like a very stylish casual outfit, it is actually quite practical for fishing since the boots keep out water and can be matched with your usual fishing khakis.

# 20 Scholar

Can you trade your dress shoes for men’s boots when it gets cold and wet? Yes, you can. They are low-key enough to look exactly like a crisp pair of casual oxfords especially if you wear them with the right outfit.

# 21 Blue and Tan

Right off the mark, this is one of the simple casual looks you just cannot tear yourself away from. It is fairly simple to pull off: you only need your high top rain boots and folded jeans with the edges resting on top of the boots.

# 22 Loose Boots

If you’re rocking thick socks underneath the boots, you have a little leeway to wear the boots a bit loose to give you that masculine appeal. Paired with some simple corduroy pants and a bulky fur coat, this is a great winter look.

# 23 Beans and Jeans

It is clear that bean boots are no longer the practical boots we had labeled them as. Now, these shoes can look extremely stylish when paired with jeans, especially if you fold the cuffs.

# 24 Low Cut Rain Boots

These are not the most common rain boots but they look just as attractive. The rain boots feature a low cut that lets you show off your colorful socks either by wearing shorter pants or folding the cuffs of your pants.

# 25 Snow Boots

Looking stylish in the cold doesn’t really necessitate a compromise if you have the right pair of boots. These boots look amazing when worn with jeans and will protect you from all the cold and wetness.

When it comes to men’s duck boots, there is really no best way to wear them. Just own your style, make use of simple accessories and touches and, most importantly, consider the practicality of the shoes above all else.

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