55 Delightful Men’s Flannel Shirts – The Key to Your Comfort

Men’s flannel shirts look very trendy and smart. Mostly found in a checkered look and woolen material, these shirts have a unique style about them. It gives the wearer an impressive and cool look that cannot be found in any other type of shirts. So, here is our list of top 55 men’s flannel shirts to make it easy for you to choose from.

#1 Black & White Checkered

This checkered combo of black and white with black buttons looks very smart when worn with a black jacket and gray denim. The class looks apart from others.

#2 Red Blue and Faded White

This checkered shirt has a three-way combo with two blue lines sandwiching a red with the 4th being of faded white that reflect the mixture of both red and blue. Looks elegant with a black jacket and black denim.

#3 Blue & Cream Magic

This style and printing of this shirt are magical. The navy blue box followed by a faded blue box with a cream box underneath it. Looking quite impressive with a blue navy blue coat and lapis blue denim.

#4 Blood Red and Dark Blue

This flannel checkered shirt with blood red checks followed by blue boxes is truly breathtaking. Worn with light blue denim jacket can make the shirt stand out.

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#5 The Exclusive Black & Gray

This unique style has a color combination of black and gray and in stripes with two pockets on either side of the chest. The important thing is the hoodie at the back of the shirt which is really exclusive.

#6 Rose Red Gels in Black

This shirt has an amazing checkered look with one stripe belonging to rose red while the other gets in with black color. The shirt looks really cool when worn with black jeans.

#7 Yellow & Black Bomber

This bomber of a flannel shirt has a checkered combination of a yellow stripe followed by a black stripe. The lines in between the boxes are of black color and it looks great with white jeans.

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#8 Dapper Navy Blue with White

This dapper of a shirt has a navy blue stripe with dark and faded boxes followed by a white stripe. All in horizontal style. The shirt rocks with a blue denim.

#9 White & Black Vertical Limits

This amazing shirt has vertical lines of white, black and faded black. The style looks limitless in this really smart shirt which looks even better with sweatpants.

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#10 Crimson Red & Cobalt Blue

The shirt has a checkered look with vertical lines. One line has cobalt blue boxes followed with faded crimson red while the other is vice versa. Look cool with a black vest.

#11 Unique Green and Cream

The vertical lines on the flannel shirt have one line belonging to green with black borders followed by a cream color one. Look unique with white inner and denim jeans.

#12 Never-Ending Crimson Red & Blue

The combination of crimson red and blue is a never-ending color scheme. Always looks great regardless of whichever season it is worn in. here, the gray jacket and blue denim give it a brighter look.

#13 The Grace of Blue

The grace of the navy-blue color is evident in this shirt. The whole flannel is in one dark color with light blue thin stripes and white color buttons providing the contrast.

#14 Faded Glory

This shirt has three-way color scheme with red. Blue and off white, all are in faded stripes which make it very special. The two pockets on either side of the chest add style to the look.

#15 Checkered Magic

This shirt has visible blue and white checkered magic. The vertical lines have a traditional flannel shirt look with navy blue boxes followed by white. Look impressive with navy blue sweatpants and green jacket.

#16 Vintage Dapper Shirt

This dapper shirt has a vintage flannel shirt look to it with classy admiral blue lines that have a touch of red and cream lines. The admiral is followed by a cream line.

#17 Shamrock & Juniper Green

This is a multi-color shirt which is dominated by two shades of green, shamrock and juniper. The two are intruded by yellow and rose red lines. Look awesome with a gray cardigan.

#18 Faded Lapis with White

This checkered shirt is a masterclass in its own right. The faded lapis blue boxes have white lines covering the borders. Look extremely trendy.

#19 Three Way with Berry Blue

This stylish shirt has a three-way checkered look with berry blue boxes having faded off white and faded black borders. Only has one pocket on the left side of the shirt.

#20 Ruby Red & Faded Black

The love affair of ruby red with black continue in this shirt. The lines have boxes of ruby red followed by black and faded black. The class of flannel shirts is obvious here.

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#21 Blush Red with Blue

The thicker blush red stripe is followed by a faded blue one, both have white borders on them. Looks great with front open with navy blue jeans.

#22 Brighten Your Day

Brighten your day with this incredible bright red and black checkered flannel shirt. The boxes of bright red are followed by black and faded black for that matter.

#23 Grass Green with White Class

The checkered shirt has big grass green color boxes that have white and red lined borders. They are followed with white stripes. Looks majestic with all black inner.

#24 Ruby Red with Stylish Black

More red and more black combinations. This really stylish and fitted flannel shirt has a checkered go about it with thick black and faded black lines followed by small ruby red one.

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#25 The Beauty of Blue

This flannel shirt has two pockets on either side of the chest with different shades of blue put together in stripes form with white borders and white buttons.

#26 Fading Personified

This shirt has a personal look to it with the entire thing being faded. The checkered black is followed by white but the dominance is with white in this one.

#27 Sensational Green with White

This checkered shirt with two pockets and dominant black buttons has patches of two sensational green shades followed by lines of white.

#28 Legacy of Red

The true legacy of red is visible in this shirt as even though the shirt has yellow, light blue and navy blue stripes, red still leads the way well.

#29 Cerulean & Lapis Mixture

This shirt has the mixture of cerulean blue and lapis blue. The lines of the shirt are made in purple color which gives a shiny feel and looks to it. The shirt has two pockets and white buttons.

#30 Imprinted Faded Blue

The shirt is imprinted with checkered boxes with two shades of blue, one is navy and the another one is faded. The next has off white boxes which continue the breathtaking combo of blue and white.

#31 Seaweed Green with Red

This shirt is dominated with seaweed green but the checkered borders have red lines on it which make it look absolutely astonishing.

#32 Light Blue with Red

The checkered flannel shirt has a combination of light blue lines with red lines. The border of both is made in black color. The light blue jeans go well with the shirt.

#33 Orange & Black

With two stylish pockets on either side of the chest, this bright orange shirt has checkered stripes of black and black lines. Goes well with black jeans.

#34 Brilliance of Indigo

The brilliance of indigo is evident in this classy flannel shirt. Combined with faded indigo and white boxes, this shirt had everything to be worn on a bright sunny day.

#35 Sky Blue with Touch of Admiral

This shirt has a checkered combination of sky blue stripes followed with admiral blue borders and white stripes. Extremely trendy for any season.

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#36 Umber and Maroon

The bets mix of brown and black bring sharpness and the style of the color is visible in this shirt. With light gray and maroon stripes, this is a peach of a shirt.

#37 Cherry Red

Another incredible flannel shirt with red and black. The cherry red strips followed by black is as good as it gets when it comes to the shirt. Worn with light blue jeans makes it look even better.

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#38 Mahogany & Blue

This is one of the best combos of mahogany and blue you will ever see. The combo of both followed by its faded combo and white makes it the best thing ever.

#39 Sophisticated Blue

This shirt has all blue flavor to it. With bright and navy blue stripes, this shirt has a unique charisma to it. it also has a pocket on one side.

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#40 Multi Color Dapper

This multi-color dapper of a shirt has a touch of yellow, light orange, red, blue and white. It looks great for a sunny day out and the black jeans make it shine even brighter.

We hope that our list of classical men’s flannel shirts would make it easier for you to choose one for casual or formal wear. Flannel shirts have transformed into from being a party wear apparel to be worn on any given day.


55 Delightful Men’s Flannel Shirts – The Key to Your Comfort

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