70 Adorable Peony Tattoo Designs for Men – Pretty but Masculine

A peony tattoo, just like most other flower totems, is a favorite for ladies because they are a symbol of feminism. However, there is way much more to this classical flower because it has deep symbolism in different cultures. It is because of this reason and the fact that it is also breathtaking that even men will have it as their body marking. No one knows for sure when people started drawing this beautiful flower on their body, but historians seem to agree that it has been a form of body art for many centuries.


Meanings and Symbolism

Many myths surround the origins of the peony flower, and so it not easy to determine which one is accurate. According to some historians, the word peony comes from a Greek word Paeon. Paeon was a physician to the Olympian gods according to the Greek mythology. He was also a student of Asclepius who was the Greek god in charge of healing, but his master was jealous of him.


Zeus the most powerful god and the ruler of thunder and the sky rescued Paeon from the fury of his master by turning him into the beautiful peony flower.  Another legend also claims that Paeon received the flower from the mother of Apollo on Mount Olympus. Regardless of the story that you choose to believe it does not change the fact that the flower is very adorable and it is an excellent tattoo idea for men.


The peony floral designs are very popular in Japanese and Chinese cultures where they symbolize different things. But, wealth and honor are the most common meanings that people in these cultures will associate with this flower. This symbolism comes from some of the legends or myths behind the origin of this beautiful flower.

A peony tattoo can also mean prosperity and romance. In some cultures, it is the 12th wedding anniversary flower, and so it symbolizes prosperity for the couple and love because they have managed to stay together for all that time.

You can also have this tattoo as a symbol of your home or family origin. In the early 20th century it became the national flower of China. Although it no longer has this title, most people still associate it with China, and so it can be a good way to identify with your country of origin if you are Chinese. In America, it is the state flower of Indiana, and so if you are from this state, you can have it as a permanent reminder of your home.

This flower is a symbol of beauty, happiness, and fragility. Even as a man all these are positive traits that you would want your body art to symbolize and so the peony flower is better than drawing some fancy and meaningless totems. In the Japanese culture, the flower also pairs well with other images such as the dragon and lion, and this symbolizes the delicate balance that exists between beauty and power.

Still, in the Japanese culture, the peony is referred to as the “King of Flowers, ” and it symbolizes wealth and elegance. In other cultures, it has different meanings, but it can mean anything that you want. Any man can also have it just for its immense beauty without necessarily associating it with any symbolism or meaning.

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Common Peony Designs

A flower might look like something very simple, but there are endless options when it comes to drawing the peony tattoo. The design options range from simple outlines to other complicated design that entails painting it with skulls and dragon. Regardless of what you choose to have, it will still look adorable if you get it from a skilled artist. Here are a few ideas for your peony flower tattoo.

Skull on a Peony

Skulls are one of the most popular tattoo designs for men and most love them because they believe that they are a symbol of masculinity. Most guys that want to have the image of a peony on their body will often combine it with a skull head. The peony can form the background for the skull head, or the latter can be one the middle section of the flower.

Peony Outline

The peony flower is in most cases depicted as a red flower or in a combination of different colorful shades. However, some men might find this too feminine, and so they will opt to draw theirs without any color and have it as a stylish outline using black ink.

The Peony Sleeve

Peony flowers also form an amazing sleeve tattoo and men love it because it looks nothing like the traditional sleeve totems. For this tattoo design, you can have one large peony on your sleeve or have a collection of some beautiful small flowers making up the sleeve tattoo. Whereas some men prefer to draw it in plain black ink, others like to have it with some bright colors.

Koi and Peony Combo

Koi fish also have a special place in the Asian cultures and so combining them with your flower will make it very meaningful. This tattoo design is in most instances very detailed, and so you will need the services of an expert artist to get it right.

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Placement Ideas

Men seem to prefer to have their tattoos on the back and hands. The peony tattoo is not an exception, and so these two places are perfect placement areas. This totem forms a beautiful sleeve tattoo, and you only need to make sure that the artists capture all the details well. It is also beautiful as a full body tattoo, but some men are not comfortable with having totems all over their body.

Chest, stomach, and legs also form perfect placement areas for guys that prefer to have extensive and detailed peony flower designs. The foot, ankle, forearm, shoulder, and neck, on the other hand, are great placement areas for small tattoos.

The peony tattoo is an excellent choice for men who want something beautiful and detailed. Contrary to what some people think, flowers are not a preserve for ladies because the different peony flower tattoo designs available prove that it will work for anybody. Just like with any other body art you just have to choose a good design and have it from a professional artist.

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