40 Eye-Catching Maroon Suits That You Should Wear This Year

Occasions like weddings, job interviews, official functions, and dinners call for you to have a suit. Therefore, every man should at least have one stylish suit that fits him perfectly well. Some people would opt to get the standard colors like black and brown. However, someone who keeps up with the current style would consider going for other colors such as maroon, orange, red, and any other bright color. A maroon suit, for example, will make a man look stylish, trimmer, and on top of his game. Some of the available types of maroon suits include:

# 1 Claret Red and Navy Blue

The windowpane blazer made of chambray is necessary for every man. It uses the light cotton in its manufacture, which is soft to the touch and flows well. The navy blue square pocket fold that matches the color of the tie adds to the sophistication of the blazer.

# 2 Bespoke Maroon Suit with Point Pocket Square

The dull maroon color portrays a very simple but very classy look for work or any other formal event. You may want a fitted suit for you on your special occasion that is outstanding from the rest.

# 3 The Sharp Englishman

A combination of maroon and black would attract respect from the people of all ages. Most of the Englishmen outfits have a double vent, and you may consider looking at that while purchasing one.

# 4 Peak Lapelled Bridegroom Suit

A combination of a maroon suit and a white shirt would leave people swooning over how handsome the groom was. Pair this with a peak lapel to get a sharper look on your special occasion.

# 5 Cashmere Oxblood Suit

The pocket square fold is quite alluring to the eyes and breaks the monotony on the maroon suit. The fitted look on the jacket makes you outstand in public.

# 6 The Classy Pocket Square Fold with a Matching Boutonniere

The pocket fold complements the color of the blazer while the white buttons match the color of the shirt. This is a simple blazer but the creativity put in accessorizing it makes it an eye candy to many.

# 7 Window Pane 3-Piece Suit

Most of the suits are single breasted, and they come with a vest. Wear the suit on formal occasions like weddings and church. The vest helps one retain the official look even after taking off the coat.

  • Maroon Suit 4
  • Maroon Suit 1
  • Maroon Suit 5
  • Maroon Suit 3
  • Maroon Suit 6

# 8 Two Piece Bespoke Maroon Suit

The fitted suit is ideal for the formal event. The material used on the blazer allows it to drape and fit the body so well. The one button used on the blazer as well as the jetted pockets gives an exquisite touch to the suit.

# 9 The Burgundy Windowpane Suit

The windowpane suit was once casual attire, but currently, people wear it to formal events. The brighter maroon suit is ideal for summer time, and the darker shades are perfect for any season.

# 10 White Nuvola Jacket

The maroon colored jacket colored with a burgundy border pocket square is a go-to outfit for many people. The material used in making the coat allows it to fall so well on the body.

# 11 Fresco Suit with Double Sided Vents

The blazer is ideal for the summer days since it is very airy and durable too. The double sided vents as well as the as the burgundy pocket square add to the sophistication of the coat giving you a bolder look.

# 12 The Fitted Maroon Blazer

Clothing with a good fit on the body is an eye candy and accessorizing that with a flowery pocket square makes it appealing to everyone who sees it. The blazer is ideal for both formal and casual occasions.

# 13 The Red Thread Spread

The jacket, tie, and pants complement each other giving a very distinguished look. The blazer is ideal for the formal occasions as well as the non-formal ones.

# 14 The Short Suit

This is the trending fashion in men during summer. However, people have divided feelings about wearing a short above the knees instead of the pants. The short is a great relief for the people who do not mind having a pair of shorts when the sun is so hot.

  • Maroon Suit 7
  • Maroon Suit 8
  • Maroon Suit 9
  • Maroon Suit 10
  • Maroon Suit 11

# 15 Lecce Burgundy Suit

This suit stands out in public due to the material used in its manufacture. It uses lightweight wool and mohair Italian fabric in the production. It has two flap pockets on both sides, and one-point folds on the pocket square.

# 16 Double Breasted Bespoke Blazer

A peak lapel and beautiful embroidery along the lapel complements the classy buttons on the blazer. A double-breasted jacket adds width to a man’s frame. Avoid purchasing a double-breasted suit that has a double layering.

# 17 Two Button Maroon Suit

This is one of the simple looks to wear to your workday and still look formal. The Flap pocket adds thickness on the hip while the black pocket square gives a variation of color to the whole attire.

# 18 Maroon Windowpane Blazer with a Vest

This outfit suits the informal occasions such as weddings and parties though it still fits the formal occasions. The blend of a maroon windowpane blazer and the white pants will make you stand out in a crowd.

# 19 Navy Blue Vest and Maroon Jacket Combo

The combination of the shawl lapels on the vest and notch lapels on the blazer makes the outfit outstanding. Leave the blazer unbuttoned to display the two contrasting colors.

# 20 Double Breasted Blazer with Flowered Pocket Square

The well fitting blazer paired with vintage buttons accentuates the body shape of the person wearing the jacket. A flowered pocket square breaks the monotony of the plain colors of the blazer, pants, and the shirt.

# 21 Pinstriped Maroon Suit with a High Pocket Square

The stripes running from the top to the bottom give an increased visual height on the person wearing the coat. The pocket square also mimics the way the lines flow adding more taste to the general outfit.

  • Maroon Suit 14
  • Maroon Suit 13
  • Maroon Suit 12
  • Maroon Suit 15

# 22 The Maroon 3-Piece Suit

This is the perfect look for the formal occasions. It gives a combination of two lapels, (the notch, and shawl) making it more presentable than the 2-piece suit.

# 23 Pinstriped Fresco Blazer

Fashion keeps on evolving, and the previous generation spotted this same look at some point. The lightweight wool used in manufacture makes it ideal for summertime. The crisp feel and the non-absorbent nature of the material give you a fresh feel all day.


# 24 Single Buttoned Red Jacket

Are you looking for a blazer that would break the monotony on your outfit? Then this is the blazer to get. Adopt a serious and composed look with this simple blazer with flapped pockets on your workday or when hanging out with friends.

# 25 Blue Pin on a Three Piece Burgundy Suit

A flat pocket square paired with a boutonniere flower that matches the color of the tie is the perfect way to give variation to the burgundy three-piece suit. Accessorizing the single-breasted jacket would make you stand out so well in a crowd.

A maroon suit is one of the clothing you should consider buying the next time you are out shopping. The suits are multifunctional, and you can wear them to any occasion. Remember that one’s outfit tells so much about their style.

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40 Eye-Catching Maroon Suits That You Should Wear This Year

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