65 Great Ways To Style Hoodies – Achieve A Stunning Casual Look

When some people hear the word hoodie, they are quick to associate it with gym class or sweat simply because it is a sweatshirt. But the hoodies are not limited to that. They have become a viable fashion staple nowadays. You just need to know the right types of apparels to wear with them. The following are some of the great ways to style hoodies for an amazing casual look.

# 1 Hooded Flannel Shirt And Jeans

This is a simple casual look that you can rock any day. Instead of the usual flannel shirt, you simply need to look for one that has a hoodie. A checked black one will look great with black jeans and black sneakers.

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# 2 Hoodie With Ripped Jeans

If you are a big fan of a street look, you need to try this style someday. The black hoodie matches perfectly well with the blue ripped jeans and the white sneakers. You can wear just the hoodie or wear it on top of a collarless T-shirt.

# 3 Hoodie With Shorts

You can pair a hoodie with shorts and still look awesome. A white hoodie will go well with khaki shorts and black shoes. This is a really nice look to rock during the weekend.

# 4 Elegant Winter Style

This is a great look for the cold season. The white T-shirt, brown hoodie and black leather jacket will make sure that the top part of your body is well covered from the winter cold. They will look great with black jeans. On a hot day, black sunglasses will match well with this look.

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# 5 Cool Street Look For Men

If you love rocking an all jeans look, you can throw in a hoodie especially on a cold day. You will still look awesome. Blue jeans will march well with a black hoodie and black sneakers.

# 6 Hoodie With Tight Pants

The maroon hoodie and the maroon pants look absolutely great together in this style. A white T-shirt and white or grey sneakers will go well with this look. You will like this for a weekend.

# 7 Classic Street Style

This is an eye-catching look that you should try sometime. The white hooded T-shirt, the black leather jacket and the blue cap couldn’t look together for top wear. They will look great when combined with tight grey jeans and white sneakers.

# 8 Nice Nightly Wear

If you have a job that requires you to do the night shift sometimes, you need to have several hoodies in your wardrobe. This heavy, brown, long hoodie is a must have if you want to stay warm at night. To go with it, a black T-shirt and jeans will be perfect. You can also put on a black cap that looks great with the rest of the outfit while at the same time protecting your head from the cold.

# 9 Cool Party Style For Young Men

Most young men like looking outstanding when they are headed to parties. This is one cool hoodie that everyone at the party would wish they had. The black and yellow mixture as well as its design looks great. It will go well with black ripped jeans and black sneakers.

# 10 Hooded Jacket With Ripped Jeans

This black hooded jacket that features flowery patterns will give you a stunning look. It will go well with an all black look that features a black T-shirt, black ripped jeans and black shoes. You can dress like this on a Friday

# 11 Winter Style For Men

This warm grey hoodie will come in handy during the cold season. Blue jeans, a black T-shirt and brown high-top sneakers are perfect to go with it. This can double up as a nice street look.

# 12 Olive Hoodie With Ripped Jeans

Young men will find this look to be stunning. The olive green hoodie is so attractive to the eye and matches well with the black ripped jeans, black T-shirt and black sneakers. A black cap will look awesome with this style.

# 13 Camo Cut White Cut & Sewn Hoodie

This is one cool hoodie that you have probably never seen many people with. The white and camouflage color mix is just awesome. It is great for weekend wear with a blue or black jeans and white sneakers.

# 14 Quilted Scoop LHG Cut & Sewn Hoodie

Whether you are looking for a hoodie to just style your outfit or keep warm, this one will be perfect for you. The grey color that it features will be perfect when combined with blue jeans.

# 15 Quilted Scoop Navy Cut & Sewn Hoodie

When paired with faded blue jeans, this nice looking navy blue hoodie will make you look fantastic. You will look great if you rock this look on Friday.

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# 16 Nice Sunday Look

The war-ready cut and sewn hoodie is the highlight of this outfit. You will look fantastic if you pair it with a black T-shirt, black jeans and black sneakers.

# 17 Dope Street Wear For Boys

Combining a hoodie with a flannel has become a common street style for young men nowadays. A checked red flannel will look great together with a grey hoodie. For the bottom wear, you can go with a black ripped jeans and black shoes.

# 18 Stylish Look For Men

This style is simple but very stylish if you wear it right. The white hoodie looks great with the oversized black T-shirt for the top wear while the black tight jeans and grey sneakers look superb for the bottom wear.

# 19 Friday Look For Men

A style like this is great for ushering in the weekend in style. The blue jeans coat is a perfect match for the grey hoodie. If want to keep warm, you can wear a black T-shirt beneath the hoodie. Black ripped jeans and grey sneakers will finish this look well.

# 20 Fashionable Hoodie With Ripped Jeans

You will love the look of this hoodie by simply looking at it. The grey/white color combination it features will match with a blue jean coat and blue jean trousers.

# 21 Stylish Cold Season Wear

While trying to keep warm in winter, you can still look stylish if you wear this slick-looking brown and black colored hoodie together with a grey trench coat. Brown pants and black sport shoes will complete this look nicely.

# 22 Bomber And Hoodie

This combination of a camouflage hoodie and black bomber jacket is a great way to face the cold weather in winter while still looking fashionable. Tight black jeans and black sneakers will go well with this style.

# 23 Rugged Look For Men

For those who appreciate a rugged look once in a while, here is something that you can try. The blue jean jacket, oversized olive hoodie and grey sneakers look great together.

# 24 Ripped Denim Jeans With Oversized Hoodie

A yellow hoodie can make you look really bright literally. People will easily spot you from far. It will look great with blue ripped jeans and black sneakers.

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# 25 Cool Urban Style

The red hoodie together with the camouflage jeans and white T-shirt are a perfect combination for a great urban style. White sneakers will be perfect to match with this look.

# 26 Hoodie With Trench Coat

This is a simple but classic combination if you get the colors right. A black trench coat and blue hoodie will look great together. To finish the look, grey ripped jeans will be perfect.

# 27 Simple Saturday Look

If Saturday is that day when you just need to rest and do nothing, this simple style that features a blue hoodie and blue jeans will be perfect to rock. White sneakers will go well with this look.

# 28 Dope Street Wear

While there are so many styles when it comes to street wear, this particular one looks outstanding. The matching golden brown hoodie and cap look great with the white T-shirt and blacked jeans. The black and white sneakers also look cool.

# 29 Nice Looking Winter Style

You do not need to put on boring outfits just because it is winter. You can still look great in this cool style that features a long black trench coat, grey hoodie and black tight jeans. A black cap and black/white rubber shoes will accentuate this look well.

# 30 Pink Hoodie For The Brave

Most men prefer dark colors over bright colors, so to rock the pink hoodie, you must be really brave. It will go well with a blue jean coat and black pants. For the shoes, you can go with grey sneakers.

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# 31 Slick Style For Men

It is not only the purple color of this hoodie that looks fantastic, but also its design. You will look outstanding if you wear it with black tight jeans and black high top shoes.

# 32 Red Hoodie With Ripped Jeans

This red hoodie looks fantastic, but if you do not want to appear conspicuous, you can wear a black leather jacket over it. Black ripped jeans and black sport shoes are perfect for this style.

# 33 Flannel Hoodie Combination

The nice looking flannel in colors black, red and, grey and white will be a perfect match for a grey hoodie. Tight blue jeans and red sneakers will not disappoint with this style.

# 34 Cool Camouflage Hoodie With Ripped Jeans

A look like this will make people admire you when you are walking on the street. The camouflage hoodie and black ripped jeans go very well together. To finish this look, you can wear white sneakers, a grey T-shirt and faded blue jean coat.

# 35 Chic Street Wear

This hoodie is not your ordinary hoodie because it is well designed. It features a stylish separator on one side. A great T-shirt, golden brown pants and grey shoes will look great with it.

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# 36 Smart Weekend Look

When you want to do away with the official outfits a little, this is one style cool style that you can try. The white stripes on the sleeves of the black hoodie give it a stunning look. The black pants and beige high tops sneakers look fabulous with it.

# 37 Classic Hollywood Look

This is a style that you might have seen Hollywood celebrities such as Kanye West and Chris Brown rocking. You can also try it. The white and black hoodie goes perfectly well with the light blue ripped jeans and blue jean coat.

# 38 Relaxed Sunday Look

If for you Sunday is all about relaxing and doing just about nothing, you can wear like this. The maroon color for the jacket and black hoodie go well together. Blue ripped jeans and black sport shoes are great to go with them.

# 39 Cool Style For Boys

While this style may not be suitable for adult men, young men or boys will look great in it. The grey hoodie is well combined with the black jeans, olive green coat and black and white striped T-shirt. Black sneakers will be perfect to go with it.

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# 40 Slick Hoodie With Chill Pants

Matching a hoodie with chill pants will definitely make you look great. Even if you are not going to work out in the gym or jog around, you will still look fantastic. Grey sneakers are nice to go with this look.

# 41 Smart Casual Look

This is a nice style for casual Friday. The black hoodie, white shirt and blue jeans look nice together. The white sneakers and black shades also look perfect.

# 42 White and Grey Look

The cool white hoodie will look perfect if worn with black jeans. It is a simple but smart look that will turn heads when you are walking on the street.

# 43 Unique Style For Boys

The design of this hoodie looks unique and classic. The black and white mix of colors that it has will match well with black jeans and sneakers.

# 44 Risqué But Classy Style For Men

A long black hooded sweater, a white T-shirt, tight fitting pants and black sneakers may not be the kind of style that every man is brave to try, but it looks really nice. It is a nice look to wear during the weekend.

# 45 Cool All Black Style With Blue Jeans Coat

This all black style that features a black hooded jacket, a black cap, black jeans trouser and black shoes will give you a handsome look. To deviate from the black a little, you can go with a blue jeans coat.

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# 46 Weekend Style For Men

This is a perfect style for the weekend. You will look stylish in the green hoodie. It goes well with black pants and white sneakers. You can also add onto it a black cap.

# 47 Nice Summer Style

Since this hoodie is not too heavy, it is perfect to wear during summer. The white color that it features can be styled with an orange leather jacket, blue ripped jeans and white sneakers.

# 48 Simple But Classic Look

You can wear like this if you work in an office that is not so strict about a suit and tie look. You can wear the grey hoodie over a white shirt and then pair them with black pants and black shoes.

# 49 Street Style for Gentlemen

Gentlemen can also rock street style and still look cool. This style that features a beige hoodie, blue jean coat, stylish black pants is a must try if you consider yourself to be a gentleman. Black sneakers that feature a touch of orange will go well with this style.

# 50 Classic Urban Style For Boys

The light blue hoodie looks awesome. When you wear with an olive green side pocket pants and beige shoes, you will be the center of attention when walking on the street. A black cap and black shades can look great with this style on a hot summer day.

Basically, styling hoodies is all about matching the colors of the outfits correctly. They mostly go well with casual apparels such as T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. If you do not have any in your wardrobe yet, make it a point to buy some today.

How to Wear a Hoodie

65 Great Ways To Style Hoodies – Achieve A Stunning Casual Look

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