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A V-cut neckline involves shaping the hair at the back of your head and neck into a V, with the tip pointing down your back. They have been in use ever since the fade hairstyles came in and have slowly been gaining traction in men’s hairstyle trends. As opposed to Mohawks where a single strip of hair is left running down the back of the head, v-cuts often feature a much thicker or broader top that has been narrowed only slightly towards the back of the head. Not only is this a fantastic way to shape up a look, v-cut necklines keep your hairline in check. Here are 40 examples of perfectly executed v-cuts.

# 1 Ponytail V-Cut

Certainly one of the flashiest of the bunch, this ponytail gets a bit of kick from the stylish fade that’s been given to the hair at the sides. The punky Mohawk ends in a crisply shaped v-neckline at the back of the head.

# 2 Pomp and Fade

The ravishing high-low fade on this pompadour haircut with a twist plays up the flashiness of the cut while giving it a more defined finish. Broken fades and a smooth bald fade that ends in a v-cut at the back of the head make this hairstyle irresistible.

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# 3 The Double V

To give your hairstyle a bit more character, you can opt for double Vs at the back of your head for more impact. As we can see, the barber goes much further than just separating the V-cut with a single part as it is also perfectly shaped.

# 4 Fade in, Fade Out

A stunning combination of undefined skin fades and crisply lined up edges drastically improves the appearance of this simple twist hairstyle. The hair is a lot thicker at the back where it has been crisply shaped into a V.

# 5 High Double V

One of the perks of the v-cut neckline is you get to wear your hair as high or as low as you want. Opting for the former, as in this example, gives you a lot of room to spice up the look with another V bordering the first one.

# 6 Blunt V

A lineup is not absolutely necessary if you want your v-cut to stand out. Instead, go for a cool taper fade that gradually blends into the skin at the back of the head. This gives the cut a stylishly blurred appearance.

# 7 High and Mild

Rather than go for the crisp and sharply cut V-neckline, you can choose to stay classy and low key with a high and bluntly shaped v-cut. The much softer appearance agrees with most vintage hairstyles.

# 8 Rounded

This is for those who want the V-cut to raise their hairline but prefer not to have the sharply lined up variety. The much smoother finish at the back of the head helps to keep the look grounded and formal.

# 9 High Top

A high top can fade out towards the back into a v-cut neckline instead of just fading into the skin. This is a more stylish way to wrap up the look and it also adds a little more pomp to the sexy pompadour haircut.

# 10 Low Skin Fade

As the fade hairstyle evolves, it begins to focus on shortening as little hair as possible on the sides, leaving the hair looking much fuller and untouched. The v-cut neckline can be applicable where you’ve opted for a slight temple fade.

# 11 Patterned

This intricately patterned v-cut finish will require your hair stylist to bring out his A-game in order to pull it off. Not only is the original V-shaped bordered by another one, a patterned design has also been used to give it some kick.

# 12 Razor Fade

A razor fade is the most preferred type of fade when getting a v-cut, since it leaves just enough hair to make the shape more visible. Because fading is often involved, make sure that the taper is not too extreme.

# 13 Fade and Slash

The beautiful blend of short crisply cropped and faded hair and the thick, wavy and perfectly textured blonde locks creates a stunning contrast that one cannot take their eyes off. Rounded off with a mighty slash on the side and a v-cut neckline, this is a definite attention-grabber.

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# 14 Mohawk

Faded Mohawks originated v-cuts since the strip of hair in the middle looked better when shaped towards the back. The original version of the Mohawk is still something you can look good with, especially if you throw in some exciting colors.

# 15 High Skin Fade

A high skin fade not only guarantees you a few more weeks before you have to visit your barber again, it has a distinctly boyish feel when added to neatly styled hairdos such as the vintage pompadour.

# 16 Killer V-Shaped Undercut

The barber responsible for this stunning cut decided to mix things up a little by giving the whole haircut a V-shaped look instead of just using it to round off the edges. A nice thick buzz keeps things dark enough to make the v-cut look more visible.

# 17 Extraordinary

Adding a little flair to your haircut is a lot easier these days. A simple fade paired with an elegant v-shaped neckline and a few slashes parting the hair really set the stage for the perfectly tied man bun with blonde highlights.

# 18 Thick Mohawk

This Mohawk hairstyle is nothing but flair from top to bottom. The top is thick, curly and bleached stylishly while the fade includes a stunning beard disconnect at the cheek. Rounded off with a double v-cut neckline, the hairstyle is pure perfection.

# 19 Slick Back and V-Cut

Nowadays a simple taper fade just isn’t enough to make you stand out from the crowd. This exotic haircut is testament of how a perfectly executed side slash paired with a geometrically sculpted v-cut neckline can turn an ordinary haircut into sheer perfection.

# 20 Artistic Fades

Not enough can be said about just how perfect this haircut is. First off, there are the incredible line-ups at the temples and forehead with a fade disconnect at the side that has been executed with geometrical precision. A number of smooth fades then takes the hair at the sides down and creates one of the best beard disconnects you will ever see.

# 21 Kinky High Top Mohawk

The kinky high top Mohawk is popular among black men and it often goes well with a bit of color to give it a nice two-toned appearance. The fade is often the most important aspect of the hairstyle as it affects the neatness of the transitions between the high top and the low sides.

# 22 High Low Fades

Man buns and fades continue to look quite stylish when paired together. This is an especially special hairstyle that features high and low fades combined to create a stunning fade in and out transition that ends in a sharp v-cut neckline.

# 23 Thick and Curly

You can still rock a v-cut neckline without having to shorten the hair at the back of the head. All you need is a bit of trimming at the edges to shape the hair. The sides should however be sharply faded if you want more stunning results.

# 24 Lined and Natural

The somewhat lopsided appearance of this haircut will definitely result in a few double-takes. While one side has been tapered and left natural, the other has been sharply outlined with a curling slash running across one side of the head.

# 25 The Straight V

This bun and Mohawk hairstyle features a straight strip of closely cropped hair running down the back of the head and ending in a parallel V-cut. The very neatly styled Mohawk boasts of cleanly shaved sides and a feathery bun on top.

# 26 Low and Broad

V-cut necklines can be positioned as high or as low as you want depending on the look you’re gunning for. A high v-cut neckline will allow you to look fresh even after a while and enhance the shape of your hairstyle.

# 27 Clean Fade

Most people prefer skin fades since they look a lot cleaner and make the hairstyle look fresher for longer. Although a line up sure does add some crisp definition to the look, leaving the fade with a natural outline makes it easier for your hair to grow in smoothly.

# 28 Blunt V-Cut

Rather than being applied on the edge of the undercut, this v-cut outline has been used to style the thick mop of slicked back hair that ends just above the neck. A razor fade has been used to keep the sides short.

# 29 Fuzzy V-Cut Neckline

When you leave the middle section of hair longer than the rest, the v-cut becomes more visible. This makes it a lot easier to style quickly.

# 30 Styled Pompadour

This edgy pompadour hairstyle stands out in three major ways. First, the height of the hair on top is perfect and allows it to get that amazing square line shape. Second, the use of mild texturizing products has allowed the thick red locks to be perfectly layered in order to enhance its depth and dimension. Lastly, the haircut has been shaped up stylishly using smooth razor fades at the sides.

# 31 Perfect V-Cut

To achieve this look, the hair at the back of your neck will need to be shortened significantly and left just long enough to make the cut visible. The superb v-cut neckline really spices up the high top crop.

# 32 Temple Fade

Temple fades are some of the most stylish ways to give your hairstyle more definition by subtly reducing the hair at the sides. It also leaves a lot of hair at the back, making it easier to style it into your favorite v-cut neckline.

# 33 Extended Pomp with Mid Fade

The pompadour hairstyle can be made even flashier if you style the top a little towards the front and fade the sides to shape the look. Ideally, you will want a nice, neutrally placed fade to keep the look tame.

# 34 High Fade Double V

The heights of the v-cuts sometimes depend on how high and sharp your fade is. Higher fades will also have a much less smoother transition from the hair into the skin but will make the hairstyle look more defined.

# 35 Slicked Back

This modern gentleman’s hairstyle makes full use of the high taper fade to clean up the hair surrounding the neatly styled quiff. This results in a much more composed look and also gives you the option of placing the v-cut neckline a lot higher than usual.

# 36 Shaped Crop

A nice, crisp slash right across the faded side will have much more impact on the look than most embellishments will. Most barbers use this disconnect to show off their fading skills on hairstyles such as these.

# 37 Gradient Style V

This expertly executed v-shaped neckline took more than just some sharp lines to shape it up. There is also a brilliant gradient that has been created by fading in and out the hair towards the back of the head. Two solid line-ups have also been used to frame the glossy jet black locks that have been exquisitely styled on top of the head.

# 38 Low Angled Fade

A low fade might sound a bit too basic for some so here is an alternative that they cannot pass up on. The mop of thick straight hair on top has certainly benefited from some edgy hard parts that separate the sides from the top. A beard disconnect, a smooth skin fade and an incredibly sharp v-cut neckline definitely make this one of the sharpest looks for the modern man.

# 39 Reverse V Fade

If the generic v-shaped neckline is a bit too boring for you, a barber with some set of skills can perfectly execute this reverse V-shape neckline for you to help keep things interesting. Although the shape starts high, the undershave is dark enough to allow for a second V-cut underneath.

# 40 V-Cut Mohawk

This is without a doubt the boldest Mohawk with a v-cut neckline you can go for. Instead of simply fading the sides, they have been shaved clean, leaving nothing but thick mop of perfectly styled hair on top.

Although it might seem small, the v-cut neckline has the power to transform your hairstyle significantly. Experiment with it on a few haircuts to see which combination suits you the best. Never be afraid to mix things up a little by tweaking the height of the neckline or even opting for a cleaner fade.

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