60 Majestic Sun Tattoo Ideas – Light Up Your World and Feel The Power

Without the sun there would be no life on Earth. This powerful star, which is 1.3 million times the size of the Earth, heats our planet and provides light for plant life to grow. Ancient civilizations understood the power of the sun and worshiped it as the source of life. The sun is a powerful celestial image recorded throughout history in art as the giver of heat, light, and ultimately, life.

Tattoos are almost always chosen not just for how they look, but also due to what they mean. This is especially true for this tattoo because the sun is so central to life and everything we do. Over the millennia the sun has been given many attributes and meanings which have led to the massive variety of sun designs available today.


Sun Symbolism and Meaning

The meaning of your tattoo is the meaning that you assign to it; everyone interprets their ink differently. Here are some of the common meanings given to these tattoos:

Symbol of Life: This incredible star provides all the energy needed to sustain life on earth. For some people, a tattoo like this is a reminder of the value of life and a symbol for energy.

Ancient Gods: Ancient civilizations worshiped a number of Gods, but the most revered were always the ones who ruled the sun. Examples of these solar deities include Tonatiuh the Aztec sun god depicted in a range of tribal designs. The Egyptians, who are responsible for the oldest sundial in the world – 6000 years old, worshiped Ra the Sun God and from 3000BC the Sumerians worshiped Utu, their sun deity.

Jesus Christ: In many religions, the sun is used as a symbol for life, energy, power, and rebirth. In Christianity, the sun represents Christ; the light of the world.

Fertility and Vitality: Many tattoo lovers feel that their sun tattoo is a symbol of fertility and vitality. The sun makes new life possible, therefore symbolizing hope and renewal.

Protector of Life: In the Native American culture the sun is recognized as the protector of life; as long as the Earth has the light and heat of the sun life will always be possible.

Bravery and Knowledge: According to most cultures and beliefs the sun represents courage; as it injects the world with new energy every day which we draw on for life. As the essential element of our solar system, the sun is also seen as a source of knowledge as well as good fortune.

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Different Sun Designs for Tattoos

Solar wheel / Sun Cross

There are quite a few variations of the solar wheel and tattoo designs can range from a circle with a dot in the middle (used by the Egyptians to represent “Ra” or the sun) to sun cross designs which represent the four seasons and the tropical year i.e the sun.

Black Sun

Not to be confused with a tribal sun tattoo, a black sun tattoo has a Germanic design with a black sun in the center with zig-zag rays out through concentric circles. The design was etched into the floor of a famous castle during the Nazi era but is not necessarily seen as having neo-Nazi or racial ties. It is often used in the German neo-paganism movement so people who follow these beliefs may choose this design.


Tribal sun designs are stylized portrayals of the sun and its rays, usually created in bold black sometimes with red or orange in the design. They range from simple designs to more intricate ones that use negative space and color. They are masculine designs that represent leadership and inner strength.


Celtic tattoos were made popular by ancient Celtic warriors who used sun tattoos to reflect and capture organic energy; like that of the sun. These designs often incorporate the Celtic knot as well.

Rising Sun

Tattoo enthusiasts with a Japanese heritage love the rising sun design, which is depicted in red and white on their national flag. Japan is known as the “land of the rising sun”. This strong symbol is often placed on the chest or upper arm in tattoo designs and can be personalized with a name, date, or saying underneath.

Sun and Moon

The sun and moon represent “Ying” and “Yan”, the balance of the world. One represents white and light while the other symbolizes blackness and darkness. They are opposite forces but work in perfect harmony for the benefit of earth. Thus a tattoo like this is a symbol of balance in a person and may be used as a reminder to live a balanced life.

Sun Combinations

Many popular tattoo designs incorporate the sun combined with other subjects such as flowers, animals, celestial bodies, and other objects. You could use lotus flowers, dragons, phoenixes, fish, wolves, birds, anchors, compasses, musical notes or even other symbols in such a design. These would usually be more colorful designs.

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Colors For The Sun Design

The ink color that you will use for your design depends largely on the type of design that you have chosen. Tribal and Celtic tattoos are usually inked in black while others may include yellows, reds, and oranges. This will depend on you and what you want for your tattoo.

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Placement of This Tattoo

Sun tattoos can be quite small, easy to place on the ankles, wrists, behind the ear, neck, or hands. Medium to large designs look incredible on the back, stomach, chest, ribs, shoulders, thighs, hips, and legs. Discuss your design with your artist; he will be able to help you choose the best placement.

The sun is a handsome tattoo design that looks eye-catching while still being very meaningful. It can easily be incorporated into larger designs and matched with other celestial tattoos. If you are looking for a striking tattoo then a sun design may be just the thing for you. It’s versatile enough to use for a tiny tattoo or a huge back piece; depending on what you want. It’s a powerful symbol that will always be noticed by those around you and admired. Explore the different depictions and designs and ask yourself what a sun tattoo would represent to you?



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