40 Best Military Coat Ideas For Men – For A Stunning Fall Look

A military coat is an interesting must have in your wardrobe if you are a man. It is one of the hottest fashion trends nowadays. You may have already seen your favorite celebrities wearing them. They are mostly preferred during fall but you can still be able to wear them any time of the year. You will look elegant, stylish and absolutely awesome if you wear this kind of coat. The following are some of the amazing military coat ideas that you can try if you have decided to join the military trend bandwagon.

# 1 Vintage Style

Rock a golden military jacket with a black shirt and light blue ripped jeans to create a nice vintage style. White shoes will look great with this look.

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# 2 Cool Urban Style

A brown US Army overcoat will look great when worn with a dark green sweater and tartan check pants. For the shoes, you can go with brown to match with the overcoat.

# 3 Nice Off Duty Look

This is a cool off duty look that features a combination of a military jacket and blue ripped jeans. A black shirt or T-shirt and white shoes will be great for this style.

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# 4 Winter Style

With this dark green military jacket, you will not need to worry about the winter cold. You will stay warm because it is very strong. You can wear it with a black polo neck and grey pants.

# 5 Stylish Winter Fashion

You can still look stylish by rocking this dark green hooded military overcoat. It goes well with an all black look.


# 6 Cool Fall Look

This is a really nice look for young men. The vintage combat military coat looks really stunning when paired with blue jeans and grey high top shoes.

# 7 Military Jacket with Slim Jeans

The combination of the olive green military jacket and blue slim jeans looks amazing. It is an easy to wear everyday look. You can go with black sneakers for footwear.

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# 8 Rugged Style for Men

You can wear a US navy rain coat, denim trousers and CPO shirt jacket for a cool rugged style. For the footwear, black official shoes or boots will be awesome to go with this look.

# 9 Elegant Street Style

The brown military jacket looks absolutely perfect with the matching brown boots and the navy blue jeans. It has hand warming pockets to make sure that you stay warm in winter.

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# 10 Military Coat for Official Wear

It is very possible to wear a military jacket as part of official wear. The navy blue overcoat in this style looks great with the navy blue half coat, grey pants and the white turtleneck.

# 11 All Blue Style

An all blue look can look great especially when there is a blue military jacket in the mix. A black or blue hat will go well with this look.

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# 12 Comfortable Winter Look

With this look, you will look stylish in winter while at the same time remaining comfortable. The black hooded military coat and the black/grey sweater will guarantee you all the warmth you need. Black jeans and white sneakers will be perfect for this style.

# 13 Stylish Comfortable Look

You will definitely look awesome in this Germany 90’s military coat. It will also give you all the warmth you need to beat the winter cold.

# 14 Military Parka for Men

If you are a big fan of parka coats, you can try this one that features a military style. The navy blue color of the coat will look great with a navy blue polo neck and khaki trousers. You can complete the look with a black beanie hat.

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# 15 Nice Olive Green Look

Apart from the common all black and all blue looks, you can try an all olive green look. The military coat matches well with the trouser, T-shirt and beanie hat for a perfect casual look.

# 16 Classic Men’s Wear

This is one great look you should definitely try if you consider yourself to be a classic man. The brown hooded military coat couldn’t look better with the black sweater and black jeans. It is a nice weekend wear.

# 17 Parka Coat and Jumper

A nice long green parka that has a military look will be great with a golden jumper, white pants and brown shoes. It is a stylish and adventurous look for grown men.

# 18 Street Style for Men

You cannot go wrong with a green military themed parka coat and khaki jeans. To complete this look for a perfect street style, you can wear a green shirt, brown half coat and a cool black hat.

# 19 Cool Country Look

This country look that features a dark green military jacket, khaki jeans, black boots, a black shirt and black hat is a must try if you love spending time on the farm sometimes. The classic black leather bag looks great with this look.

# 20 Smart Gentleman Style

If you are a gentleman, this is the way you should wear a military jacket. Brown color for the jacket will look great when combined with golden jeans and a dark green half coat. A red scarf can be great to go with this look.

# 21 Fashionable Street Style

No one said that street style has to be boring. This nice looking dark green hooded military jacket will give you that stunning look you desire. It is very warm, something that makes it perfect for winter. A white tee will look great with it.

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# 22 Cool Weekend Look

When a parka coat is designed to have a military look, it always looks amazing. The vintage looking coat in this particular look will be perfect when combined with a white T-shirt grey sweater and black jeans. To complete the look, a black beanie hat will be awesome.

# 23 Camouflage Print Parka

This military jacket is simply stunning. The military prints that it features can match well with a lot of attires and colors, including green, grey, black, blue and khaki.

# 24 Chic Men’s Wear

Whether you are young or old, this style will look great on you. The olive green hooded military jacket will not disappoint when combined with a gray T-short or sweater and black jeans.

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# 25 Men’s Style for the Brave

If you are feeling brave, this is the kind of style you need to try for a change. The military jacket with camouflage prints complements well with the light blue tattered jeans and white shoes.

Military coats have a durability that is rarely seen in the other clothes that are designed for the high street. If you buy them, you can be sure that they will serve you for many years. They will fit well with most of the apparels you have in your wardrobe.

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40 Best Military Coat Ideas For Men – For A Stunning Fall Look

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