5 Best Safety Razor Cases For Your Business Trips

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As a traveling business professional, it can be stressful to put your best face forward when traveling. Business travel comprises over 60 percent of the travel industry today–it is essential for the building of business connections, planning mergers, making decisions, and rising to the top of your game.

Business travel can be stressful and challenging, however. From lost bags to missed flights, learning to deal with the roadblocks to your success will keep you happy and healthy when on the road or in the air. Your commitment to self-care is an important part of taking care of yourself while traveling; part of self-care is being able to have and those items that you need to look and feel your best when you are away from home.

If you love the clean close shave that a safety razor affords you and you travel a lot, it is not necessary to compromise your comfort by settling for disposables while on the road. Choosing a high-quality safety razor case is the way to go for travelers nowadays. Once you read this article about safety razor travel cases, you will have plenty of information necessary to pick out the perfect traveling companion for you. Here are some of our favorite picks:

What Is A Travel Razor? Why Are They Necessary?

Due to recent restrictions on airline travel, it is no longer permissible to travel with anything other than a standard safety razor. Most quick business trips do not allow for checking of additional bags, so safety razors have become the preferred method of self-care for savvy business travelers. To keep your belongings secure and accounted for, it is best to keep any safety razor that you do have in a protective carrying case. This will reduce incidents of injury to you, damage to your other belongings, and uncomfortable questions from airport security when examining the contents of your bags. Check out some of our favorite products for professionals on the go:

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Safety Razor Travel Case By Merkur

Made from sturdy clear and embossed black plastic, the Merkur is designed to hold Merkur razors most comfortably. It measures 4 inches by 3 inches, and holds both short handled Merkur and Progress safety razors. Some people are put off by the small size of this travel case, but for loyal Merkur and Progress users, it is ideal.

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Safety Razor Carrying Case By Khanka

This full-size carrying case is made from EVA material and has a sturdy zipper enclosure. The inside features a mesh pocket for additional razor storage. Long lasting materials are easy to clean, and the custom fit depression in the middle of the case is specially designed to keep the razor from sliding about during travel.

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Double Edge Safety Razor And Protective Travel Case By Simply Beautiful

This is a simple slip in case made of faux leather, and is designed for short handled razors. With a streamlined clasp and design, it makes packing and traveling a cinch. Some customers have noted that it is not particularly suitable for razors with thick heads and handles.

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Leather Razor Case By MD Barber Supply

MD Barber supply produces simple and sleek razor cases, most notable for their ability to resist traveling wear and tear. It measures 8x5x2 inches and is said to fit almost any razor on the market. The case has an elastic loop for affixing the razor inside the case, and it is heavily padded to protect the razor from scratches and other damage. Although it is not made from real leather, it is a durable product that is an excellent value for the money. Portable enough to be carried in any bag or carry on, it will make an excellent addition to your travel essentials.

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Sheep Napa Leather Safety Razor Travel Case By Premier Rasage

Made from real Napa sheep leather, this safety razor travel case is impressive in quality and in price. The leather makes for a soft and extremely durable case, and it is an excellent buy. Constructed from high grain leather that has been naturally died and tanned from natural salts, it measures 6x3x1 inches, and is big enough to accommodate most razors. Although most reviews for this product are positive, some have noted that this case is too large for a short-handled razor to fit in securely. When purchasing any travel case, be sure that it is going to fit your shaving hardware well.

Maintaining your self-care habits while on the road will assist you in feeling confident, competent, and self-assured when you walk into your remote business locations. Being able to travel knowing that you have taken steps to follow safety protocols and protect your belongings will leave you with peace of mind as well. Enjoy your trip!


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