Top 10 Best Peak Shoes Reviews — Which Pair to Choose

peak-shoesWhen it comes to quality athletic footwear, Peak shoes are among the most reliable brands you can find in the market. In fact, Peak has been in the business since 1989, and it continues to provide people throughout the world with the comfort, ease, and style they want in shoes. This is why it is not surprising that Peak has sponsored a number of Olympic committees and basketball associations worldwide. So, if you are looking to buy top-notch footwear for casual or athletics purposes, check out these reviews on popular Peak shoes models to guide you.

Peak Shoes for Men Featuring NBA Player George Hill Basketball Fashion Sneakers


PEAK Men’s NBA Player George Hill Basketball Shoe Fashion Sneakers Overview:

  • Made of the finest and most durable synthetic leather.
  • Comes with imported materials that are sturdy and comfortable at the same time.
  • The rubber sole provides traction and grip you need to ensure your safety.
  • A little smaller fit, so it is best to buy a pair that is one size bigger than your actual shoe size.
  • The upper design features the famous PEAK logo with a unique George Hill 3 design.
  • There is a non-marking outsole that resists mud, wear to make sure your shoes last for a long time.
  • Very attractive and catchy design that looks perfect with your casual or sporty outfit.
  • The sole has Peak’s proprietary cushion 3-technology to ensure stability on the midsole.
  • You will love the breathable quality of these shoes because of the ventilation on the upper.
  • The vamp serves as reinforcement in the outer portion of the forepart of the sole.
  • A true combination of style, performance, and comfort that you need.
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PEAK Men's NBA Player George Hill Basketball Shoe Fashion Sneakers

Synthetic Leather; Imported; Rubber sole; Please note, this pair shoe is a little smaller than common shoe, please choose a big one yard size than usual, thanks; Upper Design: Big PEAK logo and ...


  • These Peak shoes are sturdy and built to last for a long time.
  • It is comfortable to wear for hours without making your feet feel cramped.
  • The overall appearance of these shoes is stylish and eye-catchy at the same time.
  • For its price, these shoes may be considered as a great value for your money.
  • There are good quality outsoles that prevent you from slipping or losing your balance.
  • Whenever you need a solid pair of footwear each time you play basketball, the George Hill basketball Peak shoes fit the bill.


  • Some people complain about the large size of these shoes, which makes them not true to fit.
  • You may have to get used to these shoes initially because of the cut that is rather high.
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Peak Shoes Tony Parker Signature Men’s NBA Series TP9


Peak Shoes Tony Parker Signature Men’s NBA Series TP9 Overview:

  • Constructed with superior quality synthetic leather materials.
  • Has a durable rubber sole for optimum traction and grip that you need.
  • The upper has a perforated design to keep your feet dry.
  • You can expect a cool and dry condition for your feet because of the breathable features and design of these shoes.
  • Even if you wear these shoes for hours, you will find them comfortable against your skin.
  • The sole features a hyperboloid foothold TPU component on the arch for excellent traction.
  • Stability is ensured to make sure each step you make is precise and secure.
  • The outsole texture has a unique shape for added friction.
  • Minimal amount of rubber used for the outsole makes the shoe lightweight.
  • It is easy to move from one section to another with the light feeling these shoes offer with each step.
  • You will be impressed by the flexibility of the outsole of these shoes, which bend easily with every move you make.
  • The 3D TPU heel provides optimum cushioning and support.
  • Perfect for casual and sports.
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PEAK Men's NBA Series Tony Parker Signature TP9 Leather Basketball Shoes

Synthetic Leather; Rubber sole; Upper Design: perforation design on which is easy to be wet by sweat offers a cool environment inside the shoes despite of strenuous exercise.; Sole: hyperboloid ...


  • These are the ideal shoes you can wear whenever you have basketball practices and games.
  • The appearance is quite stylish and pleasing to the eyes.
  • Looks great with your outfit.
  • Perfect shoes to wear when you want to stay protected from slips.
  • There is no need to break these shoes in because they are good to wear right out of the box.


  • You may need to wear a smaller size for these shoes when you order because they come a bit larger than what you expect.
  • Some portions of the shoe appear cheap because of the materials used.
  • There were complaints about the shoe ripping in various places after wearing these a few months.
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Peak Shoes for Men Featuring the Tony Parker I Basketball Shoe Design


PEAK Men’s Tony Parker I Basketball Shoes Overview:

  • Made of durable synthetic leather and lasts for several years.
  • The rubber sole provides additional traction.
  • The FUSA material on the upper makes the shoe breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • There is an air hole incorporated to ensure the optimum ventilation that keeps your feet cool, dry, and odor-free.
  • You will appreciate the cushioning feature of these shoes.
  • The black material on the sole lets you make the best rebound, as well as fast starting.
  • These shoes have a well-built outsole that has a stunning gradient pattern with the anti-torsion design.
  • You can expect these shoes to offer maximum stability and support that you need.
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PEAK Men's Tony Parker I Basketball Shoes

Synthetic Leather; Made in China; rubber sole; Upper Design: FUSA material and air hole makes the shoes light and breathable also give great support and cushioning.; Sole: Black material on where is ...


  • For its price, these Peak shoes are solid enough.
  • You can wear these shoes during basketball games or practices.
  • The sleek design of these shoes makes them very attractive and sophisticated.


  • In terms of sizing, these Peak shoes are a little on the small size.
  • It is recommended to go one size up for enhanced comfort.
  • Some users complain about the tight fitting of these shoes.
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Peak Shoes FIBA Series for Men “Speed Eagle II”


PEAK Men’s FIBA Series SPEED EAGLE II Basketball Shoes Overview:

  • These shoes are made with imported synthetic leather.
  • There is a thick rubber sole to keep these shoes comfortable.
  • The ultimate shading design on the sole minimizes heft.
  • You will love the slip and water resistance of these shoes.
  • Catchy design in the heel that features the huge LOGO of the brand.
  • There is a visual cushion-3 technology incorporated, so you will feel like walking in the clouds.
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PEAK Men's FIBA Series SPEED EAGLE II Basketball Shoes

Synthetic Leather; Imported; Rubber sole; Upper Design: Irregular triangle air holes on the upper offer the feeling of comfort and clean.; Sole: Special sole shading design decrease the shoes weight, ...


  • Made of synthetic leather, these shoes can withstand abuse.
  • You can get the feeling of comfort and ease with these shoes.
  • No matter how many hours you wear your shoes, your feet stay dry and cool.


  • Others complain about the heaviness of these Peak shoes model.
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Peak Shoes for Men TP9-II Christmas PE (Limited Edition)



PEAK Men’s TP9-II Christmas PE Limited Edition Basketball Shoes Overview:

  • Available in an off-white and brown color combination.
  • Has a sturdy synthetic leather material.
  • Comes with a durable rubber sole that lets you move with ease and comfort without the added weight.
  • The perforation design for the upper keeps your feet dry and cool.
  • No matter how tough you exercise, your feet will not sweat while wearing these shoes.
  • There is a hyperboloid foothold TPU feature on the arch to give you maximum traction.
  • Comfortable and supportive to your feet right out of the box.
  • These shoes have a special shape located on the fore sole part.
  • With the unique outsole texture, there is less use of rubber to reduce significantly the weight of the shoes.
  • This stunning Peak shoes model has a horizontal easymove notch to ensure the flexibility of the footwear.
  • It features a 3D TPU component found on the heel to provide ample cushioning and support.
  • The design is eye-catchy, yet fashionable at the same time.
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PEAK Men's TP9-II Christmas PE Limited Edition Basketball Shoes

Synthetic Leather; rubber sole; Upper Design: perforation design on which is easy to be wet by sweat offers a cool environment inside the shoes despite of strenuous exercise.; Sole: hyperboloid ...


  • The upper composite has a new design for enhanced comfort.
  • There is a new craft component that gives excellent support and lightness to these shoes.
  • Most product users love the structured design for optimum protection with each move you make.
  • These shoes are durable, yet lightweight at the same time.
  • You will love the front portion of the shoe that has excellent reinforcement for added security.


  • The fit is quite big, so it is better to order a smaller size.
  • As for the price point, these shoes can be a bit on the steep side.
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Peak Shoes FIBA Series for Men Referee Training Shoes


PEAK Men’s FIBA Series Referee Training Shoes Overview:

  • Available in a sleek and sophisticated black color.
  • Versatile in design to match your outfits well.
  • The sole is made of good quality rubber that provides the right amount of traction you need.
  • These Peak shoes are designed as referee training shoes.
  • There is the famous FIBA logo located on the tongue portion of the footwear.
  • Peak’s state-of-the-art Foothold technology is featured in the sole of the shoes.
  • You will love the overall feel of these shoes that are highly comfortable and supportive.
  • For a highly competitive price, you can get all the feature you need in a top-notch footwear that is built to last for a long time.
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PEAK Men's FIBA Series Referee Training Shoes

Synthetic Leather; Made in China; rubber sole; PEAK Men's FIBA Series Training Shoes for Referee.; FIBA LOGO on the tongue.; FOODHOLD technology apply in the sole.


  • You will appreciate the stunning design of these Peak shoes.
  • The structural components of these shoes are intended to provide you with maximum support.
  • There is ease of movement when you wear these shoes because of the brilliant design it comes with.


  • It would be best to buy a pair that is one size smaller because these shoes tend to run large.
  • You may have to break in these shoes initially and get used to them.
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Peak Shoes for Men Exclusive Battier VIII NBA Player Basketball Shoes


PEAK Men’s NBA Player Exclusive Battier VIII Leather Basketball Shoes Overview:

  • Stylish and classy design with a white and black color combination.
  • The synthetic leather for the upper adds to the durability and aesthetic appeal of these shoes.
  • Maintain your balance and stability with the rubber sole that offers good traction.
  • The upper comes with a mesh tongue for added ventilation.
  • Your feet remain clean, dry, and cool for hours with the breathable components incorporated to the uppers.
  • The sole has a brilliant Z pattern that is pleasing to the eyes.
  • Expect solid traction from these shoes with the herring bone traditional design.
  • You can expect light support that ensures your comfort with the hot melting composite material for the upper.
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PEAK Men's NBA Player Exclusive Battier VIII Leather Basketball Shoes

Synthetic Leather; Rubber sole; Upper Design: Mesh tongue provides comfortable shoes environment and keep your feet clean and cozy.; Sole: Using "Z" pattern on the outside sole express Mr. Battier ...


  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed with these Peak shoes basketball sneakers.
  • The fit is perfect, which provides you with outstanding comfort.


  • For some people, they are not quite pleased with the design of these shoes.
  • These shoes feel a little on the hefty side to some customers.
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Peak Shoes for Men Featuring the George Hill Monster II Design



PEAK Men’s George Hill Monster II Professional Basketball Shoes Overview:

  • These basketball shoes are made of the finest leather material that is both stylish and durable.
  • The toe area and uppers have smooth leather components.
  • You will love the upper design that promotes breathability and stability.
  • There is a dual-stitching feature for the upper to promote superior quality.
  • Maximum support is ensured with these shoes as the EVA midsole design prevents ankle injuries or chronic pains.
  • Receive a good level of traction you need with the ripple outdoor design for the rubber outsole.
  • Premature wear of the shoes is prevented because of the superior quality leather used.
  • You can expect these shoes to be waterproof, breathable, and resistant to wear.
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PEAK Men's George Hill Monster II Professional Basketball Shoes

Synthetic Leather; Rubber sole; Toe: mix by punched upper with smooth leather to offer you the feeling of 360 degree breathability and enhance stability as well. Top-quality synthetic leather with ...


  • You can experience a sense of freedom with your movement from these shoes.
  • The comfort you can get from these Peak shoes is superb – as though you are walking on air.


  • The price of these shoes is a little on the steep side.
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Peak Shoes for Men Monster Basketball Professional Shoes


PEAK Men’s Monster Basketball Shoes Overview:

  • Made of top-quality synthetic leather for the upper.
  • The rubber sole is highly durable minus the extra heft.
  • Peak features a splicing design for the uppers to ensure protection and breathability.
  • Featuring the foothold technology, these Peak shoes can keep you stable with each step.
  • There are different colors in these shoes that add to the catchy appeal.
  • Interesting visual impact and protective effects are made possible with the solid upper structure and design.
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PEAK Men's Monster Basketball Shoes

Synthetic Leather; Imported; Rubber sole; Upper Design: Splicing by different materials provide perfect breathability and protection.; Sole: FOOTHOLD technology makes the feet falling on the ground ...


  • When it comes to comfort, these shoes never fail.
  • You will appreciate the stunning aesthetics of these Peak shoes.


  • Although these shoes are loaded with features, the price may seem a bit expensive for some.
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Peak Shoes for Men Professional Basketball Shoe



PEAK Men’s Professional Basketball Shoes Overview:

  • Available in red and burgundy colors.
  • The upper design of these shoes promotes momentum, strength, and flexibility.
  • There is a magic tape on the upper that adds stability.
  • With air holes in the upper, your feet do not feel cramped or moist even after long hours of wearing these shoes.
  • The sole has a wave texture design for maximum grip.
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PEAK Men's Professional Basketball Shoes

Synthetic Leather; Rubber sole; Upper Design: the whole shoes is a display of basketball, strength and momentum.; Sole: Wave texture outsole provides perfect ground grip.; Fabric:The magic tape ...


  • The colors are catchy and appealing.
  • You will experience the ease of movement with the well-designed upper of these shoes.


  • You may have to order these shoes at one size smaller to get the right fit.

Why Peak Shoes? Choosing Shoes: What to Look For?

When it comes to buying basketball shoes, or for any other type of athletic shoes for that matter, you have to be very specific with the features to look for. Peak shoes are just one of those popular brands available in the market – and for good reasons. In terms of durability, style, and performance, these are all quite evident with Peak shoes models of professional basketball shoes.

Here, we look into some of the essential features to consider when purchasing this type of footwear, so you can get the best bang on your buck.

  • Outsole

Basketball is a rather intense sport, so you will need maximum traction and grip from the soles of your shoes. This is why you should choose rubber outsoles that offer the right amount of support, grip, and protection. Peak shoes are noted for their durable, yet lightweight rubber outsoles with a traditional herringbone pattern. This is what you need to achieve outstanding support for enhanced multi-directional movement no matter what the floor surface is.

  • Cut

Should you opt for a high or low cut of basketball shoes? During your search, you may come across either low- or high-tops. If you want an extra protection to your ankles, then the high-top design is for you. Peak shoes feature a range of high-top professional basketball shoes with padding on the ankle collar for additional support and comfort. Aggressive players will appreciate the supportive feature of a high-top style of basketball shoes. For maximum speed, however, low-cut is your best choice.

  • Protection

Since you can expect to be doing a lot of jumping and running while playing this sport, you might as well look for shoes that can provide maximum protection from shock. Peak shoes feature superior shock absorption with their special padding and cushioning. For instance, these shoes have EVA midsole that helps absorb shock and disperse impact you deal with as you play. The only drawback about this feature, however, is the added weight to your shoes. Nevertheless, you will appreciate the protection you can get from Peak shoes that also boosts your comfort at the same time.

  • Aesthetics

It is common for basketball shoes to come in catchy and attention-grabbing colors and design. You can find these shoes in bold, eye-catchy and loud prints that make you stand out from the crowd. Peak shoes vary from bright red to green and yellow, or a combination of all these colors. The moment you step on the court, it would be hard for the crowd to miss you and your cool shoes. You may also notice that well-known NBA superstars are often the inspiration behind the design of the footwear.

  • Closure

You need basketball shoes that are snug enough to not slip out of your foot as you run or jump. This means that closure should be reliable without giving you an uncomfortable feeling. You should be able to find different closure systems for basketball shoes including zippers, straps, and lacing system. Just be sure to look for a good pair that stays in place and will not loosen as you move. Peak shoes offer a reliable lacing system that keeps the footwear in place while supporting your feet properly.

  • Size

Make it a point to buy the correct size of shoes for your feet. Measure your feet in two ways – while sitting and standing, with the latter allowing you to determine the arch spring and the height. Since it is only typical for the feet to change in shape and size over time, you need to consider re-measuring your shoes to be certain that they still fit you well.

The idea is to have just a minimal amount of room in the toe area. It is also ideal to check the width, which should not make you feel as though your feet are encased tightly. Snug and comfortable are two key aspects you want in a top quality pair of basketball shoes. You may want to walk or run in place as you try your shoes on. If there is a need to break them in, then do so to avoid experiencing cramps or strain as you play.

Other Features to Look For

In addition to these qualities, you need to buy shoes that are flexible, lightweight, and supportive at the same time. These are some of the characteristics that you can find in Peak shoes, which give you the support you need minus the excess heft. After all, you want to be able to move with ease on the court, so lighter shoes fit the bill. It does not matter what position you play in the game. The important thing is you can maximize your speed and performance by wearing the best pair of shoes for your needs.

Consider the materials used in the shoes. Years back, the only materials used for the uppers were canvas. However, since the mid-1960s, leather has become the standard for basketball shoes in terms of the uppers material. There are also some hybrid designs that consist of both synthetic and leather, which offer optimum comfort.

These improvements with the uppers help enhance the quality of the shoes. Peak shoes made of synthetic leather for the uppers are noticeably durable, comfortable, supportive, and lighter. Thus, it is not surprising that this brand is among the commonly preferred ones by professional and amateur basketball players today.

Competition – Which One Is the Best

After looking at various models of Peak shoes in the market, it is clear that the George Hill Basketball shoes are the top-rated ones among the products featured in these reviews. You will love to appreciate the maximum comfort and support that these Peak shoes George Hill basketball fashion sneakers offer. With a high rating of 4.5 stars from several customers, this product is indeed a solid investment worth your money. You can expect to total satisfaction from these Peak shoes that will last for a long time.


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