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Slim fit shirts haven’t been around for very long, but we already love them. Nothing looks more appealing on a man than a shirt that looks like it was actually made for him. Slim fit shirts are quite possible the answer to modern fashion for men. No longer do you have to struggle with baggy, out of shape shirts that are as uncomfortable to wear as they look. Slim fit shirts are versatile, flashy and very form-flattering. Men who know what their body looks like will want the boyish design of these types of shirts to help them show off their best features. Here are 45 slim fit shirts you will want to have in your wardrobe today.

# 1 The Office Shirt

Dressing for work does not have to be a drab affair. A slim fitting shirt can dramatically improve the work outfit of any small to medium-bodied man. There is something about the crisp cut of the checked shirt that makes it look incredibly tidy and well-matched with the grey slacks.

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# 2 Boyishly Casual

Men who prefer to maintain a youthful appearance when they dress should always have a slim fitting shirt at the go. Not only does it give this ensemble a crisper, more exciting appearance, the whiteness of the shirt is a much-needed addition of spark in this black outfit.

# 3 Weekend Wear

A long sleeved slim fitting shirt can be repurposed for work or play quite easily. White is preferably easier to pair with pants of any kind so it would be recommendable that you start from there. You can wear it with suede loafers or sneakers and still pull off a tasteful casual look.

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# 4 Checked Slim Fit Shirt

Checked shirts are timelessly acceptable pieces of casual clothing that you can wear to virtually anywhere you need to go. Pair them up with a nice pair of khakis and casual boots or loafers and you’re all set for the weekend.

# 5 Block Colors

Always rely on solid colors to give your outfit a bold edge when the time for it comes. The slim fit shirt in this stylish all-black ensemble definitely trumps up the casual appeal of the look without making it seem too boyish despite the ripped jeans.

# 6 Buttoned Up

One way you can wear your nicely fitted shirt is by buttoning it all the way up. The neatness of this look goes well with casual garments such as jeans and bulky jackets which despite the contrast look incredibly stylish.

# 7 Sleek and Composed

Nothing plays up a casual look better than a well-fitted collared shirt. As opposed to wearing a t-shirt, this looks more thought through and unique especially when a nice pair of khakis and loafers are involved.

# 8 Basic Black and White

Black and white will never lose its casual appeal and its effortless simplicity. The slim fitted shirt goes great with the form fitting pants. Alternating the colors from top to bottom makes the outfit look livelier.

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# 9 Casual Print

A little bit of print can liven up a look dramatically. This slim fit shirt worn with white off cuff khakis and black leather shows oozes a laid back appeal that is very attractive. Minimal accessorizing on the wrists is what the look needs to stand out.

# 10 Casual Weekend Wear

Never underestimate what you can do with a nicely fitted shirt no matter the patterns it has. This shirt, for instance, looks tastefully matched with the khaki shorts and the white sneakers to create that laid back weekend look.

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# 11 Checkered Unruly Shirt

Bolder prints look better with jeans. If you want a slim fit shirt design with a bit of oomph, go for some unruliness with a half tucked side in order to achieve that ultimate bad boy look.

# 12 Street

If you didn’t know it, casual slim fitted shirts can also be used to create fantastic street styles. Simply throw on some off cuff jeans (or fold your regular jeans at the bottom) and some casual sneakers and you’re good to go.

# 13 Striped

Don’t be afraid to test out some patterned designs every once in a while. Although most people will prefer plain or polka dotted shirts, stripes can have exactly the same casual effect, especially if you throw in some ripped jeans and casual footwear.

# 14 Country

Jeans and tan boots look even better when a nicely fitting shirt is worn instead of a t-shirt. The superbly polka dotted design of the slim fit shirt does not hurt at all either, and the color is perfect for making those blue jeans pop.

# 15 Confident

Rocking off cuff trousers is not the easiest thing sometimes as it’s very hard to come off as mature and composed. However, this beautifully striped slim fit shirt does its job perfectly well and integrates the casual sneakers and trousers seamlessly into one fantastic look.

# 16 Loafers

If you feel a bit overdressed on top, loafers are the best way to tone down the look without losing any of the flashiness of your outfit. A slim fit shirt will also look less formal.

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# 17 Denim

You can’t go wrong with denim on your casual outfits. This example brings out the best of that wonderfully faded color using light khaki pants and superb tanned boots.

# 18 Suave Casual

Slim fit shirts are the epitome of casualness. Once you find the right pair of pants to wear them with, the footwear can range from loafers to simple casual sneakers that are not too flashy or bright.

# 19 Tucked In

It is said that men with a sharper sense of style prefer tucking in their shirts. Well, to make that casual look extra crispy, a fitting shirt is what you need to flatter the top half of your body.

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# 20 Sleeves Down

Folding up the sleeves might give you a sporty look but wearing them down looks even classier. A nice pair of blue jeans and some casual slip-on sneakers is a simple way to look great on the weekend.

# 21 Unbuttoned

You shouldn’t unbutton more than two buttons at the top of your shirt. The striped shirt and khakis combo looks good even beltless. Keep it classy with blue khakis and tan shoes to round it up below.

# 22 Funky

For men with a wilder taste in fashion, slim fit shirts can still do a world of good for you. Roll up the sleeves and wear your favorite pair of ripped jeans to pull off this fashionable look. A wide tie is a great way to accessorize the look.

# 23 Unbuttoned Polka Dotted Shirt

Buttoning up the first two buttons of your shirt is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. To class things up, go for a nicely fitted shirt with vibrant patterns and a solid pair of khakis.

# 24 Blazer’d Up

Adding a nice fitting blazer on top of your slim fit shirt will always result in a well-cut and composed casual look. Never unbutton more than three buttons at the top and keep the sleeves just long enough to peek out of the blazer.

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# 25 Black and Orange

This is an unprecedentedly great color combination that looks fantastic no matter the occasion. The khaki pants are complemented by a brown belt while the slim fit shirt has been worn unfolded at the sleeves and with a button or two open at the top.

# 26 Colorful

Your shoes, belts and the top layer of any outfit you wear are the perfect places to add some color to your look. All you need for this stunning casual look is a nice fitting denim shirt, orange khakis, blue sneakers, a blue belt and a matching blue button-up cardigan.

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# 27 Summer Look

The simplicity of this look is what makes it so attractive in the first place. The fitted shirt and the blue jeans are a match made to last since they wonderfully complement each other. White casual sneakers perfectly round off the look.

# 28 Suspenders

Slim fit shirts are versatile enough to be worn for work. If you’re looking for a bit more spice in your outfit, throw in some suspenders and a matching tie to land that suave office look.

# 29 New York Class

The marble grey shirt looks extremely good with light khaki trousers. Wear brown loafers sockless and  you’ll definitely be ready for business.

# 30 Modern Casual

Cuffed trouser legs look a lot more appealing in casual looks. They also allow you to look much laid back no matter what shoes you wear. The fitting shirt with two buttons opened gives the look an easy-going feel that makes it the perfect weekend outfit.

Whether casual or formal, slim fit shirts are the perfect go-to garments to turn your outfits into tasteful, runway-ready attires. For skinny guys, these shirts offer you a much more comfortable and attractive fit for all occasions.

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45 Flattering Slim Fit Shirts Every Man Should Own – Fitting in Fashion-Wise

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