40 Ways to Style Military Clothing – A Show of Patriotism and Fashion

Military clothing dates back to the time of ancient civilization. Back then, they were only restricted to military personnel. But now, you can make it part of your wardrobe to display your sense of fashion or show solidarity. Military clothing can be worn in combination with other apparels. Below are 40 military inspired outfits that give ideas on how to incorporate that military look into your regular wear.

# 1 Perfect Winter Companion

Beat the winter weather in a whipcord deck half-coat. The coat sports Aztec Gold color and stylish alpaca lining. A lined hood comes in handy to provide maximum protection from the elements. Pair this Japanese winter coat with jean pants to cope with the tough weather ahead.

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# 2 Camouflage Military Attire

Blend with the environment with a jungle green army cloth. Bestazy recommends to put on a vest inside and pair your clothes with red wing rubber shoes. Sit back and enjoy what nature has to offer.

# 3 Vintage Fashion

Go for a vintage military style that looks more casual. Get the cool contrast of a white, long-sleeve shirt and jungle green baker pants. Add black leather shoes on your feet and a wrist timepiece to manage your time.

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# 4 Military Snow Parka

Withstand the tough snowing weather in a camouflage green military snow parka. Pair it with white pants and rubber boots for maximum protection. Top the outfit in an army green cap and you’re ready to go.

# 5 Army Style

Walk the streets with confidence in army green jacket that sports a hood. Pair it with your casual t-shirt and add a tight-fitting ankle jean pants. Go sockless in black leather boots for that tough look.

# 6 Autumn Winter Outfit

Go tough in a quilted Frogman overshirt. Pair it with a green, heavy cotton shirt. Add a knit cap to provide warmth in the cold weather. Walk out the door looking cool and well protected from the harsh outdoor conditions.

# 7 French Style Army Parka

Get the Frenchman look with an army parka imprinted with the French national flag. Pair this artichoke, hooded parka with a printed shirt for that cool, casual look. Get a buzz haircut to complete that clean, military figure.

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# 8 Military Bomber Jacket

Stand out in an official military flight bomber jacket. The jacket comes in black and sports a durable and tough leather make. Give it the street style twist by adding a black cardigan, white shirt and a pair of black slim-fit jean pants. Finish with white sport shoes and a green knit cap.

# 9 Vintage French Deck Jacket

Get the 1960s look with a French deck jacket. This green handmade deck jacket sports soft and warm lining made of alpaca wool. Pair it with a black cardigan and ripped Levis jean pants. Go sockless in rubber shoes and add a pair of shades for that cool look.

# 10 Classic Military Combo

Go a little bit classic in army green Broadway and Sons pants. Pair it with a white, long-sleeve t-shirt. Add some sock-less white rubber shoes and travel the military style with army green bag.

# 11 Casual Army Wear

Add some military look to your casual wear with a green U.S. army shirt. Pair it with white flat-front pants. Finish in rubber shoes and go sock-less to upgrade your casual, military look.

# 12 Dapper Military Style

Get a sharp, classic military look with an army combat jacket. Pair it with denim, indigo waistcoat and denim blue shirt. Keep it cool and classy with a brown tie. What you get is a cool, suit-up military look that is sure to make heads turn.

# 13 Camo Jacket

Get a superb autumn 2016 collection – a Fatigue Frogskin Camo overshirt. The shirt is made of heavy milled Japanese fabric that makes it double as a jacket. It sports a stylish dessert camo interior and a plain dark navy herringbone.

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# 14 Zip Parka

Take your streetwear to a whole new level with a military zip parka that sports a checkered lining. Pair it with black long-sleeve t-shirt and black pants. Add army green cap to top up your casual military outfit.

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# 15 Swedish Military Jacket

Sport that cool, vintage look with a Swedish army jacket. This army jacket is designed to double as a shirt and sports large pockets to accommodate your small essentials. Button it up and add a t-shirt to spice up the whole look.

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# 16 Street Style

Look cool in a hooded bomber jacket that sports a camouflage green color and brown accents. Pair this leather jacket with U.S. Army neck scarf and French pique work pants. Add Alden cap-toe boots on the feet for that tough, vintage look.

# 17 Navy Green Utility Wear

Add a military look to your game of baseball. Go for a navy green baseball shirt paired with navy green shorts. Add a navy green t-shirt, boots on the feet and a hat. Keep your sports gear safe and organized in an army bag.

# 18 Beige Utility Wear

Look great in your game of baseball. Get a beige military utility outfit that sports a baseball shirt and shorts. Add a beige t-shirt, sock-less beige rubber shoes and top up your utility wear in a white rimmed hat.

# 19 Italian Style

Add the Italian look to your U.S. Army field jacket. Make it flipped at the collars and pair with a brown waistcoat. Add a crisp white shirt and white pants. Make everything stand out with a pair of dark sunglasses.

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# 20 Casual Street-Wear

Make heads turn as you walk the streets in army green shirt left unbuttoned to display the camouflaged t-shirt underneath. Pair it with ripped green jean pants and go sock-less in a cool pair of shoes.

# 21 The Style Off

Take your autumn winter wear to the next level. Get a US, beige Marine shirt. Leave the shirt unbuttoned and flip the collars to add more swag. Pair the shirt with army green military t-shirt for that cool army style.

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# 22 Camo Down Jacket

Get the military look with this camo outwear. Give it the cool contrast of a white t-shirt and  jeans pants.

# 23 Olive Utility Trousers

Go military in olive utility trousers. Pair it with a camouflage green zip jacket. Add a dark navy cardigan for some warmth and finish with tough leather boots on the feet.

# 24 Autumn Military Style

Stand out in army green quilted jacket that sports a zip design. Pair it with a grey, printed t-shirt. Put on army combat pants and complete your military look in 3-stripe Adidas original shoes.

# 25 Blended Military Style

Make it cool in a dark navy bomber jacket that sports orange inner lining. Pair it with army green shirt and dark jean pants. Add camouflage army boots on the feet for that creative military look.

Military clothing is a practical way of going tough in the world of fashion. They come in many different colors, patterns, and designs. Give it a try and get that superior image that will intimidate your rivals.

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40 Ways to Style Military Clothing – A Show of Patriotism and Fashion

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