45 Spectacular Slim Fit Suits Styles – The Fabulous Gem of Men’s Fashion

A slim fit suit is a suit cut without the excess fabric that a regular suit may have. It offers a tighter, even more structured look that is modern and flattering to the wearer. The jacket suit is cut close to the arms, chest, and waist so it accentuates the body, it’s a narrow cut but isn’t restrictive. It gives a classy individual look, but professional when necessary.

# 1 Dark Patterned Blazer

The cut of this blazer is slim, hugging this gentleman’s lean form nicely. He’s layered it over a patterned button-down and vivid green tie, dressing up his dark blue jeans. The dark brown of the coat works well with the colors it was paired with.

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# 2 Dark Blue with a Chalk Stripe

Pin stripes are fantastic, the dark slim cut of this suit is modern even with the stripes. It’s a beautiful dark blue that’s layered with a crisp white shirt and a soft red patterned tie.

# 3 Sharp Navy Blue

The solid color of this navy suit works well when paired with anything. The gentleman here paired it with a striped button down and a patterned tie, using the suit tie it all together then adding accessories with the red flower pin and blue patterned handkerchief. It’s a classy look and it shows that you can make it your own with adding little details to it.

# 4 Pinstripes on Black

Fabulous black suit with a modern cut is brightened up with the sharp pin stripes. The gentleman wearing paired it with a white button down and lovely red patterned tie.

# 5 Dark Blue Plaid

This gentleman has a modern style by mixing the plaid of his jacket and the blue plaid of his waistcoat. It’s pulled together with lighter blue slacks. It’s a casual look that can be easily adapted for anything.

# 6 Coordinating Colors

Here is another great example of accessorizing colors with a nice jacket. The jacket is a solid, slim blue that this gentleman layered over a crisp white button down and cotton slacks, he went on to mix the colors using a lovely lavender tie and rose colored handkerchief. The use of colors is fantastic in making him stand out and look classy.

# 7 Dark Herringbone Jacket

A great jacket is a great way to make any look, pairing it with a black vest over a light patterned button down and tie makes the look. Adding the tan slacks add a splash of color to brighten up the outfit.

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# 8 Sharp Look for Any Occasion

This slim cut suit is attractive how it accentuates this gentleman’s build, showing it off. It’s a dark colored suit that he paired with a white button-down and patterned tie. Very classy and you know this is a set that will garner a lot of attention.

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# 9 Bright Blue

The bright blue of this suit is striking and sure to jump out in a crowd. The gentleman wearing it paired it with a pretty flowered tie that is bright and colorful, working with the solid colors of his suit and the white button down.

# 10 Mixing up Greys

Grey is a neutral color, but what you wear with it will keep you from blending in. This gentleman has a light grey turtleneck paired with dark grey slacks. He has a nice slim cut tan jacket over it. Neutral colors, but the way he layered them is definitely going to get him attention.

# 11 Grey with Blue

The blue check of this suit stands out on the grey and even pops when paired with the blue patterned tie. The man wearing it looks fabulously put together.

# 12 Bright Red Coat

Accessories can always make a look pop. This gentleman took his bright red coat and layered it over a crisp white shirt. He pulled the look together with a lovely plaid bowtie and beautiful black patterned handkerchief, it’s a classic look that he’s made modern.

# 13 Brown Wool Blazer Brings it Together

Blue and brown go great together, this gentleman mixed the shades and made it work. The light brown of the wool blazer is set off the a dark brown tie. They are layered on a light blue button down and darker blue slacks for a very classy look.

# 14 Elegant Light Blue Coat

This gentleman is mixing a light blue coat, a great summer look, with a lovely lavender tie and handkerchief. He’s pulled it together with black slacks making his outfit standout with the lighter colors on dark so he’s sure to draw attention with this look.

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# 15 Fantastic Patterned Suit

This is definitely a professional and stylish look. It’s a light grey patterned suit that draws the eye that is layered with a crisp white button down and solid black tie. It’s an attractive, well put together look.

# 16 Light Tan Summer Look

Tan is a great color for when that summer heat sets it, the lighter shades you can use so you can still maintain that dapper look and keep cool. This suit is a light shade of tan and paired with a white button-down and a little splash of color.

  • slim fit suit 7
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  • slim fit suit 11

# 17 Slate Blue Blazer

Part of the great things about blazers is they can set off a look, whether it’s casual or you need a professional edge. This slate blue blazer is layered on a striped button down, solid black tie, and black slacks.

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# 18 Mix it Up

Here is a great mix of patterns with a solid blue button down. There’s the blues in the plaid of the jacket and then the patterned brown slacks tie up a sharp look.

# 19 Layering Dark with Light

The dark blue of the jacket and tie do nothing to darken up the outfit this gentleman pulled together. The light pink of his slacks goes with the green of his button down, the jacket and tie just pull it together.

# 20 White Plaid on Blue

This lovely plaid jacket is what really brings out this outfit. He’s layered it over solid blue slacks and a matching tie, over a crisp white shirt for a sharp look.

# 21 Light Patterned

Putting together a good look can be easy. Here we have a light colored patterned coat on top of a dark blue waistcoat and slacks, it’s pulled together with a crisp white button down and subtle patterned blue tie.

# 22 Bright Colors

Don’t be afraid to go bold with colors, here is a great example of that with this bright purple coat matched with purple shoes. The coat is paired with a dark waistcoat, white button down and slacks. It’s a striking impression.

# 23 Great Summer Look

This blue coat looks fabulous when paired with the bright orange of his slacks. He’s mixed the colors perfectly with a simple striped button down then topped it all off with his accessories.

# 24 Black Slim Cut

This simple black suit is ready to be used for anything. It’s cut to accentuate this gentleman’s form well and he keeps the look classy by pairing it with a simple white button-down and slim tie.

# 25 Bright, But Professional

A crisp, bright blue is a great way to draw attention when paired with a good pair of tan slacks you can have a great professional look. This gentleman added a lighter blue button down and his soft blue patterned tie.

# 26 Casual Classy

When the weather is too hot you don’t have to limit yourself to slacks. Here is a great gray coat that was paired with shorts instead of slacks with a black shirt underneath. He looks like he’s going to a casual outing, but he can still look good.

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# 27 A Good Pattern to Set it Off

Here is a great example of a good navy suit that you can do anything with, it’s a casual look that this gentleman paired perfectly with a nice floral button down. But can easily be used for anything.

  • slim fit suit 16
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  • slim fit suit 12

# 28 Bringing Class to Summer

A soft pink coat paired with a blue tie over a white button down is a classy look. It’s a great summer look and the coat dresses the white jeans even with the holes.

# 29 Soft Brown Suit

This is a soft brown suit that fits this gentleman perfectly, it’s a neutral color that makes it great to use at any event but also makes it versatile so you can bring out the color. He paired with a patterned green tie and has a soft blue button down.

# 30 Solid Blue and Professional

Another great blue coat that can set off your style. Here it’s paired with cotton colored slacks and a white button-down. The gentleman brought a pop of color with the red patterned tie to pull together the look.

Suits or coats are a great way to give yourself style that is sophisticated. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to the sometimes boxy look of a regular cut suit. The slim cut of these suits or coats are used not just to highlight these gentleman’s figures, but to bring out their sense of fashion. They made it seem easy to look good. Whether they were adding color, playing with patterns, or if they were just keeping it simple.

Slim Fit Suit Basics & How To Accessorize

45 Spectacular Slim Fit Suits Styles – The Fabulous Gem of Men’s Fashion

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