40 Luxurious Quilted Jacket Ideas – Keeping It Fashionable With Patterned Jackets

The quilted jacket is a great style statement and there are many ways in which you can wear this versatile jacket. The quilt is a beautiful pattern and it adds drama to your outfit without making it look very dressy or flashy. These jackets are not only extremely soft but they are warm as well. If you need some inspiration to find ways to style your quilted jacket, here are 40 ideas which cover all kinds of styles and combinations to make your beautiful jacket stand out in the crowd.

# 1 Rust Hue Style

This warm rusty shade is perfect for winters as it adds color to the otherwise drab atmosphere and makes you feel peppy and happy. The purple detailing on the inside makes the formal outfit look cool and laidback.

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# 2 Navy Zipped Details

This Navy colored quilt pattern is quite classy and the complements the turtleneck T-shirt well. The outer zips look stylish and contemporary. The two layered jacket provides ample warmth in the harsh winters.

# 3 Fitted Olive Green Look

This jacket is perfect for short trips because of the baggy pockets and military look. The olive tones work well with the beige trousers and the muffler brings together the complete look.

# 4 Black Button Down Jacket

The pattern of this jacket is very classy and traditional. The plain sky blue shirt adds color to the outfit and the black pants are making this style very universal. This jacket will pair up well with every color so you cannot go wrong with it.

# 5 Sea Green Fantasy

The suede lining on the inside of this jackets brings texture to the look and keeps the jacket warm. Zip and button details on the outside with solid navy blue chinos is the way to go if you are opting for a formal look.

# 6 Chartreuse jacket with Checkered Pants

This bright peppy jacket will make your winter mornings fun and lively. The mint muffler and gray pants are complementing each other really well. Add this jacket to any drab outfit and make your day a lot brighter.

# 7 The Big Black Quilt

This jacket is perfect for days when are in a no-nonsense mood. Deep pockets and Full zipper combined with a bright canary yellow hoodie are bringing colors to the look without making it over the top.

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# 8 Padded Oldschool Formal Jacket

The level of sophistication that this jacket brings to the look is amazing. The many colors and line detail are modern and classical. Beige pants and a matching pocket square is the ideal way to incorporate accessories into the look.

# 9 Charcoal Designer Jacket

This jacket and windbreaker with inner suede lining is what makes this look so fashionable and chic. The mock neck pattern keeps you warm in winters without lowering the style factor.

# 10 Gray & Navy Combination

This gray bomber jacket combined with a gray inner hoodie is a great example of right kind of layering. The gray parts pf the hoodie and the lettering details on the back add fun to the look.

# 11 Hot & Cold

The blue jacket with a bright red muffler makes this outfit so hot and sizzling even in the winters. Gray pants and suede shoes bring balance to the pop of red.

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# 12 Aztec Prints & Top Pockets

The fun and quirky Aztec print with top pocket detail is what makes this jacket unique and trendy. Hints of orange and brown in the jacket pair up well with the classic blue denims.

# 13 Rainbow Muffler & Black Quilted Pattern

This quilted jacket is paired up with a multi-colored muffler to add colors to the black jacket. Big pockets and light colored pants give this look a formal appeal.

# 14 Blue Long Jacket

If you love this vibrant shade of blue, pair it up with light shades like in this style to bring your A-game this winter. The weary pattern adds a new texture to the outfit.

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# 15 Suit & Tie Look

This formal look is perfect for an office day. Add class to your formal shirt and pant outfit with this modern black quilt jacket. It is a classic addition to your wardrobe and will keep you warm and stylish all winters.

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# 16 Unique Patterns With Basic Elements

This jacket is unique and looks totally fashionable. The jacket is paired with basic denims and a plain black T-shirt to bring balance to the patterned jacket.

# 17 Green Suede Jacket With Waistcoat

The tan accessories and black waistcoat make this olive green jacket look even more appealing and stylish. The Denim shirt and jeans complement the jacket without making it look over the top.

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# 18 The Tan Bomber Look

This light colored jacket is comfortable and casual. The top zipper detailing and elastic wristband make this outfit very warm and snuggly. It is paired with a printed T-shirt and plain jeans to make this outfit even more chic and smart.

# 19 Rich Ink Blue Style

The color of this jacket is very rich and vibrant. The matching denims make it look effortless and the hairstyle is complementing the outfit very well.

# 20 The Corduroy Quilted Jacket

This deep plum toned jacket with inner wine details and matching pants is so dreamy and retro. The cap adds to the 70s vibe and white sneakers break the monotony of the color.

# 21 A Tangerine Vibe

This bright orange and navy blue combination is a good way to add color to your look without looking like a rainbow. Solid colors pair up well together and this look is the perfect example of this.

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# 22 The Faded Brown Rugged Look

This outfit is the perfect way to bring out the inner wild child in you. The rugged faded jacket with a classic English muffler is complementing the ginger beard in an easy and casual way.

# 23 Bright Red Fiery Outfit

If you love colors, this pop of red is what you are looking for. The jacket adds fire to your style and makes you look sizzling and hot. The plain black T-shirt & pants balance the brightness of the jacket.

# 24 Jeweled Blue Nylon Jacket

The blue shade of this jacket is vibrant and gorgeous. The fleece shirt is adding a comfort factor to the outfit and making it look very relaxed.

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# 25 The Military Jacket With Orange Tones

It is a stunning jacket with orange inner lining and quilted pattern. The jacket is dyed in shades of green with designs to make it look even more stylish.

So these are the 40 best ways to style your quilted jacket with other pieces of clothing. The vibrant colors and cozy inner lining make these jackets a perfect choice for the coming winters. Choose your favorite style and pair it up with solid colors to keep yourself stylish and warm.

Quilted Jacket Guide

40 Luxurious Quilted Jacket Ideas – Keeping It Fashionable With Patterned Jackets

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