65 Fancy Overcoat Ideas for Men – Dressing for All Occasions

Overcoat dressing styles are a staple for the modern man. Overcoats are a simple, stylish addition to every man’s wardrobe that look extremely good when worn over literally anything. Dressing yourself in an overcoat requires some sort of balance between the color of the garment and the type of outfit you’re wearing. Your style can go from crisp formal to classy casual depending on the type of overcoat you decide to rock. The length and color of the coat you choose will also be determined by the look you’re going for. Herein are 65 tasteful ideas you can give a shot.

# 1 Classic Tan

Pair your formal attire with a knee-length tan overcoat to produce this suave gentleman’s look. The brighter coat livens the attire significantly and adds a dramatic air of elegance to the outfit when paired with the top hat.

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# 2 Dirty Grey

The dirty grey hue of the coat certainly does a lot to enhance the semi-casual appearance. Overcoats can be worn without suits and ties underneath provided you know how to match the coat with the type of look you’re going for.

# 3 Crisp Formal

For those who want to make a fashion statement every time they dress for work, throwing on a long overcoat over a fitted suit never fails to look fantastic. Be keen on the colors since black coats on black attires will not look as commanding.

# 4 Khaki and Turtleneck

Everything gets a little better with an overcoat on. Spice up your jeans and turtleneck look with a nice crisp khaki overcoat. Aside from the grey turtleneck and the khaki overcoat, keeping everything nice and black is the right way to ground the look.

# 5 Plaid Charcoal

Keep things stylishly neutral but interesting by going for something plaid to throw over your charcoal grey suit. The plaid texture of the knee length overcoat will make it more distinct and make your outfit look well put together.

# 6 Funky Caramel

Wrap up that semi-casual suit with a stylish caramel colored overcoat that rides just above the knees. For a little more protection from the cold, some colorful scarves and maybe a pair of gloves will not disappoint.

# 7 Academic

Matching your overcoat with the color or even texture of your shoes can have very stylish results when done right. The slate grey slacks and the brown and mustard scarf bring the look to life by adding some color while the brown suede Chelsea boots wrap it up exquisitely.

# 8 Versatile

For those looking for something a little bit more than conservative, go for an overcoat with suede patches as this can make any look interesting. The navy blue color of the garment makes it a perfect match for most attires.

# 9 Charcoal Grey Formal

Stay classy and warm in this cold weather with a solid grey overcoat to wear over your day to day work attire. Its tame hue makes it easy to pair with black to navy blue suits easily without clashing any colors.

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# 10 Winter Casual

Every man should have a black overcoat and boots in their wardrobe for the cold weather. They are easy to match with other attires, have a simple stylish appeal and are very appropriate for the winter.

# 11 Funky Maroon

If you’re looking for the final touch that would make your outfit stand out, the answer lies in the color of the overcoat you choose. This perfectly assemble look gets its eye-catching attributes from the way the bright maroon overcoat blends with the grey suit.

# 12 Dapper

Definitely one of the dressier ways to rock a topcoat this winter, keeping everything nice and neutral with solid grays, black slacks and a solid white shirt rarely goes amiss and is one of the more office-appropriate ways to dress for the cold.

# 13 Outstanding Casual Look

There is nothing more stylish and simple than a pair of classy jeans with a white shirt paired with a double-breasted overcoat.

# 14 Street Casual

Throw a long grey topcoat over dark jeans and a dark t-shirt for a casual street look that will stand you out from the crowd. A grey beanie hat and white sneakers are a nice way to play off the dark colors and to give the street style some spark.

# 15 Burgundy Glory

You can also match your topcoat with one or two other accessories for a crisper look. In this example, the burgundy overcoat finds its match in the tie placed over a solid white shirt. Keep the rest of the look formal black to ground it.

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  • Overcoat 6

# 16 College Boy

The college boy look entails playing with a lot of plaid patterns and throwing in some stylish oxfords to round off the look. The overcoat is nothing short of a necessity and it flawlessly combines with the standard blue jeans folded at the cuffs. Khaki low cut oxford boots give a fresh appeal to this look.

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# 17 Color Burst

For dressier tastes, show off the fancy roots of the topcoat using colors and lengths. Perfect for casual and informal occasions, the “popping” blue color of the topcoat riles up the rest of the outfit and creates a visual treat for onlookers.

# 18 Black on Black

If you don’t know your way around colors, stick to the tried and tested blacks this winter. A solid black topcoat will look good on everything but gets a certain touch of class when paired with a turtleneck.

# 19 Modern

When shopping for the perfect topcoat, keep in mind that hues of brown will almost never disappoint when it comes to casual. Case in point, the off-white brown topcoat blends the grey corduroy slacks with the shirt seamlessly and stylishly. Wrap it up with some tan leather sneakers.

# 20 Majestic Green Topcoat

Made for the man of style, there’s nothing quite as good as a bright finish to a masculine ensemble. The solid black turtleneck and ripped jeans may look ordinary when worn with just the high boots. However, throwing on the green topcoat definitely gets the style rolling.

# 21 Stylish Plaid

Shorter is better if you’re gunning for a look that is less classy and more youthful. The red and black plaid overcoat is a nice way to balance the whites, the blacks and the browns in order to bring the whole ensemble together.

# 22 Dressy Gold

The type of fabric and color you choose for your topcoat will determine exactly how best it can be worn. Leave the calm blacks, grays and navy blues for formal suits and spice up your casual look with funky colors and unique fabrics.

# 23 Tweed Up

The cold months are your best excuse to bust out the tweed jackets and topcoats. Pair a knee-length overcoat with colored slacks and a scarf for the perfect winter look. Brown shoes will look less formal and match the dressy appearance of the topcoat.

# 24 Bespoke

If you have to cover up completely, do so with a little style. A long tan topcoat rarely fails to impress especially when a nice plaid scarf is thrown into the mix. Make this your winter dress code and switch things up a little every once in a while.

# 25 Trendy

Plain colors are good but a bit of patterns can go a long way to liven things up. Top your best formal attire with a nicely patterned overcoat (it can be checked or plaid) for a distinguished look.

# 26 Casual Tan Overcoat

It doesn’t have to be cold for you to rock a topcoat and scarf. To keep things casual, wear the tan topcoat unbuttoned over a white t-shirt and some grounding blue jeans, then drape the scarf leisurely around your neck.

# 27 Carefree

For those who will always prefer collared shirts, here is a casual look you can use to show off your polished sense of style. Keep the shirt untucked and the topcoat unbutton for an easygoing look.

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# 28 Pinstriped

The design of the topcoat is just as important as its fit and size when it comes to choosing something that exudes personal style. Class up your look with a pinstriped overcoat grey slacks, black dress shoes and top it all off with a beret.

# 29 Scholar

Matching a scarf and a topcoat does not necessarily mean that the colors have to be the same. Look for colors that complement each other and appear more pronounced when together in order for the look to work.

# 30 Double-breasted Zip-Up Topcoat

Although most of us prefer the button closures on classically designed topcoats, zippers are more practical in a number of ways, though you cannot wear this overcoat on something formal. However, for casual attires, keep it open for a relaxed look.

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  • Overcoat 11

# 31 Vintage

Go for the tried and tested with this vintage styled topcoat. It has all the things we find attractive plus the bonus of a classy belt to give your formal attire some distinction and classiness.

# 32 Extra Long

Unless you’re really tall, long overcoats should ideally be left for casual looks as they go well with heeled boots and ripped jeans. Try to keep the length as low as mid-shin to prevent it from looking oversized.

# 33 Beige Casual

Effortlessly draped over the shoulders, a beige top coat is one of the best items of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. It can go easily from formal to casual like in this example, where it matches the brightness of the ripped sky blue jeans and white t-shirt.

# 34 Gradient Overcoat

For those with an untamed sense of style, a gradient topcoat is something that would definitely help you personalize your dressing. Obviously, this garment pairs best with casual wear such as ripped jeans and sneakers.

# 35 Tailored Fit

Pay good mind to the fit of your overcoat for obvious reasons. A crisp cut around the shoulders and back will mean a world of difference in terms of class and neatness. This will apply to all topcoats you own, whether casual or formal.

# 36 Grey Tweed

Simple elegance can be found in the most basic of pairings when it comes to dressing up casually. The basic jeans, t-shirt and sneakers look can be upgraded very easily by adding a long topcoat on top.

# 37 Plain Black

You will find a plain black overcoat to be an invaluable piece of garment to have, especially if it has a nice, neutral design and a crisp fit. A casual way you can wear it is over a white t-shirt with black oxfords.

# 38 Boots and Checked Coats

Explore your masculine side with this suave ensemble that is perfectly layered and matched to draw attention without being too loud. The checked topcoat deserves a bit of color, which has been added using the brown slacks and the army green boots.

# 39 Striking Modern Cut Overcoat

A modern cut topcoat has the same appeal as a finely fitted suit but with a bit more allowance towards the sides. Although a bit dressy, the black slacks and shoes help to tone down the look and to make it office-appropriate.

# 40 Festive Topcoat

Forget Christmas sweaters, festively decorated topcoats will be the last thing anyone will be laughing at. Throw it on top of your favorite t-shirt and jeans and rock some boots or high-cut sneakers to complete the look.

# 41 Grey Wool Over Blue Jeans

Take casual to a whole new level by adding a grey tweed overcoat on your outfit. It has a classier effect than a leather jacket or jersey would have and combines suave and street quite effortlessly.

# 42 Casual Tweed

If you thought tweed was only for the scholars, you would be mistaken. Mix up your fashion by making the risky combination of tweed and denim over a white shirt, ripped jeans and casual suede boots.

# 43 Caramel Over Polo

An overcoat is decidedly the classier option for keeping out the cold. You can wear it over anything, provided it has the right fit and color to match the attire you have on. A polo shirt and tweed slacks do this topcoat some justice.

# 44 Collared Topcoat

For collared topcoats, wearing the collar up is more or less acceptable depending on the style you’re aiming for. Casual or street styles will typically agree with upturned collars although for strict office attires, you may want to keep it neatly folded.

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# 45 Browns and Tans

Play around with different hues of brown using your topcoat, slacks and turtleneck sweater. The result could be this perfectly balanced ensemble with white accents on the lapels of the coat and tastefully tan khaki pants wrapping up the look.

  • Overcoat 12
  • Overcoat 13
  • Overcoat 14
  • Overcoat 15
  • Overcoat 16

# 46 Weekend Outfit

You don’t have to struggle with matching your clothes with the topcoat in order to look good. Just throw it over some jeans and sneakers and you are ready for a night out or a weekend of looking fashionable.

# 47 Foreign

A matching top hat is always a welcome addition when it comes to wearing overcoats like classy gentlemen. Throw it on to embellish your outfit and to give your casual attires a much-needed infusion of masculine style.

# 48 Sharp Winter Wear

Keep it trendy with a classic black overcoat draped over your casual attire. This is a great way to make your look more mature and stylish while retaining the youthfulness of today’s trendy outfits.

# 49 Winter Coat and Scarf

Avoid looking drab while you protect yourself from the cold by going for tan colors for the overcoat and matching them with different hues of brown or grey using scarves and gloves.

# 50 Perfect Tan

Stand out from the crowd with a well-fitted knee-length topcoat worn over some black slacks and shoes this cold weather. Although a matching hat is optional, it does a lot to enhance the overall classiness of the entire ensemble.

There you have it, 65 amazing ways to look good in the cold weather. Always pay mind to the fit of your coat as it is easy to accidentally buy something that is a size or two too big. You can do that by checking that the shoulder seams align with your shoulders. Stay classy this winter!

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65 Fancy Overcoat Ideas for Men – Dressing for All Occasions

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