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Ripped jeans for men have been around for a while, although the fashion idea originally came from Abercrombie & Fitch and was mainly for girls. These days, ripped, destroyed, distressed or tattered denim is all the rave. Ripped jeans have a very casual appeal that makes them the ultimate weekend wear. They are versatile, very easy to match and, best of all, customizable. Correctly ripped denim can be the highlight of a look while at the same time complementing the rest of the ensemble. So, if you’re looking to break out your laid-back fashion sense, here are 55 ripped jeans ideas to get you started.

# 1 Casual Friday Getup

A few rips and tears here and there are usually enough to get the job done. In fact, the fewer the rips, the more laid back and casual the jeans will look when paired with a cardigan and collared shirt matched by soft grey Chelsea boots.

# 2 Torn Up

Bolder, form-fitting ripped jeans designs usually feature completely tattered sections, which is great if you’re going to wrap up the look with a simple t-shirt and some laid back weekend sneakers as well. The look always gets more stunning if the edges have been cuffed up.

# 3 Patchy Jeans

Ripped jeans for men come in all kinds of designs and so it is up to you to figure out what best matches your style. To soften the appearance of this pair of destroyed light blue denim, a long cardigan has been worn on top.

# 4 Modern Fashion

A much sharper ensemble that involves ripped jeans for men involves pairing your beloved pair of destroyed denims with black, high top boots and a flashy top layer to boot. Throw in some shiny accessories for maximum effect.

# 5 Layered Winter Look

On those warmer winter days, it is safe to bust out your tattered denims and match them with a few layers of clothing to look stylish while keeping warm. A denim jacket adds a little spice to the plain black shirt worn inside while the fedora gives the ensemble a bit of a western edge.

# 6 Cuffed Up Casual Denims

Sometimes you can turn on the casual appeal simply by folding the cuffs of the distressed denim jeans past your ankles. Exposing your ankles will look better when you throw on your favorite pair of sneakers and an oversized sweatshirt.

# 7 Distressed

A lot of the designs out there are getting bolder, which means more tatters and rips. This does give the jeans quite a wild texture, so it is best to tone it down with plain white or black shoes and perhaps a t-shirt worn underneath a solid jacket.

# 8 Bad Boy

Some ripped jeans for men are only torn around both knees, which is only acceptable if you keep the rest of it relatively untouched. Pair it with your best boots and leather jacket to pull off this bad boy look.

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# 9 Cold Weather

For the colder months, you don’t want your ripped jeans to show too much skin. A few scrapes on the thighs and shreds on the knees are enough to give your outfit that oomph factor while keeping you warm.

# 10 Fitting Jeans

Form fitting ripped jeans for men have more impact fashion-wise since they allow you to keep it relatively light and non-bulky. Four rips in the thighs and knees of both pants legs prevent this ensemble from looking drab and ordinary.

  • Ripped Jeans 44
  • Ripped Jeans 43
  • Ripped Jeans 42
  • Ripped Jeans 41
  • Ripped Jeans 45

# 11 Sweatshirt and Jeans

An outfit as tame as sweatshirt and jeans can be turned into a runway-ready ensemble just by throwing in a few shreds and scrapes on your jeans. The high top sneakers really complement the cuffed up design of the jeans, making the look one of the most tastefully laid back in this list.

# 12 Scrapes

For a more conservative look, go for jeans with just a few scrapes along the thighs. This is usually enough to give you the ripped jeans appearance without exposing too much skin.

# 13 Destroyed Casual Denim

The traditional jeans and leather jacket look has now morphed into the ripped jeans and leather jacket look. Wider rips are more fitting to the bad boy vibe especially if you cap off the look with nice ankle-high boots.

# 14 Hidden Scrapes

For the cooler months, ripped jeans with patched up holes can still be a very fashionable option for you. The dark denim jeans go incredibly well with the brown suede boots and the suede jacket worn on top of the plain white shirt.

# 15 Ripped

Disorder is very attractive when it comes to these types of jeans. Instead of lined up patches and tears, random rips on the legs of the denim jeans can also be very appealing and have that casual air.

# 16 Wide Rips

Warmer months will allow you to rock jeans with wider rips around the knees. Folding up the cuffs of the legs will enhance that casual appeal, especially if you round off the look with some cool sneakers.

# 17 Slits

Tailor-made ripped jeans for men are more stylish since they can always be tweaked to match your body shape. Having slits instead of gaping tears can be slimming especially when done on form-fitting jeans.

# 18 Conservative

A lot of rips can sometimes ruin the look and make the outfit more raggedy than stylish. If you’re after a more toned down ripped jeans design, a few scrapes on the knees are more than enough.

# 19 Denim Up

A denim outfit can get a bit drab if it is just plain old denim jeans and a matching jacket. Spice things up a bit and go for a few scrapes and rips on the jeans while leaving the denim jacket untouched. A nice white t-shirt is the best way to rock this outfit on a bright sunny day.

# 20 Rips and Strands

Admittedly, this design looks a lot more edgy thanks to the rips and hanging strands at the knees. The larger the shreds in your denim jeans, the bolder the outfit will look. Finish it off with a nice pair of fashion sneakers and layered shirts as well.

  • Ripped Jeans 46
  • Ripped Jeans 47
  • Ripped Jeans 48
  • Ripped Jeans 49
  • Ripped Jeans 50

# 21 Swanky Ripped Jeans

You can still look posh and composed with your ripped jeans outfit if it has the right amount of rips, shreds, and scrapes. What you wear them with matters a lot and as you can see, the white sneakers go excellently with the rolled up cuffs.

# 22 Knee-torn

Simpler designs of the ripped jeans for men involve two large tears around the knees as the only embellishment. The rest of the jeans feature a slightly washed up light blue complexions which combines gloriously with the slim fit jacket and black t-shirt.

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# 23 Casual White Ensemble

Every man should own a pair of ripped white jeans for those weekends when you’re allowed to look flashy. They go great with sports sneakers and jerseys, making them a must-have for the fashion lover.

# 24 Jet Black Ripped Denim

Black pants of any material and design are a necessity in every man’s wardrobe. They are simple, easy to match with any item of clothing and effortlessly casual, especially with a few edgy rips added onto the knee area.

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# 25 Deluxe Ripped Denims

Straight off the bat, these look like a pair of designer denims with amazingly placed rips and scrapes along the thigh and a perfect transition from deep mesmerizing blue to a much gentler sky blue on the laps. The semi-casual look is office-worthy especially on the weekends.

# 26 Street Fashion

Dressing in all black during the cold months is a cool way to stay warm. The knee-rips in the black denims give the outfit a bit more spunk. Rounding it off with an off-grey jacket is a nice way to break away from the monotony.

# 27 Sky Blue Ripped Jeans

There’s nothing like a pair of baby blue jeans worn under a shirt, cardigan and a trench coat to show off your fashion sense this cold season. The best part is, these ripped jeans can be worn with suede boots.

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# 28 Blue and Tan

Jeans and tan shoes have never looked better, and now with a little ripped detail added around the knees, the flawless casual ensemble is looking more glorious than ever. The tan wrap around scarf does its job superbly and is an important part of the ensemble.

# 29 Black Off-Cuff Denims

If you prefer ripped jeans just end just above the ankles, you can get one premade instead of rolling up the cuffs. Loose strands around the rips make for a bolder design that will grab more attention and look more edgy.

# 30 Single Rip

A single rip on a pair of light blue jeans is a pleasant little detail that can go a long way in making your outfit look superb. The leather jacket and jeans ensemble is spot on with a plain white tee underneath and a pair of black loafers to boot.

  • Ripped Jeans 51
  • Ripped Jeans 52
  • Ripped Jeans 53
  • Ripped Jeans 54
  • Ripped Jeans 55

# 31 Jeans and Long Sleeves

Ripped jeans have all the edge any outfit needs, so they look better when paired with less shouty clothes and accessories. The plain brown long sleeved shirt and the glossy brown oxfords do the outfit some justice.

# 32 Subtle Touches

The more conservative can opt for something a bit less flashy with ripped jeans such as this pair. The faded detail on the laps is accentuated by slight scrapes that, although not as easily visible, certainly get the job done.

# 33 Ripped Jeans and Plaid

Off the cuff jeans are looking increasingly sexy, especially when worn with some stylish low-cut lace-up sneakers. The shade of blue is ravishing and the layering of the plaid trench coat over the white t-shirt is very interesting.

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# 34 Rugged

While most ripped jeans will have smoothed out tears and rips, some keep it as natural as possible by letting the ripped parts have rough edges for maximum effect. These jeans are great for casual events or even just a night out on the town.

# 35 Trench Coat and Jeans

You don’t really have to stretch yourself or your budget when it comes to dressing decently with ripped jeans. This simple ensemble for example, only involves a pair of slightly distressed jeans, a sweatshirt and a trench coat. Accessorize the outfit however you want.

# 36 Patched Rips

Leaving the house with jeans that are too exposing can be hard, which is why ripped denims of this type are a godsend for some of us. The rips are large enough but are covered with thick strands, which take nothing away from the edgy allure of the ripped jeans for men fashion.

# 37 Jeans and Boots

Every man who doesn’t mind the occasional stroll through the country would want a pair of sturdy boots and pants that match. This pair of ripped jeans not only matches, it complements the rugged allure of the boots in the way the knees have been torn up.

# 38 City Fashion

Layering your outfits requires a balance in style so you need to choose your ripped jeans carefully. Slight scrapes on the knee will have a bigger effect if your outfit generally looks bulky.

# 39 Plain Jeans

Plain jeans with strategically placed rips and scrapes will look a lot better especially if their color is dark enough to show off the accents. A purple trench coat and a fedora help to add some classiness to this casual look.

# 40 Patches and Rips

You can go the extra mile in making your look unique by settling for a nice pair of jeans that combines both patches and rips seamlessly into one dashing garment. Such jeans can be worn with almost anything and everything.

Ripped jeans for men are all about personalized style. If you prefer to rip them up yourself, you can check out the tutorial on the Internet. Always be careful not to go overboard with the rips and tears as this can cause you to look raggedy than edgy and ruin the appeal of the entire outfit altogether.

Pay mind to what you wear the jeans with and always let the cuffs of the jeans ride just below your ankles or just above them. Otherwise, get out there and show off your edgy 21st-century sense of style with a sleek pair of perfectly ripped jeans.

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55 Rockin’ Styles With Ripped Jeans for Men – Fashionably Unruly

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