45 Sharp Ways to Style Black Khaki Pants – Embracing Modern Trends

Black khaki pants are not exactly go-to pants for most men—jeans are a preferable option since they look good with almost everything. However, khakis are quickly making a name for themselves as the versatile, stylish and very comfortable casual resort for men who care about how they dress. After years of khaki being considered as a staple material for uniforms, edgy khaki pants have begun changing how we see the material as well. Available in an assortment of colors, more and more men are now not so shy to rock some khakis as a part of their casual or even formal ensembles. And for those who are not willing to take the dive just yet, you can ease into the fad with black khakis, which are just as comfortable and also versatile as well. Herein are 45 ways to style black khakis.

# 1 Khakis and T-Shirt

Casual from head to toe, this laid back look substitutes jeans with black khakis without losing any of its stylish casualness. Finishing it off is a pair of neat white-soled sneakers that complement the ankle-length khakis.

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# 2 All-Black Casual Outfit

Featuring a simple black t-shirt, black khaki pants, black sneakers and a few stylish accessories as well, this casual look is appealing without being too quite flashy. Men who like to keep a low profile should definitely own a pair of black khakis.

# 3 Dapper

Khakis are no longer just the casual guy’s staple. Even the classiest of gentlemen can find a way to rock black khakis in with effortless style. Pairing it with a black overcoat and black dress shoes is one way to look sophisticated in khakis quite well.

# 4 The Modern Casual

Nowadays, casual looks incorporate a little bit of everything. Black khakis fit that niche perfectly since they look great with nearly everything they’re paired with. The black beanie, the brown topcoat, the white crewneck shirt and the black suede boots combine perfectly to make that casual look work out quite perfect to suit one taste.

# 5 Tucked In

If you’re a man who likes to look neat at all times, you can still look the part with a nice pair of black khakis. Just like jeans, they can be worn with any type of shoes and make any shirt or t-shirt look good as well.

# 6 Hip Casual Look

Spice up your casual wardrobe by replacing jeans with black khakis. Worn with all-white sneakers in this example, they are just as appealing as a pair of form-fitting jeans but offer you more class thanks to their texture.

# 7 Semi-Casual

To tone down a serious look, try going for plain white or black t-shirts instead of collared shirts. This way, you can go overboard with the top layer without ruining the casual side of the outfit.

# 8 Trendy

These black khaki pants have been awesomely paired with a black leather jacket and brown Chelsea boots. The style is casual, confident and very unique especially since the black khakis tone it down to make it more mature.

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# 9 The Contemporary Gentleman

A lot of flair can be added to your look by playing by your own rules. This all-black outfit breaks the monotony of the color using a white t-shirt, sharp all-white sneakers, and also a large gray scarf as well.

# 10 Sharp Office Look

Khakis can easily be incorporated into day-to-day office wardrobe. These black khakis give the outfit a bit more pizzazz than would have been afforded by linen slacks. They are also versatile enough to look every bit as sophisticated as the rest of the outfit.

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# 11 Sporty Look

Ankle-length khakis should always be form-fitting. These casual garments look extra good when paired with edgy sneakers worn casually with a crewneck sweater over a white shirt.

# 12 London

Looking distinguished in black khakis is not as hard as you would think. Khakis have the right amount of class and casual appeal, making them the perfect crossover garments to fuse two completely different codes of dressing.

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# 13 Classic Look

Flamboyance is not for the fearful man. Taking chances with your wardrobe involves going for flashy plaid outer layers and dabbling in the colorful sweaters. The black khaki pants are a suitable starting point when looking for your own personal style.

# 14 Khakis and Checked Shirt

This office-appropriate outfit is modern, stylish and neat. It is also simple since it involves wearing what you’re comfortable with in terms of footwear, and so even boots can be worn with these black khakis.

# 15 Denim and Khakis

Bring your outfit to life by using the best of every style of dressing. The ripped denim jacket has its own allure that complements the black khakis, which have been worn over camel suede boots. The entire ensemble has an air of cool casualness that is very attractive to many.

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# 16 Simple

A fitting polo-neck shirt and black khakis are the highlights of the look, but it is the all-white sneakers that bring the look home. A perfect example of how less can be more, this casual outfit stands out because it is so simple.

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# 17 Ripped

Get a little character on your outfit by opting for the ripped black khaki pants. These are street enough to be worn with fashion sneakers but still decent enough to look good with a suede blazer. This contemporary semi-casual look is a staple of the modern man, meaning black khakis are here to stay as well.

# 18 Dressed Up

Official looks don’t usually agree with most casual garments. However, black khakis are made to look pristine no matter what they’re worn with. Try a full-on suit-and-tie ensemble with your black khakis and transform your dressing habits drastically as required by many people.

# 19 Khakis and Loafers

If you feel like you’ve overdressed on the top half, you can tone it down without losing any class with a solid pair of black khakis and slip-on loafers. This dapper look also features a fancy pocket square and also a crisp white tie.

# 20 Blue and Black

The blue blazer can be a bit too loud on its own. However, toning it down with black, crisply ironed khakis is a nice touch that adds an elegant touch of class and also casualness to the outfit, making it look more unique.

# 21 Sharp

Khaki pants can just as easily be substituted with formal dress pants. These are very stylish alternatives thanks to the crisp, form-fitting design of the pants. Khaki pants also carry their usual casual allure which is great if you’re gunning for a semi-formal look.

# 22 Dapper Ensemble

Looking for a fresh semi-casual look for the weekends? Pair up your beloved black khakis with a crisp plaid blazer worn over a turtleneck shirt. Simple, elegant and ultimately classy, the black khakis look even better when worn with the exquisite brown loafers.

# 23 Casual Street Khakis

Khakis are excellent substitutes for jeans in casual ensembles. This low-profile outfit appears a bit crisper when worn with dark khakis instead of jeans. Finished off with a simple plain white t-shirt, a black topcoat, and all-white fashion sneakers, it is a very trendy look.

# 24 Casual Black Khaki Ensemble

For a low-key look that is full of style and class, go for a long topcoat to finish off a casual khakis and t-shirt look. The dress boots are also a nice, masculine touch which makes the outfit look more mature and sophisticated.

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# 25 Black Khakis and Boots

If you’re going to pair your black khaki pants with boots, brown boots will complement the style better. This effortlessly laid-back look is all thanks to the form-fitting design of the pants and the nice finishing touch in the form of a beanie hat.

# 26 Khakis and Leather

Black khaki pants look a lot better than jeans in some looks. Pairing it with your leather jacket is one of the best ways to rock khaki pants. Next time you’re going for your all-black look, pick black khakis over ripped jeans and modify your look drastically.

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# 27 Edgy Camo and Khakis Outfit

Khaki pants are quickly replacing jeans in most casual looks. Instead of going for the usual ripped jeans to finish off this camo and white t-shirt look, black khaki pants look just as stylish and casual, especially when you get form-fitting ones.

# 28 Dapper

The slim-fitting jacket complements the black khakis magnificently—better than they would with any pair of dress pants. Khaki pants have the ultimate modern casual appeal for men who like to be unique.

# 29 Crisp Black Khakis

Who said khakis can’t cut it when it comes to formal looks? Here is an exquisite example of how well a nicely picked pair of khakis will look with an official outfit. The silver jacket has been beautifully accentuated with a maroon vest coat worn over a white shirt and black tie.

# 30 Laid Back Casual Look

Khaki pants are extra versatile. They have been fittingly included into this amazingly casual ensemble that includes a pronounced white scarf and a black jacket worn over a black t-shirt and black, form-fitting khaki pants.

If you don’t already own a pair of black khaki pants, what are you waiting for? A nice pair of perfectly fitted khaki pants can go a long way in making your outfits, whether formal or casual, incredibly tasteful.

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45 Sharp Ways to Style Black Khaki Pants – Embracing Modern Trends

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