25 Fantastic Ways To Rock Ivy Style – Add Some Traditions

Ivy League is a style of men’s dressing which was popular among the American and British upper class, especially the college guys of the Ivy League. Many young college guys in Northern America adopted the Ivy League look because it was associated with upper-class natives at leisure. As the predecessor of the preppy style of dress, Ivy style still remains one of the best styles of the 21st century. Here are 25 ways you can rock the Ivy style.

# 1 Preppy Ivy Style

In this style, the model has rocked with a brown flannel blazer with a matching bow tie, a light blue cotton shirt, and navy blue casual trouser. He has proven that the Ivy style, despite the fact that it is a classic way of dressing, will never be outdated.

# 2 Classic Ivy Style

In this style, the model has rocked with a grayish brown flannel trouser, a light blue Oxford shirt, a brown skinny necktie and a brown 2-button single-breasted blazer. The idea here is to achieve a great color combination.

# 3 Back To School Ivy Style

January is around the corner and it will bring with it that back-to-school feeling. This model understands the consequences of cold weather. He has rocked with a light blue striped Oxford and a cream cable knit zip sweater under black watch tartan duffle coat, together with gray herringbone pants.

# 4 Casual Ivy Look

Whatever your preferred style, office suits are essential items in men’s wardrobe. Don’t worry about work-ready office suits to rock that big day in office management. You can get noticed by simply wearing a navy polyester trouser, light blue casual Oxford shirt, and a gray or brown flannel blazer.

# 5 It’s Chino Time

These chinos come in a range of colors. They are designed from lightweight fabrics making them perfect for summer, particularly in the evening. This model has rocked the Ivy Style by wearing a fitting red chino, a cotton evening coat with an outdoor wool tartan scarf.

# 6 Showing Your Life Style

It seems every summer a pair of red trousers becomes a fashion. To pull out that signature of the noble high-born garden party, the model has decided to rock with a light brown sports coat, slim Nantucket red chinos, a navy tie and a blue striped poplin button.

# 7 Three Piece Suit Ivy Style

You can look sharp this holiday with a stylish three piece suit. This style is contemporary and effortlessly stylish. It is ideal for a day out or a wedding.

# 8 Street Ivy Style Looks

The model has embraced one of the most popular trends for fall. This is none other than the tartan street style looks. His tartan wool coat is ideal for making a real statement.

# 9 All Weather Ivy Look

Step out in style, come the sunshine, wind or rain, with a mid-sized coat and a pair of jeans. This model has managed to pull the Ivy look with this inexpensive attire.

# 10 Perfectly Stylish

The model has rocked the style with a brown-blacked checked sports coat, a khaki pant, and a navy shirt.

# 11 Timeless Ivy look

Oxford shirts can match well with any type of blazer, but the most common one is an Ivy-inspired one button blazer. For a tie, you can choose the seven fold tie which is great for a formal event or office.

# 12 Winter Office Wear

Alternatively, if you have a plain shirt, you can wear it with a sleeveless sweater and finally cover it with a sports coat on top of it. This combination is perfect during winter.

# 13 The Professor Style

This is one of the looks that best defines East Coast Ivy style. Herringbone jacket, high rise cuffed trousers and a pinned collar spearpoint shirt are perfect for this style.

# 14 The 90s Looks

Do you remember the memorable fashion days of the 1990s? Light wash jeans, light blue striped shirt, and a tie brings back the 90s looks again.

# 15 Rugged Sartorial Style

If you are a fan of all things sartorial, Rugged Sartorial Style is a perfect Ivy style you can try this winter. You can see clearly this model has rocked a double-breasted suit under a true vintage M-1943 field jacket.

# 16 Cultivating Ivy Style

The model rocks Ivy style with a pair of blue selvage jeans, a blue Oxford shirt, a skinny dark brown necktie and a matching brown, gray and black tartan sports coat. This style is centered on a boldly patterned jacket.

# 17 Harvard Ivy Outfit

Lightweight clothes alone can’t keep you that cool. You can rock a grayish brown flannel trouser, a light blue Oxford shirt, a black necktie and Ivy inspired sports coat and still achieve that coolness.

# 18 Lush Lifestyle

This style provides lifestyle and beauty solutions for men of all ages and races. This model has cut combined a maroon single-breasted blazer with a gray skinny necktie and crisp white shirt and gray cotton trouser.

# 19 Style Cool Outfits

Pair a corduroy coat, a long sleeve shirt with a medium fit brown chino to effortlessly deal with whatever the weather throws at you. A pair of pure leather shoes will bring a masculine and strong feel to any ensemble.

# 20 Medium Fit Suit Style

Ultra-medium fitting trousers are ideal when you want to pull out that medium fit suit style. You can pair them with a matching cotton shirt and a medium-fitting tartan jacket for men. Color choice is essential here to attain that mix and match style.

# 21 Vintage Style

This style features handmade outfits, ethically designed from reclaimed or vintage fabric. This model has perfected this style by rocking a cotton linen 3-roll-2 jacket and a beautiful and a rarity 1940s SEERSUCKER Tie.

# 22 Traditional Black and White

This is a style for straight guys. Just look out how this model has styled his white cotton shirt with a blue 2-button navy blue linen blazer. In fact, his handsome outfit is built around his white cotton shirt.

# 23 Mix And Match Ivy Style

Instead of trying to wear clothes with matching colors together, you can simply rock with that Ivy style of multi-color-tricked outfits together with colored pieces. For instance, this model has perfected the style by wearing a fresh linen coat, a black pocket square, a yellow tie with white sports and a maroon corduroy trouser.

# 24 The Smart Guy Style

This style is for those who are struggling with the endless confusion of a smart casual dress code. The model has stood out from the rest by rocking ivy style with a solid linen 2-button blazer, a light blue Oxford shirt, a red skinny necktie and a grayish brown flannel trouser.

# 25 Gentleman Ivy Style

A gentleman does not use hot weather as an excuse to dress average. This model has lived to these words. He has pulled that Ivy style by wearing a fresh linen coat with a pocket square.

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