40 Ways To Style Waterproof Coats – The Hard-Core Look

The idea of waterproof coats isn’t exactly sexy. They’re practical and functional but stylish? You wouldn’t think so. But, you can protect yourself from the elements without necessarily looking dishevelled. Just because the weather is dull and drab, doesn’t mean your look has to be too. So here are 40 ways to style your waterproof coats:

# 1 The Knit Scarf Pairing

You can wear your simple, dark, button-down, waterproof coat unbuttoned, but pair it with a knit scarf for a dapper look. This pairing allows you to keep warm and works best with a boxy or a hooded coat. The bold buttons give the look a pop of color.

# 2 The Bright Delight

You can have fun and be safe with a bright yellow waterproof coat, but wear it with dark colors so as to tone down the bright color and to avoid color clashing. Pair it with a dark hat and a dark t-shirt underneath. Wear it open-necked to create a collar and to give a glimpse of the darker colors underneath.

# 3 Jacket Over Jacket

Don’t be afraid to wear your waterproof coats on top of warmer jackets. Remember to leave the front open to avoid looking constricted. The jacket over jacket style is best if the outer coat is a lighter color than the inner jacket.

# 4 The Parka

Wear a vintage parka for a casual and more practical look. You can be snug and still look fun and edgy. Faux fur around the wrists give this look a unique edge.

# 5 The Cyclist

Cycling in the rain? Try a practical black, knee length coat that pulls up to your neck. It not only protects your neck and knees as you cycle, it gives you an edgy androgynous look and room around your legs for easy movement. Waterproof coats for cycling should be wider at the bottom.

# 6 The Bold Oversized Coat

Have fun with a bold-colored oversize coat. Wear one lined with a brightly colored material for a more casual touch. You can have even more fun with a matching bag but pair the look with dark colors to tone it down.

# 7 The Minimalist Look

Wear a simple waterproof coat over your outfit for a minimalist look. Choose a fun color like maroon or dark purple to make it more casual. This coat is simple, chic and fun.

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# 8 The Oversized Coat

Wear a dark oversized coat over your outfit for a more street style, easy going, or casual look. The short sleeves allow you to show off your wrist accessories, so wear a watch or a band. This style is simple and easy to pull off. These types of waterproof coats are practical because they provide full coverage. You can pair the coat with a brightly colored outfit for a bold look.

# 9 The Red Hood

A red coat is an easy way to create a simple yet bold statement. Pairing your red coat with a scarf and dark trousers is the ultimate casual yet sleek look. Don’t let the weather dampen your flaming spirit by wearing this look.

# 10 The Monochromatic

Nothing says simple or dapper like an all-black combo. Wear a simple button down coat with your black t-shirt and jeans for a casual look. Elevate the look with a white sneaker for the ultimate monochromatic look.

# 11 Purple Polka

So what if the clouds are black and grey, doesn’t mean your coat has to be too! Try a purple polka dot knee length coat for a fun casual look. Tone it up with a bright neon carry on, or simply tone it down with neutral colors. Either way, enjoy some purple rain while you’re at it.

# 12 The Neutral Look

Try a beige hooded coat for a simple rugged look. This style is perfect because of its simplicity. To rock this look, pair it with simple black and grey clothes. It’s casual and comfortable, suitable for anyone who wants to make a simple statement.

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# 13 The Full Length Look

Wear this classic full length trench coat for full coverage. It’s the simplest way to achieve an edgy and classic look while actually protecting your clothes from the rain. Black is the best color for this look. Pair it with a matching carry on and black sneakers. You can play around with printed characters on the coat as well for that extra edge.

# 14 The Coat-Backpack Combo

Wear your simple black hooded waterproof coat with a matching backpack. The matching material and color give you a minimalist look while keeping it simple and practical. When it comes to rainwear and mobility, this style works best allowing you to look stylish while on the go.

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# 15 The Emerald Poncho

Stand out with this emerald poncho. Certainly a bold color that stands out, this style is sure to draw you out of a crowd. The color itself is a safety feature, but this look paired with other dark colors is in itself a bold statement.

 # 16 The Olive Green

Another simple yet classic and minimalist style is this olive green coat. This style is basic and easy to achieve. Wear it with dark colors for a classic understated look.

# 17 The Fishtail Jacket

The ultimate street style coat is the fishtail jacket. It’s a simple urban look. It has a young feel and can be worn over casual outfits. It works best with a t-shirt and jeans.

# 18 The Simple Zip Up

Another street style look is the simple zip up. Pair the hooded zip up with a business casual outfit, dark colors, and hats for an edgy and classic look. The simple black zip up is another style with a youthful feel.

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# 19 The Camo Jacket

Stay concealed with this camo jacket. Pair it with a button up shirt for a casual look. Pair it with neutral colors and denim for a street look.

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# 20 The Simple Beige

Wear a simple beige jacket over almost anything. This beige coat is an easy way to protect your clothes and still wear something fun underneath. Pair it with a fun hat, or bright shoes.

# 21 The Pristine Green

Look pristine in green by pairing your green jacket with ripped jeans and sneakers. You can pair this jacket with a sweater underneath and a warm hat for a practical and casual look.

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# 22 The Simple Navy Blue

This is an easy look to achieve if you’re feeling blue. This simple navy blue jacket is an understated piece that pairs perfectly with khakis and a sneaker. It is the best pairing for a khaki junkie going for a casual look.

# 23 The See-Through Coat

Is the rain cramping your style? If you want the clothes you’re wearing underneath to stand out, try this bold style. This coat allows you to protect your regular clothes while still showing them off. Try a colored see-through jacket but keep the colors simple.

# 24 The Windbreaker

This is a practical outfit. It’s simple and multipurpose. This is an understated style for men who prefer not to stand out. It completely covers your shirt so you can pair it with neutral colors and black trousers for the ultimate simple style.

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# 25 The Sleek Trench Coat

This look is an easy yet sleek way to make a bold statement. The trench coat’s white zip is a unique element that allows you to pair the jacket with nude colors. It’s a perfect style for someone who’s not afraid to stand out.

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40 Ways To Style Waterproof Coats – The Hard-Core Look

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