25 Charming Short Sleeve Shirts – The Timeless and All Season Shirt

Short sleeve shirts are smart and trendy which makes them an essential element of a man’s wardrobe. These shirts are not just for a day out on the beach because you can still use them to pull some dramatic casual and semi-formal looks. Just like with any other kind of shirt you only need to choose the right fit, color, material, and prints. Also, make sure that you dress it well with a smart trouser or shorts. Here are some few ideas to help you out.

# 1 Dark Blue Shirt with Ripped Jeans

This look features a simple dark blue shirt with a regular fit. But, the man wears it in a trendy design that entails keeping the top three buttons down and pairing it with ripped denim and high top canvas sneakers.

# 2 Simple but Classy Prints

The prints on this shirt are simple, but they still make it look very classy. They take their inspiration from vintage shorts and they give it an amazing casual look which makes it perfect for a night out in the club.

# 3 Sporty Casual Stripes

Here is a weekend wear that will not cost you much to pull. It is about dressing in a sporty casual shirt with some subtle stripes and a pocket.

# 4 Retro Striped Shirt with Granddad Collar

This shirt has different size lines that form some retro stripes. It has a blue base collar, but the granddad collar with the top buttons down is what gives it the distinctive appearance.

# 5 Classy Mixed Look

A semi-formal look like this one will never go out of trend. It entails pairing a black short sleeve shirt that has an excellent fit with beige pants and white sneakers.

# 6 The Inventive Outfit

A short and shirt suit is unique and perfect for a summer day. This particular suit has a dark blue shade, but the unique prints are what makes it look and feel special.

# 7 Flawless Beach Look

This stunning beach looks pairs a slim fitting short sleeved shirt that also has some beautiful prints with a cute blue short to create a comfortable and fashionable appearance.

# 8 Double Pocketed Browen Shirt

Short sleeve shirts can pair with almost anything that you want. Here this double pocketed one has a skinny fit and a lovely brown shade that matches well with the camouflage pants.

# 9 Mixed Patterns

The mixture of patterns on this shirt and the bright overall shade are what make this an excellent shirt. It has one pocket and a regular fit which makes it possible to pair it with almost anything.

# 10 Shiny and Classy Outfit

The clean shine on this outfit is quite impressive, and it shows that a little inventiveness is all a man needs for an elegant appearance. It pairs a slim fitting white shirt that has turned up sleeves with shiny dark pants and sneakers.

# 11 Nice and Fresh Look

Some short sleeve shirts like this one give you the opportunity to pull a beautiful and clean look without doing much. The shirt has a skinny fit, a clean white shade, and it pairs well with blue pants and brown dress shoes.

# 12 The Mandarin Collar Shirt

Mandarin collar shirts are not just unique, but they are also statement makers. This particular one is slim fitting, and the wearer matches it with skinny jeans and brown suede boots.

# 13 Pink Summer Look

Pink is one of those shades that make a man look neat and clean. This look matches a bright pink shirt with a cute pink short that has some pretty flowers to create an impressive summer look.

# 14 Slim Fitting Granddad Collar Shirt

This beautiful shirt is as unique as any can get. It has a vintage granddad collar and lovely beige shade. The man wears it with dress pants and white slip on sneaker to create a perfect outfit combo.

# 15 Button Down with Impressive Prints

The unique check prints on this blue short might be simple, but they still give it a head-turning look. It combines with the white dress pants and brown dress shoes to create a classic gentleman look.

# 16 Colorful and Attractive Summer Shirt

Any modern man or at least one that has some good taste will love the color and print on this shirt. It also goes well with the blue jeans short, and it helps to create an impressive summer look.

# 17 Elegant Checks

This shirt is all about the lovely patterns because they also have some beautiful colors. The shirt pairs with distressed jeans and a white t-shirt to create a simple casual appearance.

# 18 Bold Print Suit

Here is another suit that combines a short sleeve shirt with a matching short. But, the fabric and the prints are what give the suit its unique appearance.

# 19 The Black and White Look

Black and white always makes a perfect outfit combination and wearing short sleeve shirts is not an exception. This look pairs a slim fitting shirt with turned up short sleeves with black shorts and white sneakers to create a chic black and white appearance.

# 20 Light Blue Shirt with Beige Dress Pants

There is nothing fancy in the design or style of this shirt, but the light blue shade is enough to make it look super cute. It also matches well with the beige pants.

# 21 Artistic Print Short Sleeve Shirt

This beautiful short is all about the print patterns which consist of several elements. But, it also has an excellent overall shade, and it is a perfect match with the black dress pants.

# 22 Cool and Chic Stripes

Although this shirt has a very straightforward design and a regular fit, the blue and white stripes give it a unique appearance. Pairing it with the black shorts is also an excellent idea as it helps to spice up the overall appearance.

# 23 Upscale Street Look

Cotton is a very versatile material that can make some impressive shirt designs like this one. The shirt has a casual fit and a bright blue shade, and it is perfect for pairing with shorts.

# 24 The Red Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirts do not always have to be long sleeved because a short sleeved one like this still looks stunning. It has some patches of black, and this makes it perfect for wearing with black ripped pants and an extra long white t-shirt below it.

# 25 Blue and White Oversize Check Shirt

This shirt has some oversize checks that combine two shades of blue with white to create a unique pattern. It works well for a semi-formal look, and you should keep the top buttons down.

Short sleeve shirts are ideal for any season, and they are an excellent choice for any man that wants to look smart and trendy. There are also endless design options and styles available, and so you can always be confident of attention-grabbing appearances.

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