60 Brave Samurai Tattoo Designs – A Few Things You Need to Know

Symbolizing bravery and strength amongst other associated meanings a samurai tattoo is a common trend in Japan especially when it comes to their culture. Even though it is not a common trend in other countries, but it does have a massive following especially those Japan admirals. They got different artistic designs, colors and vary in styles and sizes.

It has a significant meaning amongst the Japanese carrying traits and aspects of the samurai. They consist of different symbols and features each with a different meaning and design.



This tattoo is unique on its own and none of the Japanese tattoo designs can outdo it when it comes to symbolism. For many years it has gained a lot of popularity in Japan. This has spread to other cultures all over the world such as the western cultures. It common amongst the men as it mostly symbolizes masculinity, bravery and fierceness. They can hold a variety of symbolic importance due to the good number of designs for those who impress them.

Historically, they were known to have a good number traditions and values. Today, they have gained a popularity and are recognized for being the most decorated warrior ever known. For those who don’t know, the word Samurai originates from the word “sabarau” meaning “to serve”. Other versions say it means “to wait upon somebody with higher ranks in society”.

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A Little Fact about Their Life

These ancient warriors were expected to show honor service and nobility from their way of life. The rise of Zen Buddhism meditation became significant to them since it calmed their mind and they became disciplined during a war. As they based the Zen Buddhism standards they learned to eradicate unnecessary killings.

These ancient warriors were popular for their fierce fighting capabilities, particularly when it came to martial arts. They grew to become the greatest warriors of all time with the influence of the new practice and capabilities. They adhered to the principle of honor, respect, and self-discipline in life and death. As a result, most people especially men love their tattoos imprinted on them as a way of being associated with them. Additionally, it’s a sign of honor and respect to the ancient Japanese warriors who gave up their lives when one gets one of these trendy tattoos on their skin.

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The skull tattoo: The skull means danger and death. The skull tattoo means a war winner who is dangerous. This type of tattoo passes a message of powerfulness and it looks cool. This skull tattoo indicates warrior might and courage. Sun in red has a good effect to this tattoo.

The half sleeve tattoo: This type of tattoo stands to speak for you. It is the best samurai design that reveals its experience and skill. It is interesting to have such a tattoo upon your biceps whereby you can add other embellishments that top up the warrior like blood. So half sleeve tattoo is the best choice.

The face tattoo: It is a tattoo which sufficiently expresses violence and courage that the warrior portrays. The face expression is a key element that one should choose intelligently. The face expression portrays the meaning of that tattoo. For example, if you select a peaceful look that indicates the wisdom of samurai.

The red face tattoo: A face in red indicates a samurai soldier with anger or boiling rage. This type of tattoo indicates anger and it’s, therefore, used by those who get angry very fast. The use of gray shade on the side of tattoo is a sign of an angry worrier. In it, there is a tribal king look.

Samurai face with sword hands and blood: This type of tattoo design indicates the defeated feeling faced by a samurai warrior after he recognizes the number of humankind he has destroyed out of his prowess. It is an excellent tattoo that also shows the victory gained by a warrior after a war. This type of tattoo is the best choice to militants and soldiers.

Japanese dragon and a samurai tattoo: It is an excellent design that intensifies the strength of that message that is portrayed by this type of tattoo. It is a combination of samurai tattoo and a dragon that shows strength and courage. It is the best choice that indicates victory and fierce war achieved by these warriors.

Samurai warrior with Kanji wording: A samurai warrior with a samurai tattoo image that has kanji wording is worth to lay eyes on. It is an excellent image with warrior details that makes that type of tattoo more exquisite. It appears best when put on biceps.

Samurai on a horse tattoo: The horse indicates power and speed while a samurai with the sword shows the beginning of a war. This type of tattoo is commonly used by frontline soldiers. This tattoo shows the strength of soldiers to gain victory after is decorated using a dark color to give marvelous effect and it also has a gray shading.

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Choice of Color

When looking for the perfect designs most of the time many would prefer to get images from old woodblock-style paintings. For one to get one such a type of design one needs the correct mixture or balance of both muted colors such as gray and black with bold colors so as to tone down the brightness and bring out the samurai’s whole figure and costume’s full features.

They are used to show the samurai wielding his sword or the back of a horse and also to depict the samurai modernization. Use of muted colors have some meanings as well, an example is on the red face tattoo the gray shade on the side of this tattoo is a sign of an angry worrier.

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Before You Get the Tattoo

As a guy, it is pretty nice to have one on your body. It really shows a lot some may even decide to do it just for fun but before you get one of the tattoo designs on you there some significant facts you need to be aware of. First, do enough research and find out what the tattoo you want actually means or stands for. Never rush. You don’t want to have regrets later on. Let the first one be your right choice.


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