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Diesel jacket has been and continues to be the season’s on-trend outerwear. This brand features a wide range of waterproof trenches, bomber jackets, denim jacket and parka coats. If you are looking for a jacket that is well designed and has got an edge, this brand should always come in mind. If you own a Diesel jacket or planning to purchase one, here are 45 ways you can style the jacket.

# 1 Super Black Outfits

In this style, you rock Diesel’s black superior leather jacket with matching outfits from head to toe. For instance, in this image, this model has styled his black jacket with a black t-shirt, a black zipped jumper and a pair of black dyed jeans.

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# 2 With Adidas Shoe

There are several latest styles of originals shoes from Adidas which you can purchase to style with your jacket. If you purchase white Adidas shoes, the best outfits to pair with your jacket is a white t-shirt and a black chino or sweat pant.

# 3 Jacket with Jeans

Here you wear your Diesel jacket with any type of jeans. You can pair it with a pair of bootcut jeans, flare jeans, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, classic straight leg jeans or trouser jeans. The best color of jeans that goes with Diesel’s black leather jacket is blue jeans.

# 4 Formal Shoes with Jeans

You can style your jacket with your formal shoes and jeans. This may seem like the easiest combination but wearing formal shoes and jeans need some careful consideration. For instance, you need to choose fitting jeans rather than a buggy one.

# 5 Diesel’s Faded Denim Jacket

In this style, you wear Diesel’s faded denim jacket with black fitting outfits from head to toe. For instance, this model has styled his jacket with a black t-shirt and a matching skinny trouser and official shoes.

# 6 Back Combinations

If you want to effortlessly pull out that style people can’t miss looking at, try your leather jacket with other black outfits. If you chose the correct black attires, the combination will prove to your doubters that you are a genius fashionist.

# 7 Denim Shirt-Denim Jacket Combinations

A denim shirt is one of the wardrobe essentials that can be paired with any attire. If you have a Diesel’s denim jacket, you can pair it with your denim shirt comfortably without looking like a cowboy.

# 8 Jacket with No Shirt

In this style, you wear your jacket without a shirt, t-shirt or any type of cloth underneath. You also wear your trouser without a belt. The idea in this style is trying to keep everything simple without looking like a bad boy.

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# 9 Diesel’s Dark Green Jacket

If you want to stay stylish while staying warm, try wearing Diesel’s dark green jacket. This is the perfect style during winter or late in the evening. You can pair it with jeans and a shirt or t-shirt.

# 10 Styling Diesel’s Dark Purple Corduroy Jacket and Jeans

Purple was the new color of the 2016 US presidential race. If you missed this historic event, you can still try Diesel’s dark purple Corduroy jacket and jeans for Spirit Day to fight bullying and harassment of LGBT youth.

# 11 Diesel’s S-joe-zips-ad Neoprene Bomber Jacket

There are several S-joe-zips-ad Neoprene Bomber Jackets from Diesel which you can choose for this style. These jackets are not only stylish but also help you make a statement. This vibrant layer boasts a floral and tiger print throughout the fabric.

# 12 With a Matching Pull Neck Top

Diesel’s purple leather jacket is also another outfit you can style during the Spirit Day to fight bullying and harassment of LGBT youth. You can also wear this jacket any time of the season as you may wish. It matches well with a matching pull neck top.

# 13 Diesel’s Multi-Pocket Denim Jacket

In this style, you rock Diesel’s multi-pocket denim jacket with a crisp white shirt and black jeans or formal trouser. Adding a cap and sunglasses or shades to the above mix will up your style.

# 14 Diesel’s Dark Green Leather Jacket

You can also try wearing Diesel’s dark green leather jacket with brown collars, lower hem, and cuffs. This is the perfect style during winter or late in the evening. You can pair it with jeans and a shirt or t-shirt.

# 15 Diesel’s Shiny Leather Jacket

You don’t have to be a rocker or rider to appreciate a shiny leather jacket. If you didn’t know, you can add a hit to your outfit any time of the day by styling this kind of jacket.

# 16 Relaxed Daytime Look

Pulling out a relaxed daytime look has never been easier especially when you want to style a jacket. But with a Diesel jacket, you are going to achieve this relaxed look much easier than you thought.

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# 17 Diesel’s Pure Black Leather Jacket

Diesel’s pure black leather jackets are great everyday warm jackets you can rock during winter. You can style these jackets with a t-shirt and jeans or shirt and formal trouser. If it is a shirt, try to tuck it in to pull out that relaxed formal look.

# 18 Try Short Collar Leather Jacket

Short Collar Leather Jackets are sometimes referred to as cafe racer or motor cross jackets. These are streamlined jackets with a small snap collar. You can pair them with a t-shirt but not with a shirt.

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# 19 Diesel Jacket with Wool Collars

In this style, you rock a Diesel’s dark green leather jacket with wool collars. This jacket is perfect outfit during winter or late evening walk. You can pair it with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.

# 20 Diesel’s Navy Denim Jacket

In this style, you wear Diesel’s navy denim jacket with matching attires. For instance, this model has styled Diesel’s navy denim jacket with a black shirt and matching skinny jeans and black boots.

# 21 Diesel’s Bold Black Leather Jacket

Another way is to style Diesel’s bold black leather jacket and denim jeans, a gray t-shirt, necklace and black denim jeans. You can copy everything from this model. If done correctly, you will pull that look that your friend will be envious about.

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# 22 American Flag Jacket

Proudly embrace and show your patriotism with this Diesel’s American flag jacket. This jacket is simply referred to as a patriotic jacket. It is vibrant enough for major holidays or whenever you are relaxing at home.

# 23 Turned Down Collar

In this style, you wear your Diesel jacket with blue fitting jeans. Don’t forget to turn down the jacket collar to provide more fresh air during the summer period. Also, don’t attempt zipping or buttoning your jacket.

# 24 With Ripped Jeans

You can try your jacket with ripped jeans. These jeans are meant to look effortless to style but in reality, less effort is required to style them. Nonetheless, attention is going to be drawn away from them if you style them with your jacket and a crisp white t-shirt.

# 25 Styling Diesel’s Dark Blue Corduroy Jacket and Jeans

You can kill them by styling Diesel’s dark blue corduroy jacket and jeans. Style these outfits with a white t-shirt for a comfort and effortless look. This combination will keep you warm in style.

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  • diesel jacket 13

# 26 Safari Wear

A light or dark green stylish jacket from Diesel can be a good safari wear if you are planning to tour game parks in America. However, do not style camouflage outfits if you are planning to tour game parks in African countries. These clothes are considered illegal for civilians.

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# 27 With Navy Denim Shirt and Jeans

Navy denim shirts and jeans are a fashion favorite outwear for a stylish look. They are designs and the hottest colors of the season. Pick these outfits from your wardrobe and pair them with your Diesel leather jacket.

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# 28 With a Navy Blue Pant

Navy blue pants can make you pull that warmer look than lighter pants. When paired with Diesel’s navy blue jackets, the combination creates a color balance.

# 29 Sweater-Jacket Combination

The sweater-jacket combination is a casual style perfect for informal occasions. Provided you execute it properly, this option can even be a healthy when the chilly weather is making its presence felt.

# 30 With Blue Sneakers

In this style, you style your jacket with a pair of blue sneakers. This is an awesome combination perfect for casual occasions.

There are several ways you can style your Diesel jacket. If styled properly, your personality will shine throughout any season whether raining or shining. Get yourself this jacket from online and pair them with any type of outfits from your wardrobe.

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45 Spectacular Ways To Style Diesel Jacket – The Edgy Designs

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