25 Modern Searsucker Suit Ideas – Play With the Patterns

Seersucker suit is perhaps the most common yet oldest style of suit there is. The thing that makes them stand out, other than the bumpy appearance, is its pattern. The suits pinstripes are either puckered or smooth but crumpling pattern can also be checkered.
The seersucker fabric also has a cooling property aided by puckering, which allows better air flow between your body and your clothes by causing the fabric to move away from the skin. Regardless of all these amazing properties, many people are against wearing the seersucker suits. In my opinion, it is not the cloth, it is how you wear it. Here are some seersucker suit ideas.

#1 Gray Striped Suit

Seersucker is known to have a smooth demeanor if it is a natural fit. The gray stripped coat is traditional and balances a white shirt and black pants to give you a stylish yet professional look. The suit is best suited for professional outdoor meetings or galas.

#2 The Dark Gray Striped Suit

The seersucker fabric is known to be perfect for an evening out. This dark gray coat has black stripes that give it a glow in the night lights. Wear it with a white shirt and a dotted tie for a classy evening look.

#3 Thick Striped Seersucker

Seeing most suits made from seersucker fabric are either striped or checkered, most of the variation lies in the thickness or color of the strip. This thick striped suit has thick stripes that complement the smoothness of the gray coat. It is perfect for the outdoors during summer.

#4 The Fitted Seersucker

Tailor made suits are apparently the best suits to wear. Needless to say, this fitted coat portrays your upper body shape very well to give you that cutting edge look. Considering the cooling properties, it is ideal for social events.

#5 The Sack Seersucker

Perhaps this seersucker design is what most people confuse for old fashioned. The trick to properly donning this gray stripped sack coat lies in its smooth and fulfilling appeal. It is ideal for spring evenings and fashion galas.

#6 Seersucker Bowtie Suit

The seersucker fabric makes much more than just the coat. This stripped suit does not match with the bowtie but the design was made especially for that coat. The smooth texture can be comfortable on ladies too and a matching seersucker dress would strike the perfect balance.

#7 The White Striped Seersucker

Seersucker fabric is clear when close but if properly woven, it can make you think that the suit is plain or has a single color. That is the case with the white striped coat that fits perfectly. Wear it with a blue shirt and a white trouser to any social event such as a wedding.

#8 The Structured Gray Suit

Now this is exactly how you should wear a seersucker suit. This perfectly structured gray suit has matching pants, a bow tie that matches the suspenders, and a checkered shirt. It is the ideal suit for any social gathering, especially galas.

#9 The Modern Notch Lapelled Suit

Most suits may have notched lapels but it is the notch design that separates formal seersucker fabric suits from their informal counterparts. This light blue striped suit not only has modern notched lapels but can also appear as a plain suit from a close distance. This advantage makes it ideal for corporate events or business meetings.

#10 Black and Gray Suit

Seersucker coats can brag of having the best strips and win the rights by a landslide. This gray coat has black stripes that balance it well for a formal look. A stripped light brown tie will complete the formal look while a pocket square will give you a semi-professional look.

#11 The Blue Striped Suit

The puckered seersucker material combines well with an equally smooth polo shirt. This blue striped suit has a white background and three buttoning points. Wear it with white trousers and a striped belt for a casual and mature look.

#12 The Cream Striped Suit

The color cream is among the most common colors for modern seersucker suits. Already having structured lapels and modern day pocket flaps, the cream striped suit has matching striped seersucker pants. The aftermath is a modern day professional look.

#13 The Double-Breasted Suit

The seersucker material was used to make clothes that were light yet not letting in much of the cold. The double-breasted blue suit has a uniform color although the strips are still deeply embedded in the design. It gives a very professional look and can be worn for any formal occasion.

#14 The Patch Pocket Suit

Seersucker can adapt to any suit design as long as the color is chosen well and the tailoring is done professionally. This thing that stands out for this suit is the traditional patch pocket design which gives the traditional suit a classy modern appeal. Perfect for dinners or evening parties.

#15 The Standard Breast Suit

Seersucker’s trademark bumpy appearance is apparent in this suit. Nonetheless, the standard breast suit is classy as the stripes and the design balance well to give the suit made out of seersucker a modern look. Perfect for both social and corporate events.

#16 The Front Darted Suit

Most gentlemen prefer a coat made out of seersucker fabric for dates due to the smooth fabric. This front darted blue suit has that and a contemporary appeal that makes it look like a normal suit. Ideal for dates or special occasions with your loved one.

#17 The Old Sport Seersucker

Most suits made out of seersucker have three buttons, though four buttoned ones are there too. This four buttoned striped suit looks best with bowties and a pair of moccasins. Ideal for an evening party or gala.

#18 The Light Gray Striped Suit

A traditional design, the seersucker material, and the custom broad shoulder parts set this suit apart. The light gray striped suit is single breasted and a perfect example of a traditional seersucker suit. Ideal for social events.

#19 The Black and White Suit

Black and white are common colors often used with seersucker fabric. This suit has black stripes that somewhat give it a blurry but eye-catching appeal. It’s perfect for evening parties or balls.

#20 The Black and White Checkered Suit

Another design for seersucker, checkered suits are quite common these days. The black and white checkered suit comes with a matching trouser and shirt to give a uniform but classy look. Ideal for fashion events.

#21 The Creased Sack Suit

The reason most modern day people hate seersucker is because of its rugged appearance. This creased sack suit is cream in color and is striped with modern pocket flaps. Ideal for evening parties or dinners.

#22 The White and Faded-Blue Checkered Suit

Seersucker material can also be used to make shorts as seen in this suit. The white suit has faded-blue striped across and along and is perfect with a white hat. Ideally look for a summer day out or a fashion gala.

#23 The White Green and Blue Shirt

In addition to shorts, seersucker fabric can also make really cool shirts. The shirt has blue and green stripes and a fitting design. A green bowtie best balances the shirt for a stylish summer daytime or evening look.

#24 The Fitting Striped Suit

A fitting seersucker suit makes a modern suit look overrated. As is the case with this black and white striped fitting suit with notched lapels. The suit is perfect for both formal and informal events.

#25 Seersucker Blue Striped Pants

You can also wear seersucker pants without the blazer and look amazing. The blue stripes complement the otherwise white trouser and it looks even better due to the modern design. These pants are ideal for relaxed afternoons or family time.

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