40 Best Tie Knot Ideas – Creative Designs For Any Occasion

Whether you want an everyday look or one for special occasions the gallery below showcases the best tie knot ideas that you can try out. These knots also prove that ties do not always have to look dull or too formal because they give you countless options that you can use to spice up your necktie. Also, they range from simple designs that you can achieve in a few minutes to some complex ones that will take a lot of practice to master. Check out the 40 pictures below for excellent tie knot ideas.

# 1 The Van Wijk

This long and slender design is perfect for men that prefer to wear shirts with narrow collars and bright ties. It is a simple design that is all about forming three layered twists.

# 2 Medium Size Twist

The bright blue shade of this tie makes the design look very distinct. However, it is also a Van Wijk, but it is in a medium size which makes it different from the thin ones.

# 3 Prince Albert Knot

A Prince Albert knot like this one is also about forming some layered twists. But, it is one of the simplest designs that you can have as there are only two visible twists.

# 4 Tight and Simple

This Prince Albert knot is tight and straightforward, and it is hard to tell that it is the standard design because there is almost no evidence of a twist. But, this is just what you get once you master how to make perfect tie twists.

# 5 Eldredge Knot

Although the Eldredge knot is quite difficult to create, you should be able to do it with a little practice. And once you get it right and have it in a cute tangerine necktie like this one you can always be sure of an attention-grabbing and elegant look.

# 6 Classy Trinity Knot

The three-way symmetry of this trinity knot gives it a look that resembles a Celtic Triquetra and makes it the best tie knot for a classy gent. Everything converges at a center point for this style to create an appealing effect and it is always an excellent choice for striped ties.

# 7 Double Eldredge

A double Eldredge knot will work for both semi-formal and formal wear. It is a trendy design that will require you to use two different color neckties, but you should not have difficulties figuring it out if you know how to tie the traditional Eldredge. The color choice is vital for this design and a blue and yellow combo like this one is a perfect choice.

  • Tie Knot Idea 26
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  • Tie Knot Idea 30

# 8 Loose Trinity

Trinity knots can also work for plain bright ties like this blue one. However, the gentleman keeps it relaxed, and this shows that the moves that you need to pull it are quite simple.

# 9 Sweet Ellie Knot

If you find the Eldredge knot too complicated you can always go for the Ellie which is a simple version of it. The Ellie does not use up a lot of fabric, and it also leaves a tailpiece that you can use to make it tight. It looks best with a bright tie like this one and on a semi-wide collar.

# 10 The Ediety

The Ediety is a fancy design that will require some patience and practice to get right. In this style, the tail is at the top, and so it requires wearing a vest or a sweater to make sure that it does not dangle freely.

# 11 Merovingian Knot

This knot is similar to the Ediety, but the two have a few different elements. For this particular design, the idea is to make your tie appear like it is wearing a small tie.

# 12 Dark and Tight Merovingian

Here is another version of the Merovingian but it looks different from the traditional designs because it is tighter than most others and also due to the dark shade of the tie.

# 13 Cape Knot

The Cape Knot is a super cute design that takes inspiration from the fantastic Atlantic Knot. Its aesthetic value and asymmetry are very impressive, and it has a relaxed configuration that works best with single color ties.

# 14 Smooth Cape Look

This knot might not be as free as the typical Cape design, but it still qualifies as one. It is tight and smooth, but it adds some elegance and style to the tie.

# 15 The Linwood Taurus

If you are a gentleman that likes to make a statement with his attire, this is the look for you. The symmetry and the artistic design on this tie give it a bull-like design that makes this the best tie knot for a man that wants to stand out. But, it works best for casual wear and with shirts that have wide collars.

# 16 Traditional Windsor

The Windsor is one of the most popular tie knots, and it gives men the ideal business look. It is a robust design with a triangular shape, and it is perfect for portraying confidence. The design works well with a patterned tie like this one and almost all others.

  • Tie Knot Idea 31
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# 17 Fresh and Neat Windsor

A Windsor knot always brings out the best of any necktie. This tight and neat one is not as wide as the traditional ones, but it still gives the bright tie an impressive look and also enhances the appearance of the suit.

# 18 Chic Nicky Knot

A Nicky knot like this one will not require many moves to create, and this makes it an excellent choice for men that do not know much about forming intricate knots. It feels this semi-spread collar well, and it is perfect for checked and wool ties.

# 19 Cute and Easy Onassis

This knot starts with a standard Windsor, and it only involves looping the long end of the tie over the existing knot. The red shade with some cute patterns and the length of the necktie are also perfect for this style.

# 20 Four-In-Hand

A self-releasing tie like this one is easy to form and it has a slender, asymmetrical and tapered look that makes it look very attractive. It is perfect for semi-formal and casual attires like this one or when wearing button-down shirts.

# 21 The Half-Windsor

The Half-Windsor is one of those knots that every man should know how to create. It is a symmetrical and medium size knot that can produce a deep dimple if you get it right and it looks amazing on a paisley tie like this one

# 22 Victoria Knot

A man should always get inventive when it comes to tying his tie as this is what guarantees an outstanding appearance. To create this Victorian look you will need to loop a four in hand knot twice and tuck your tie underneath the outside loop.

  • Tie Knot Idea 40
  • Tie Knot Idea 39
  • Tie Knot Idea 38
  • Tie Knot Idea 37
  • Tie Knot Idea 36

# 23 Clipped Ediety

The Ediety is always the best tie knot when wearing a sweater or waistcoat. This knot looks great, and this is more so thanks to the patterns on the tie and the cute clip that helps to keep the tail in place.

# 24 Vintage Tulip

This knot is one of the most attention-grabbing ones that a man can have in his tie. The tying process is similar to the Eldredge, but it has some loose bits that give it some extra space.

# 25 Straightforward Traditional Knot

Not every man knows how to create some fancy knots and so many will prefer to go for something simple like this one. It is a straightforward design that is all about keeping the knot tight and neat.

The best tie knot for you is the one that goes with your attire and conforms to your tastes. However, the 25 above are some of the most outstanding ones that you can create, and although some might look complicated, they will only require a little practice.

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40 Best Tie Knot Ideas – Creative Designs For Any Occasion

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