50 Timeless Selvedge Denim Ideas – The Statement-Making Looks

If you have some interests in raw jeans, the chances are that you know about selvedge denim. The basic feature of this fabric is the special seam processing. It is a beautiful pair of jeans whose main characteristic or what you can use to identify it are the colored lines running along the outseam. This denim is a product of the traditional shuttle loom, and its name comes from the fact that the edge of the fabric is self-binding. Any man that is fashionable and likes to wear fabulous outfit should have one or more pairs of selvedge and here are some ideas on how to wear it.

# 1 Custom Tight Jeans and Brown Boots

Back in the days, the red lines in the seam of these denim jeans would be an ID to indicate that it comes from Cone Mills which is a manufacturer of selvedge in North Carolina, but this is no longer the case. Regardless of the designer of these trousers, they are still beautiful, and their custom design and fit combine with the brown boots to give the wearer a fashionable look.

# 2 Raw Jeans and Flannel Shirt Combo

An outfit like this one will make any modern man look majestic and feel confident. It combines the raw selvedge jeans with a red flannel shirt and vest coat to create a lovely casual look.

# 3 Classy Japanese Denim

Japan is one of the few left countries in the world that has numerous factories that produce selvedge, and it is also home to some of the best types. This particular one has a simple design and an excellent fit, and it is perfect for wearing with brown leather boots.

# 4 Trench Coat and Denim

A trench coat is always a statement maker, and this is more so if you combine it with high-quality denim like this one and a cute flannel shirt.

# 5 Bespoke Jeans and Cute T-shirt

It is still possible to get custom jeans nowadays, and you do not even need to know a designer because you can even order it online. If you get a beautiful selvedge like this one and pair it with a tight t-shirt and black boots you will look fabulous.

# 6 Raw Selvedge and Jacket

This look combines the raw selvedge denim with a jeans jacket and a cream sweater to create a polished gentleman look that will work for any man.

# 7 The Pure Denim Look

Here is another look the combines jeans pants and jacket but the fact that everything is classic denim is what makes it unique.

# 8 Vintage Jeans Look

This vintage look is perfect for cold days as it keeps you warm and still makes you look stylish. It combines black denim jeans with a blue jeans jacket and a designer sweatshirt below it.

# 9 Green Flannel and Denim

You will hardly find a man that does not have a flannel shirt in his wardrobe as it is trendy and classy. This green one pairs well with the denim pants and green suede boots to create a chic appearance.

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# 10 Classy and Simple

Elegant men prefer to keep things simple like in this design. Here a nice fitting denim pairs with the buttoned long sleeve t-shirt and some brown Red Wing boots to create an elegant appearance.

# 11 Relaxed and Easy Look

An appearance like this one is perfect when you want something simple when you are just hanging out in the neighborhood. It pairs a loose fitting selvedge with an inventive sweater and simple sneakers.

# 12 Black and Blue Selvedge

The black shirt in this design helps to break the monotony of the blue jeans. But the cute raw selvedge jeans are the highlight of the outfit.

# 13 Washed Denim and Chelsea Boots

Whether the wash on this denim comes naturally or you buy it this way it is still very attractive. And with such beautiful trousers, you only need to pair them with some cute boots for an elegant appearance.

# 14 Fall Selvedge Look

Here is a sassy look that you should try next fall. It matches unique colored denim with some blue dress boots and a cute casual brown jacket.

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# 15 Leather Jacket and Jeans

Leather jackets have a way of adding some detail to any outfit. This black one helps to spice up this look, but the excellent fit and color of the selvedge denim is still the center of attraction for this look.

# 16 Sweater and Selvedge Combination

A vintage-looking sweater like this one is not just functional but also fashionable. Pairing it with a nice pair of denim like this and fantastic boots guarantee you an attention-grabbing appearance.

# 17 Retro and Chic Outfit

Classic looks are easy to pull, and you only need to know what to wear and how to do it. Although the denim and boots in this design are modern, the vest and jacket create the vintage look.

# 18 Black Denim with High Tops

A beautiful pair of raw denim jeans like these is perfect for a relaxed, casual look. The denim has a perfect black shade and fit which makes it easy to dress and matching it with cute high tops is an excellent idea.

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# 19 Adorable Black Denim

The dark tone of these raw denim jeans is what makes them look adorable. They pair with some leather crafted Red Wings shoes and a vintage short sleeved shirt to create an impressive overall look.

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# 20 The Rugged Style

Rugged and trendy styles should be interesting and easy to pull. This one fits the description, and it combines simple selvedge pants with a cute trench coat and a scarf for a warm and chic appearance.

# 21 Sharp and Sleek Leather Jacket and Denim Combination

You can never have enough of the selvedge denim as it is as classy and elegant as any pair of pants can get. This outfit combines it with a black leather jacket and some beautiful low cut dress shoes.

# 22 Red Wings and Denim Perfection

Red Wing boots like these can pair with almost any type of trousers, but this raw denim seems to be the perfect match. And this is thanks to the beautiful color and fit.

# 23 Dry and Washed Denim

This dry denim looks fantastic, and this is due to the beautiful color, and the wearer combines it with a slim fitting jeans coat with a workers jacket over it.

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# 24 Elegant Work Wear

Once you start wearing denim, it is hard to stop as you will always be looking forward to trying something new. An all denim style like this is about wearing selvedge pants with a slim fitting jeans coat and a black dress shirt.

# 25 Checked Cotton Shirt and Selvedge

This cotton shirt is breathtaking thanks to its beautiful color and check pattern, but it still does not take attention away from the head-turning Japanese selvedge denim.

# 26 Dark-Toned Raw Selvedge

Any man will look good with this look, and it is also very easy to pull. It just entails pairing your dark-toned selvedge denim with Oxford shoes and stylish jacket.

# 27 The Rugged Gentleman

This masterpiece look is about pairing your raw denim with a gray beach vest coat and a blue jeans shirt before finishing off the rugged look with brown leather boots.

# 28 Red Puffy Jacket and Denim

This outfit is warm and very stylish. The style blends raw denim with a beige sweater and brightens the overall appearance by wearing a red puffy jacket.

# 29 Vintage Style Jeans

These black denim pants are what you would see with men half a century ago, but it still makes an impressive modern look. And this is more so when you pair it with a cool jacket like this one.

# 30 Wool Trench Coat Over Denim

A man that wants to deal with cold days while still looking fashionable should go for this outfit. It combines the raw denim with some classy boots and finishes with a thick and chic wool trench coat.

# 31 Rinsed Selvedged

Everything from the color to the softness and texture of these pants is top notch, and if you factor in their standard fit, you have the perfect trousers for a gentleman. Some brown boots, a black t-shirt, and finishing with a brown jacket are the only other elements that you need for a majestic appearance.

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# 32 Easy and Casual Combo

Flannel shirts are ideal for cold weather buy you can wear them anytime you want to look fashionable. The shirt combines with selvedge denim and some simple Vans to create a unique outdoor look.

# 33 Well Dressed Denim

Having a good pair of denim is one thing and using it to create a stylish appearance is another. How you dress it is vital for ensuring that you get the best out of the jeans. This style demonstrates one way to do it flawlessly. It pairs it with some original leather boots and a chic jacket to create a polished gentleman appearance.

# 34 Gorgeous Tapered Jeans

The tapered design of this raw denim is what makes it look attractive but pairing it with a cute white t-shirt, black dress shoes, and a vintage sweater also helps to create a sassy look. However, you should be careful when buying this type of jeans because their design does not always look good on all men and so a good idea is to try them out first.

# 35 Light Blue Denim Shirt and Selvedge

Denim shirts have been in trend for some years now, and men love them because they always create an adorable look. This light blue one pairs with the selvedge and Red Wings boots to create a simple but classy outfit.

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Any man that does not have selvedge denim should buy a few pairs as they are one of those clothing items that guarantee bold and stylish looks. But, make sure that they are high-quality and beautiful jeans because they are what will make it possible to pull one of the 35 brilliant looks above.


50 Timeless Selvedge Denim Ideas – The Statement-Making Looks

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