25 Distinguished Older Men’s Hairstyles – Looks for Discerning Gentlemen

As we get older we change. One of the things that changes is our hair, and as a mature gentleman, you may find yourself looking for suitable older men’s hairstyles. Not to worry – we’ve got you covered today. We’ve found 25 hairstyles that are all well suited for mature guys and these will help you solve problems like thinning hair, grayness, and balding in a flash. A great haircut can make you feel wonderful so let’s get some ideas about what could work for you:

# 1 Everyday Gentleman

Thinning hair is a problem for many older men but don’t think that means that you are limited to extra short styles. Take a cue from this gentleman who is wearing most of his hair brushed back but with a longer brushed up section in front.

# 2 Seinfeld Style

Jerry Seinfeld knows all about style – and how to style his mature hair. Here he is wearing a no nonsense, easy to maintain look with the hair super short all round.

# 3 Sexy Salt and Pepper

Don’t think about letting salt and pepper hair cramp your style. Wear your natural highlights with pride! This gentleman has it right; shorter on the sides with a little more length to brush back on top.

# 4 Mature Buzz Cut

Remember the days of the terrible comb over? Well, there’s no need for that anymore. If you have a receding hairline a short buzz cut style like this will make it less noticeable.

# 5 Upper-Class Style

In this picture, the model is wearing short sides with longer hair in the upper section. These locks have been expertly styled to the side, giving the look some height.

# 6 Savvy Senior

This gentleman shows off a stunning silver look – soft medium length hair – combed, but not slicked, back together with a well-established gray and ice white beard and moustache.

# 7 Eclectic Style

Does it matter if your beard matches your hair color? Definitely not – we just love this model’s eclectic look! His hair is soft brown in front, with a darker color at the back and styled with a simple front parting. His full beard is neatly clipped and a contrasting brilliant white.

# 8 Bald and Beautiful

Losing your hair? Why not take it all off and sport a manly bald look like this guy? Team your shaved head with a full beard to add the appeal!

# 9 Easy Distinguished Style

Allowing a little gray to show is not a bad thing at all – in fact, it looks quite distinguished. This guy has it going – a short easy to maintain style with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

# 10 Silver Fox

Doesn’t this style remind you of a young Sean Connery? Go short on the sides to play down any receding hairlines and leave a little length on top for a sexy sweep.

# 11 Balanced Look

Beards are great for providing a balanced look. In this example the gentleman’s hairline is thinning so he’s chosen a flattering short style that can be brushed back with a little volume in front. Combined with a long stubble beard this is an awesome style for an older man.

# 12 So Much Swag

Getting older doesn’t mean losing your swag – in fact, you can take it to the next level like this guy! Ripped jeans, on trend black boot, and mirror sunglasses tell you this man is serious about fashion – and his crisp brushed back dapper hairstyle rounds it off perfectly.

# 13 70’s Curls

If you’ve got curly hair consider yourself really lucky – you’ll always have natural volume. Be bold and grow those curls out a little and rock a 70’s inspired look like this model.

# 14 Medium Length Waves

Medium length hair can work well for the older man who wants a more casual, laid-back hairstyle. This gentleman is wearing his hair wavy, which gives it volume and gently brushed back.

# 15 Silver Screen Hair

Wow, who knew Tom Hanks could look so good with silver hair? We love the distinguished look he wears for his new movie, Sully. It’s parted on both sides, with the hair neatly combed back.

# 16 Sly’s Style

As we age the texture of our hair also changes so be sure to ask your stylist about the best products for your hair. It’s important when you want to have dapper combed back hairstyles like this to have hair that is in good condition.

# 17 Dapper Legend

Leo is not quite an older man just yet but in this picture he wears a style suitable for middle aged to older gentlemen. His look is a dapper hairstyle, sleeked back against a high side part, with a little lift over the front.

# 18 Tried and Trusted

This older gentleman is wearing his silver-white hair in a conventional style that will suit most mature men. The hair is neatly trimmed with a side part and the hair is brushed to the side – creating the illusion of fullness on top.

# 19 Long and Lean

Seniors can still rock long hair – and look incredible! This model is wearing a layered, texturized cut with a messy side part and to top it off, a handsome mutton chops beard.

# 20 On Trend Gent

This model is wearing an on-trend style – the hairdresser has tapered his hair to shorter on the sides, leaving length on top. There are no partings and he’s wearing it brushed up in front.

# 21 Sexy Stubble

If you have a receding hairline but you’re not ready to go completely bald why not try a super short style like this guy? We love the way he’s matched his hair with his stubble beard!

# 22 Pro Hair

For thin hair you want to try and create volume – that’s why styles like this one (sleek sides with a brush over on top) work really well. It looks neat and professional too.

# 23 Elegant Dapper

This gentleman is wearing his hair short with a slightly texturized cut. He’s sleeked it back to create an elegant dapper hairstyle that is suitable for almost any occasion.

# 24 Tidy Lift

The model in this shot is wearing his hair short all over except for a section just over the forehead, which he has neatly brushed to the side with a little lift.

# 25 Dirty Blonde Dreads

It’s never too late to express your individuality. If you want to wear dreadlocks later in life – go for it! Just be yourself and have fun – like this guy!

Older men’s hairstyles are more varied than you thought right? Yes, there are many different looks to choose from but at the end of the day, you need to choose what will fit in best with your lifestyle. If you work in the business world you may want something more conservative and easy to manage. If you are working for yourself or even retired you may want to try something new like long hair. Just know that it’s up to you to decide – never mind what anyone else says!

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