65 Sharp Semi Formal Men Suits – Perfect Way of Going Simple and Classic

Semi-formal men suits are a perfect way of achieving a classic and contemporary look. Despite being the most confusing of all dress codes, semi-formal men suits provide a cool effortless look designed to suit the semi-formal events. It is a style of many combinations that give you lots of options to experiment with. Below are 65 semi-formal men suits ideas worth giving a try.

# 1 Cool Contrast

Get that cool contrast achieved from a black, two-button jacket paired with cuffed khaki pants. Add an electric blue shirt with a matching patterned tie. Get some brown loafers on your feet and go stroll the streets with confidence.

# 2 Track-Side Style

Achieve that classic casual riff with a window jacket paired with crisp white shirt and a beige cuffed chinos pants. Add some white sport shoes and ditch the tie for that cool, casual look.

# 3 Double Breasted Combo

Go for a double breasted beige jacket that sports a lapel pin. Give it the perfect combination of dark blue shirt, bow tie and cuffed pants. Finish with brown leather shoes and face the day with confidence.

# 4 Track-Side Swag

Add some swag to your track-side style. Go for a blue, two-button jacket paired with crisp white cuffed pants and navy blue shirt. Finish with a striped tie and a white rubber sport shoes for that sportsman look.

# 5 Effortless Styling

Make it look effortless yet classic with a deep purple, two-button jacket. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and blue pigment pants. Ditch the tie and finish with brown, black tipped leather shoes for that classic touch.

# 6 Heel-High Outfit

Create some drama with short, heel-high dark jungle green pants. Pair it with a beige, modern-fit jacket and add a blueberry shirt. Put on a striped tie and go sock-less in glossy brown leather shoes.

# 7 Tailored Street Style

Go for a beige, three-button jacket that sports a shallow “V”. Pair it with a white shirt complemented with a brown, pin dot tie. Go for charcoal grey pants and add a pocket square to create a classic twist.

# 8 Cowboy Elegance

Rock the streets in a dark, midnight blue jacket that sports a two-button style. Make it crisp white for cleat pants, shirt, pocket square and lapel pin. Go for a classic tie that sports horizontal blue and white stripes. Give your semi informal suit a matching hat that creates a cool cowboy look.

# 9 Street Style

Stand out in a cultured, square-patterned jacket that comes in a two-button style. Pair it with an electric blue shirt and a forest green tie. Give it the freshness of midnight blue pants and go sock-less in brown loafers.

# 10 Navy and Grey

Go for grey cuff pants and a two-button navy blue coat that sports a white lapel pin. Make the shirt crisp white and give it the patterned look of a pin dot tie. Ditch the socks and add a pair of brown leather shoes that sport glossy black tips.

# 11 Olive Inspiration

Get something that provides a classic match for your cuff olive pants. Make it classic and versatile with a patterned, three-button beige jacket. Give the shirt that crisp white look and settle for pin dot brown tie. Add an elegant touch to the feet with dark, glossy leather shoes.

# 12 Blue Style

Go blue in style. Rock the streets in a checkered blue and white jacket. Go for blue and white pinstripe pants and finish with a crisp white shirt. Get some extra class with a red square pocket and a pin dot blue and white neck scarf.

# 13 Tough Match

Get a perfect balance of toughness and class. Dress in a patterned beige jacket that provides that modern fit. Add the toughness of blue jeans and a classy white shirt. Settle for a bistre tie and loafers.

# 14 Checkered Fashion

Give your semi formal suit a multi-colored elegance. Go for a red and white checkered coat and give it the vibrant touch of a yellow pocket square. Get a checkered grey and beige cuff pants and add a crisp white shirt. Top everything in a white hat that sports a black base.

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# 15 Blue and Grey Combination

Settle for a bedazzled blue coat that provides a neat, modern fit. Match it with grey cuff pants and a white shirt. Go sock-less in brown loafers and add some class with a pin dot brown tie.

# 16 Checkered Classic Style

Go for a classic, three-button jacket that sports a checkered grey and beige pattern. Add a pinstripe red and white shirt and ditch the tie. Get baby powder pants and complete the classic look in sock-less, brown leather shoes.

# 17 Summer Fashion

Make your summer season memorable with a bedazzled blue coat that sports a brown lapel pin. Add a white “V” neck t-shirt and flat-front beige pants. Finish with a white pocket square to add some brightness in the summer season.

# 18 Blue and White

Get a stylish combination that sports a blue split coat and crisp white cuff trousers. Add a blue shirt that sports white collars. Finish with a white square pocket and sock-less, brown leather shoes.

# 19 Classic Blue Grey

Make heads turn with a blue grey coat that provides the elegance of a modern fit. Give it the classic look of charcoal grey flat-front pants. Give the leather belt and the shoes a matching brown color. Add a white cotton shirt and pocket square. Finish it the business-style with a pink Polkadot knitted tie.

# 20 Tough Checkered Outfit

Get that checkered look in a dark and beige coat that sports a blue pocket square. Add a Cyan blue shirt and remember to ditch the tie. Go for beige pants and make it sock-less in coyote brown loafers.

# 21 Semi Casual Outfit

Rock in style with a tan blazer and black pants rolled up at the legs to expose the sock-less, black loafers. Add a striped black and white vest for that pretty cool look.

# 22 Chic Outfit

Make it chic and classic in a checkered dark and grey coat. Add a white shirt and patterned red tie. Give the pocket square the color of the tie and finish in cool black pants. Go sock-less in black leather shoes.

# 23 Super Sleek

Go sleek and beige both for the coat and the flat-front pants. Settle for a classic printed shirt and go sock-less in brown shoes. Finish with a white pocket square that sports brown edges.

# 24 Classic Italian Style

Get a checkered red and white coat that provides a classic fit. Give it a matching white square pocket that sports white edges. Go for white shirt and white flat-front pants. Add a red tie ruby sock-less shoes for that perfect Italian look.

# 25 Tight Fit

Achieve a stunning look in a black blazer paired with electric blue Charles Tyrwhitt shirt and a red tie. Go for white pants that provides a tight, slim fit. Finish with dark brown socks and brown leather shoes.

# 26 Blue and Black Combination

Make it sharp and elegant in a slim-fit blue grey jacket. Add a pocket square and settle for dark ankle pants and a dark high-collar t-shirt. Finish with glossy eggplant shoes and take with you a classic brown briefcase.

# 27 Extra-Long Street Style

Go for an extra long brown coat that stretches down to the knee. Add a black lapel pin, a red cardigan and blue shirt. Go for a classic striped tie and enjoy the toughness of dark blue jean pants. Choose red socks and match it with glossy black shoes.

# 28 Fantastic Style

Get a navy blue jacket that sports a white lapel pin. Give it the elegance of a pin dot navy blue and white pocket square. Go tie-less in a white shirt and finish with dark tan pants that sport an ankle height. Add sock-less loafers to the feet for a classic finish.

# 29 New Season Wear

Choose a dark olive green jacket that sports a stylish three-piece design. Give it the classic look of a patterned square pocket. Go for a navy blue shirt topped with a beige cardigan. Match the shirt in a maroon tie and finish with dark liver pants.

# 30 Snappy Style

Make it cool and snappy with a grey blue, modern-fit jacket. Add a blue waist coat and electric blue shirt. Settle for crisp white pants and a checkered red black tie. Add brown boots on the feet for that classic, gentleman look.

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# 31 Dark and Sharp

Go dark in a navy blue jacket and pants. Give the jacket the classic look of a brown pocket square. Finish with black, long sleeve shirt and black leather shoes. Go for a checkered dark and blue bag for a classic traveler look.

# 32 Key Man Style

Make heads turn your way with a checkered white and dark jacket. Go for a navy blue tie and crisp white shirt. Complete this classic outfit in dark, ankle pants and sock-less brown leather shoes. Take with you a checkered blue and dark bag ready for your trip.

# 33 Exquisite Combo

Make it cool in a beige jacket that provides the elegance of a modern-fit design. Go for a crisp white shirt and white pants. Add some military look with a jungle green tie and finish with sock-less brown leather shoes.

# 34 Sharp Knitted Outfit

Rock in style with a checkered blue and grey jacket. Give it the classic look of a white shirt and a pin dot knitted green tie. Add grey flat-front pants and seal the look in sock-less brown leather loafers.

# 35 Italian Swag

Take your classic Italian look to the next level with a pantone blue blazer paired with electric blue shirt. Go for a diagonal blue and white stripped tie. Finish in eerie black pants. Go sock-less and cool in brown loafers.

# 36 Weekend Outfit

Make your weekend a memorable one with a checkered jacket that sports a dotted navy blue pocket square. Add the neatness of a white shirt and make it sharp in black flat-front pants. Finish in sexy Bexley Paris leather shoes.

# 37 Colorful Italian Combo

Go colorful and classic in paisley pants and pinstripe blue and white shirt. Go for a navy blue tie and add brown sock-less loafers on the feet. Give the wrist a classic touch of a wellington watch.

# 38 Double-Breasted Elegance

Add some sharp look to your style with a blue double-breasted jacket. Give it the clean look of a crisp white shirt and a classic striped tie. Add a white square pocket that sports red edges. Finish in cuff checkered grey pants. Make everything look modern with black leather shoes and briefcase.

# 39 Classic Summer Outfit

What a better way to embrace the summer season that with a blue blazer that sports a flower lapel pin. Go tie-less in a sky blue shirt and add classic, white front-flat pants. Make everything stand out in brown sock-less loafers and a classic wellington watch.

# 40 Perfect Blue Combo

Go blue with confidence. Put on a navy blue jacket and flat-front pants. Make it tie-less in a sky blue shirt and sport sky blue boots that feature classic white laces. Add a yellow pocket square and walk the streets in style.

# 41 Cool Color Clash

Play with colors and upscale your style in a dark green jacket and white shirt. Go for a patterned tie and add crisp white flat-front pants. Finish it off in striped socks and brown leather shoes.

# 42 Red and Grey Combo

Go for s stylish combo that sports a red, two-button jacket and grey flat-front pants. Choose white Lamar shirt and ditch the tie. Add a white pocket square and complete the look in black leather shoes and belt.

# 43 Dope Style

Walk the streets in camouflage green jacket and pants. Add to its classic look with a navy blue shirt and striped tie. Finish in a matching brown square pocket and glossy brown, sock-less leather shoes.

# 44 Ultralight Beam

Get that beaming look that will drive your admirers crazy. Give it the stunning combo of a beige, slim-fit jacket, blue shirt and black pants. Add more class with a decorated tie and navy blue pocket square.

# 45 Beige and Black Alert

Keep the trendy look by sporting beige jacket and white shirt. Go for a printed blue and red tie. Make a white pocket square that sports red edges. Keep it classic and flawless with dark pants and brown leather shoes.

# 46 Iconic Outfit

Get that timeless look by sporting a jungle green jacket and white shirt. Make it rock with a striped green and yellow tie. Finish with brown polo pants and some cool sock-less loafers that sport that classic jungle green color.

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# 47 Grey Pinstripe

Be a man of class and walk the streets confidently in a grey pinstripe jacket. Make the classic addition of a white checkered shirt and pin dot black tie. Finish with brown cleat pants and a classic black hat.

# 48 French Touch

Go slim in a white jacket that sports a pin dot navy blue pocket square. Settle for a sky blue shirt and a blue patterned tie. Add some suspenders to your black, slim-fit pants and go sock-less in brown, black striped loafers.

# 49 Brown White Combo

Look your best in a brown jacket that provides a stylish modern fit. Give it the elegance of a crisp white pocket square and crisp white shirt. Add a scarf on the neck to upgrade your tie-less outfit. Finish in white pants for that classic touch.

# 50 Camouflaged Outfit

Get that camouflaged military look by sporting a jungle green tie. Go for a modern-fit charcoal grey jacket and crisp white shirt. Make it classier with navy blue pants completed in brown leather shoes.

Semi formal men suits are among the best options that make you feel dressed-up for any event. It is a versatile, open dress code that you can experiment with right away. Give it a try and embrace those casual events in style.

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65 Sharp Semi Formal Men Suits – Perfect Way of Going Simple and Classic

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