40 Stunning Ways of Styling Calvin Klein Suits – Top-notch Designs for Men

Calvin Klein brand dates back to the 1960’s when it began as a coat shop in New York City, and it has now grown into one of the leading names in the fashion industry. They have an extensive collection of jeans, under wears, casual wears, suits, and perfumes. Most people especially the celebrities and the affluent prefer wearing various suit designs of Calvin Klein depicted by the “CK” logo. Some of the ways to wear Calvin Klein suits include:

# 1 The Slim Fit Calvin Klein Apparel

A suit will always render any man as outgoing and sharp regardless of the occasion. The statement making suits consists of a wool fabric, which has a refined aesthetic. The suit is ideal for both hot and cooler temperatures.

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# 2 The Three-Button Sleeve Suit

The best thing about this suit is that you can wear it to any formal and casual event. Accessorize with a long tie for the formal events, and you may go without a tie for a casual look. The jacket has flap pockets and a ticket one on the right side.

# 3 Sapphire Blue with a Contrasting Lapel

In the past, most tuxedos used to be either black or white. However, times have changed, and the designers have upgraded to other colors such as blue, maroon, gray, and red. This one features a black color on the lapel, button, and jetted pockets. The flowered carnation on the boutonniere latch fits the wedding setting.

# 4 The Peak Lapelled Slim Fit

Custom-made Calvin Klein suits are unique and stylish. Go for a cool and stylish look on the runway or red carpet event with this button-less suit that has a wide peak lapel with a satin finish. Pair the suit with a dark solid T-shirt to keep eyes glued to the suit.

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# 5 Two Buttoned Runway Model

Attract attention on the runway with a black CK blazer. The beauty behind modeling is that all eyes are on you and every piece of attire that you wear counts. The blazer strikes a balance on the white tee and black pants.

# 6 Charcoal Notch-Lapel Wool Tuxedo

Nate Parker killed it with this wool tuxedo at the 2016 Met Gala. The tuxedo features a satin finish on the lapel and button clothing. The color of the one-point fold pocket square matches the color of the tie making him look dapper.

# 7 Graphite Grey Peak Lapelled Suit

This look is enough to get you to the cover page of Vogue magazine. The suit features a peak lapel that makes the suit appear more formal and stylish too. The perfect matte finish on gray gives it a striking appeal over other gray colors.

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# 8 Wool-Silk Tuxedo

Going bold with a wool tuxedo and wide peaked lapels gave Diplo an unusual look from the other men wearing a gray suit at 2016 Met Gala. The tone-on-tone cypress shirt accentuates the color of the suit.

# 9 Black Wool Tux with a Gold Foil Detail

Michael B Jordan decided to showcase his charming personality with a black wool tuxedo that has a gold foil detail on the top notch lapel. The gold foil on the suit gives a fascinating detail on what would have been a boring black suit.

# 10 Black Wool Notch Lapel Tuxedo

Jussies Mollett has a way with the Calvin Klein suits that makes him outstanding in most social occasions. The matte finish on the lapel and a matching bow tie contrast the suits color perfectly. Minimize the number of features on the suit to allow the fine material to flow well.

# 11 The Three-Piece Calvin Klein Suit

A three-piece suit comprises of a jacket, vest, and pants. The vest may match the color of the suit or have a contrasting color. It adds more warmth during winter, and you can remove the top jacket during summer.

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# 12 The Flawless Dark Suit with a Presidential Pocket Square

Dare to be different on your wedding by going for a pocket square instead of a boutonniere. You can wear the multipurpose suit to work even after the wedding instead of having a one time wear that loses the value after the.

# 13 Dark Burgundy with Flap Pockets

Maintain a simple and formal look with a structured burgundy suit that has a soft bump on the shoulder line. The soft padding on the shoulders and a waist trim complement the sloping shoulders and the tall figure.

# 14 Three Piece Black with a Baby Blue Waist Coat

Glow on your special wedding day by adding a baby blue color to your black suit. Accessorize the suit with a blue tie, two-point fold pocket square, and flowered boutonniere. The two-buttoned suit without the vest serves as formal attire on a regular workday.

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# 15 Customized Calvin Klein

Crooner decided to spot a fully customized Calvin Klein suit in one of the night’s performances in NYC during the 2014 North America tour. The suit is simple and plain since it only features jetted pockets, two buttons, and a notch lapel.

# 16 Perfect Fit with a Jetted Jacket

This is the suit that you can wear to work or any casual event and still look good. The shirt that you pair with the outfit defines the look you get.

# 17 Corduroy Holiday Jacket

Obtain a perfect holiday look with this black holiday jacket, and you are good to hit the door. The one buttoned jacket adds a stylish statement especially when paired with a bright shirt and nice pants.

# 18 Cool Grey with a Notch Lapel

When wearing for a black tie event, you should ensure that you look sharp but not more than the woman you are with at the event. Therefore, medium sized notch lapels and two buttoned suit is the way to go with this suit.

# 19 Casual Calvin Klein Blazer

This is the perfect wear on a weekend or any day out with friends. The blazers are common with the young adults and teenagers with a good fashion taste. Go for a baggy blazer and keep it unbuttoned to strike the exact look.

# 20 A Fitting Violet Suit

This Empire star has not only a good voice but also an excellent taste of suits. Matching the suite with a similar dress shirt will give you a casual and relaxed look. You can, however, opt to go formal by wearing a black shirt with the suit.

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# 21 Black Suit with a Flowery Boutonniere

You will never go wrong with a dark suit on your wedding day. Pay attention to the length, pant break, sleeves, and the lapel if you are slightly shorter while purchasing one. A peak lapel and a small pants break will make you appear broader and taller consecutively.

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# 22 The Dark Grey Chambray Suit

Chambray suits are very rare, and the Calvin Klein chose Charlie Hunnam to display one of their unique works on the runway. The structured suit is a two-button suit with a notch lapel and a flap pocket. Pair that with a dark colored shirt for a fashionable look.

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# 23 Casual Two Buttoned Blazer

Add a stylish statement to your solid black colors by wearing these dark gray sack. The blazer is ideal for anyone with broad shoulder, and you can pair it with a round-necked tee or a shirt.

# 24 Double Breasted Jacket

The shirts were popular in the past, but the single-breasted jackets have overtaken them. It features an extra fabric that folds over from left to right. The jacket has six buttons and a pronounced peak lapel.

# 25 Casual Day Wear

Add more taste to your time on the streets with this dark brown blazer to make a stylish statement. The blazer makes you stand out from the other peers wearing a t-shirt and jeans on the street.

Calvin Klein has succeeded in making suits for both formal and casual wear. They use different materials in the manufacture including the most popular wool, linen, polyester, cotton, and satin among others. They also have custom-made suits for occasions like weddings. You can check with your fashion store or online shop for different suits that they stock.

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40 Stunning Ways of Styling Calvin Klein Suits – Top-notch Designs for Men

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