25 Cute Ideas To Style Sweater Vest – Stay Cazy and Stylish

The winters are here and the cozy sweaters are slowly making their way into our wardrobes. If you love sweater vests, here are 25 ways to style sweater vests in a fashionable way. Try these looks to brave the cold without compromising on the style sense. The vests are the great option for keeping the look casual yet wearable in the harsh winters. Create different looks with various accessories to enjoy the sweater vest this winter season. Break the monotony and experiment with looks to bring out the fashion icon in you. Mix and match different styles to see which style suits your body type and style. It is also important to keep the latest fashion trends in mind before trying any style and try these chic winter vests to be fashionable this winter.

# 1 Blazer Look

Blazers are a smart option for winters as they look formal yet fashionable. Wearing a sweater vest beneath a blazer is perfect to add that understated style element to your outfit. You can also take the blazer off and keep the vest on when you are inside the buildings.

# 2 Casual Shirt Look

Be casual by teaming the vest with a shirt and trousers. It is the perfect outfit for office as wells as casual trips. Improvise with a cap to make the outfit even more appealing.

# 3 Formal Look

Wearing a sweater vest over a formal shirt and trousers not only saves you from the weather but also make you look stylish and chic.

# 4 Chinos Look

If you want to make a casual appearance, team up a sweater vest with chinos to get that prim and proper English look during this fall.

# 5 Bowtie And Rolled-Up Sleeves Look

Be a fashion icon with this bow and vest combination which is perfect for a fun formal look which looks interesting. The rolled up sleeves are a great addition to make the outfit even more casual.

# 6 Tie and Chequered Shirt Look

This look is great for a completely formal occasion and the tie adds a touch of elegance to the outfit. Pair up coordinated colors to enhance the look.

# 7 Wool Blazer Look

This combination keeps you warm and snugly without going overboard with the winter wear. It is good for colder weathers where the blazer doesn’t suffice on its own.

# 8 T-Shirt Look

Break all boundaries with this casual understated look. It is an ideal combination for warmer climates as the sweater vest is perfect for that weather.

# 9 Trapezoid Neck Sweater Vest Look

The unique neck shape of this vest is old school and modern at the same time. it adds a fun element to the outfit and highlights the collar of the shirt. Try this look with a Chinese collar shirt which makes the outfit even more appealing.

# 10 Retro Vest Look

This rich colorful vest is great for brunches and summer picnics. The shirt adds to the casual look and complements the rich color of the vest. Don’t go overboard with colors in this look as too many colors can spoil the look completely.

# 11 Plaid Vest Look

If winters are here, how can plaid be left behind? This plaid vest with shorts and T-shirt is for the modern man who is not afraid to try new and bold fashion choices. The look is great for winter picnics and fishing.

# 12 Jacket Look

A vest beneath a jacket keeps you warm and comfortable in harsh winters. The neutral vest is great when teamed up with an olive green jacket.

# 13 Vintage Vest Look

Add a wool sweater vest to your outfit and pair it up with a retro tie to complete the vintage look. This outfit is great for an office.

# 14 Baker Pants Look

Team up a wool vest with baggy baker pants for a laidback look. Add an accessory to make the look hip and happening.

# 15 Flannel Suit Look

The complete outfit with a rich flannel blazer and pants teamed up with a sweater vest. The vest adds a distinct element to the look and brings the outfit together.

# 16 Casual White Vest Look

The white vest looks great with the pastel shirt and trousers which complement the sweater vest. The casual sneakers add a fun look to the outfit.

# 17 Grey and Blue Look

The mellow vest looks perfect with the patterned shirt which complements the pattern of the vest. This outfit is good for casual office days and team meetings.

# 18 Colour Coordinated Solid Look

Pair solid shirt with a complementary vest to get a formal look. This outfit is great for people of all ages and looks especially good on men with good physique.

# 19 Uptight Look: with Tucked-In Sweater

The tucked-in vest gives a suited appearance and brings seriousness to the outfit. It also gives a slight retro look.

# 20 Androgynous Look

Bring the gender equality back with this vest and scarf. The outfit looks exceptional and the sneakers bring together the complete look without look overwhelming.

# 21 Denim Look

You can never go wrong with a denim and sweater combination. Team them up with a casual T-shirt to get the perfect Sunday attire.

# 22 Polka-dot Tie Look

Polka dots are great for making a boring outfit interesting. The vest and blazer complement the polka-dotted tie perfectly.

# 23 Hat and Denim Shirt Cowboy Look

Bring out the cowboy in you with this blue on blue combination of denim shirt and denim jeans. The tan hat is the perfect addition to break the color monotony.

# 24 Cardigan Look

Want to get your A-game on? Try this modern look with a v-neck t-shirt and cardigan. It works well with the tan trousers and accessories which add fun to the look.

# 25 Button-Down Shirt Look

Try pairing the polo vest with a casual button down shirt and loose trousers for a student look. This look is great for long days at work where comfort is the key factor as long hours can take a toll on the mind and body.

So these are the 25 ways in which you can style sweater vests in your outfits. Incorporate these ideas into your style to get the ideal modern winter look. Experiment with different colors and patterns to give a twist to your outfit. Break all fashion boundaries and wear what your heart feels like.

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