40 Ways To Style Burgundy Shoes – Adding Color to Your Look

Burgundy shoes, also known as oxblood shoes have become popular among shoe enthusiasts because of their versatility. Unlike standard black, these shoes offer you something a little different such as adding color and detail to your look. This is one of the reasons many people are looking for ideas on how to style them. That said, here are 40 ways you can style these shoes and stand out from the crown.

# 1 Matching Neck Tie

One way to pull out that sharp dressed man look is to match the color of your burgundy shoes with that your necktie. You can choose a polka dotted tie or go with a plain one.

# 2 Non- Selvedge Skinny Denim

If you want to show off that contrasting look in a smart way, try these shoes with Carolina blue neon selvedge skinny denim. Roll the bottoms of your denim jeans up, pair with a long sleeve tartan shirt and throw over a dark brown winter layer.

# 3 Light Brown Suit

For a lighter tone that provides less of contrast to the color of these shoes, try out a less intense light brown suit. Similar to brown in its tone and versatility, this suit offers a difficult to detect contrast to the shoes. You will appear less intense.

# 4 Rolled Up Cotton Pants

Try Nike court classic suede with a cotton or linen pants of any color. Don’t forget to roll the bottoms of your pants a little bit. These shoes feature a cushioned midsole and suede upper to provide comfort and durability.

# 5 Faint Checked Suit Trousers

If you are inclined to formal outfits, pair your oxblood shoes with faint checked navy trousers for the stylish and perfect look for the office. You can choose a crisp white shirt with a blazer or without a blazer.

# 6 Light Grey Trouser

Light gray is one of the popular colors in warmer climates because of its versatility and adaptability. Pair your shoes with light gray trouser or any shade of gray. Leave other outfits as neutral as possible.

# 7 Stretch Selvedge Skinny Jeans

Here, you style your Nike court classic suede with Stretch Selvedge Skinny Jeans. These have a linear design and the combination will provide a handsome fit. Their back pocket design and position makes them look excellent from the back.

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# 8 Matching Three Piece

You can also pull out that sharp elegance look by pairing your oxblood shoes with an oxblood three piece suit. Many people like these suits because they feature narrow shoulders, hand stitched detailing, functioning cuffs and side vents.

# 9 Rich & Glossy Burgundy

Rich and glossy burgundy shoes are really beautiful and can match with any light colored trouser. These shoes are not only known for their beauty but also for their distinct look and longevity.

# 10 With Oxblood Jacket

Here, the prim and polished look of your oxblood rubber shoes meets the smooth and tumble of a meticulously tailored oxblood jacket. Wear a crisp white v-shaped t-shirt to match with the white shoe laces.

# 11 Matching Belt

Your belt and shoes don’t need to look exact in terms of color shade. It can lie within the different color shade. This means, wearing your dark burgundy with a plain brown belt. The idea here is to tie all these outfits together.

# 12 With Oxblood Blazer

To pull out that coffee and cream look, try your shoes with a matching oxford blazer. You can pair these outfits with a creamy trouser and creamy shirt. You can also introduce a plain cream or polka dotted cream waistcoat.

# 13 Classic Burgundy

For a more classic and relaxed look for play or work, you can go wrong if you pair classic men’s oxblood with a great pair of plain colored pants.

# 14 Try Burgundy Boots

Burgundy Brogue Boots, which have been designed from synthetic material, can be a great addition to your wardrobe. They come with man-made soles and man-made lining for a comfort and durability. Just wear them with fit or skinny pants to pull out that cowboy look.

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# 15 The 90s Look

Do you remember the memorable fashion days of the 1990s? Super shine oxblood shoes can help you brings back the 90s looks again. You can pair them with light gray trousers, light blue shirt, and a bowtie.

# 16 Try Double Monk

If you don’t like double monks, just think again. Have you ever tried cordovan double monks with blight-colored pants? You are missing it big. These shoes are absolutely classic. Their curvaceous and simplicity have proven that they aren’t for everyone.

# 17 With Men’s Formal Trouser

If you have a lovely shade of burgundy in your wardrobe, try to style it with casual navy blue office trousers. If you don’t have this kind of trouser, try a black or gray one.

# 18 Modern Ivy Style

In this style, the model has styled shiny oxblood shoes with a gray casual trouser. He has proven that the Ivy style will never be outdated.

# 19 Double Monks Grey Combo

In this style, you try rock cordovan double monks with dark colored outfits. As stated earlier, these shoes are absolutely classic and help one pull out that simplicity looks.

# 20 Off-White and Mid Brown Suede

This style is straightforward. You just wear mid brown suede of any design with an off white or creamy trouser and a tartan partnered blazer.

# 21 Matching Scarf

If you are one of those men who are confused on how to wear a scarf properly, this is a style for you. Just match the color of your burgundy shoes with that your scarf. Don’t worry about other outfits. A scarf is appropriate with almost all outfits.

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# 22 Simple Ultra-Fitting Jeans

A wardrobe is not complete without simple ultra-fitting jeans. These jeans dress up without any much effort. If you have a pair in your wardrobe, try to style them with dark-colored oxblood shoes. You can pull the bottom of the jeans to show the world what you got.

# 23 With Green Corduroy Trouser

Style your shoes with green corduroy trouser and blue Shetland tweed. This blazer is called as such because it is designed from wool yarn which is harvested from sheep found in Shetland Isles.

# 24 Ripped Jeans

You can try your shoes with destroyed jeans or ripped. These jeans are meant to look effortless to wear but in reality, more effort is required to style them. Nonetheless, attention is going to be drawn away from them if you pair them with ripped jeans.

# 25 Matching Shirt

If you can find an oxblood shirt, try to pair your shoes with a shirt with any shades of brown. Don’t try to be too matchy with other outfits.

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40 Ways To Style Burgundy Shoes – Adding Color to Your Look

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