65 Versatile Leather Jackets for Men – A Must Have Item for Every Guy

Leather jackets for men (and women) got their start in the early 1900’s when aviators and military men began wearing brown leather flight jackets, which would later become known as bomber jackets. These insulated jackets were designed to keep the pilots warm while they flew at high altitude.

Since then they have become a staple fashion item, often associated with sub-cultures such as punks, Goths, rockers, and motorcyclists, but an item that anyone can wear. They are warm and protective, making them a versatile and classy addition to any wardrobe. They are most often designed in black or brown, but with dying, they can be created in a wide range of colors. And there’s a style to flatter and suit every body type. Whether it’s real or faux, leather jackets for men will always be fashionable. Here are 65 hot ways to wear them:

# 1 Rocking Out in Fitted Sheep Skin

This model’s rocker look is completed by a soft touch fitted black leather jacket. He’s wearing it with a dapper hairstyle, white t-shirt, and jeans with frayed detail on the thigh.

# 2 Universal Outfit

A black jacket, crisp white t-shirt, and blue jeans is a classic look that almost anyone can wear and feel fantastic. This model opted for a soft jacket with minimal details.

# 3 Creamy Brown

If black isn’t quite your thing, why not step out in style in brown sheepskin leather instead? Here we see a rich looking creamy brown coat worn with the collar up.

# 4 Soft Touch

In this picture, we see a soft-touch black coat with zipper details in front and a high collar. Leather jackets are one of the most versatile garments that you can own and one like this will take you far.

# 5 Easy Semi Formal Style

Genuine leather jackets can be worn with semi-formal looks as well. This model is wearing a soft gray woolen shirt with black linen pants and no fuss black jacket.

# 6 Back In Black

This chamois leather jacket has woolen detail at the bottom, neck and on the wrist to keep you warm and comfortable. He’s opted for an all black look with black jeans and aviator shades.

# 7 Hooded Leather Jacket

The comfort of a hooded jacket combined with fashionable leather – what more could you ask for? We love the simple design of this zip up jacket with material edging.

# 8 A Take Anywhere Look

Fitted jackets should always sit just at the waist – exactly like this model is wearing his. He’s paired a rough look black jacket with blue jeans and a black shirt for a take anywhere look.

# 9 Go Crocodile Crazy

Whether it’s real or faux a crocodile skin leather jacket is a hot ticket item. This model is wearing a tan brown one with a zip and open neckline.

# 10 Brown and Caramel Coat

This model is wearing a smart outfit consisting of a blue pinstripe shirt, dark tie, caramel colored woolen sweater, and dark brown leather coat over dark jeans. We love the brown on brown!

# 11 Lambskin Bomber

Lambskin leather is renowned for its extra soft texture – making it perfect for edgier leather jacket designs like this padded bomber style. For this look, the jacket is paired with a baggy light t-shirt and medium skinny blue jeans.

# 12 Got Swag?

Stop the fashion press – this short black leather number is just what you need to add swag to your style. It’s got sharp zipper details and a sexy fold open collar with quilting detail on the upper arms.

# 13 Distressed Quilted Jacket

This eye-catching jacket is made of distressed cow skin leather and it’s got a vintage look with quilted shoulders. Pair with a pair of jet black pants and a black shirt for maximum effect.

# 14 Rocking in Oxblood Red

Release your inner rockstar with this racy oxblood red leather jacket. This model is wearing it with a white leisure shirt and black trousers, but it will work well with black jeans too.

# 15 Bad Boy Leathers

Every bad boy needs a black leather jacket and this one is a perfect staple for any wardrobe. It’s got a simple squared off shape with pockets in front and no fuss finishings.

  • Leather Jacket 51
  • Leather Jacket 52
  • Leather Jacket 53
  • Leather Jacket 54
  • Leather Jacket 55

# 16 Soft and Supple

Supple leather jackets like this black one are so comfortable that it will feel like a second skin. A plain jacket like this is great for dressing up or just running to the shops.

# 17 Get Squared Away

This distressed black leather jacket with its high square pockets is perfect for men who want to keep their valuables close. Instead of a white shirt, you can also go for a gray t-shirt and jeans just like this model.

# 18 Everyday Leather Glamour

Looking for an everyday look that always works? Grab a plainly styled matt leather jacket like this, a white t-shirt and jeans and you’re done!

# 19 No Fuss Jacket

This coat has discreet side pockets and a plain design – making it the perfect no-fuss look. He’s wearing it zipped up, with a patterned shirt, cardigan and washed blue jeans.

# 20 Biker Chic

This biker style leather jacket has additional padding over the shoulders with quilting along the arms. He’s wearing it with a black patterned t-shirt and dark trousers, now all he needs is the bike!

# 21 Front Page Fashion

From the bottom up this model is wearing brown worker style boots, washout out blue denim jeans and a thin gray knit top. Over this outfit, he added a form fitting soft black jacket that sits on the hips.

# 22 Mid-Length Style

This model is wearing a mid-length black leather jacket which sits on his thighs. It’s got three buttons in front, but he’s wearing it open – with a black t-shirt and blue jeans.

# 23 Hipster Jacket

A cool laid back hipster look is easy to cultivate with the right clothes. For everyday glamor why not try a short black leather jacket over a loose t-shirt and frayed black jeans?

# 24 Hot Full Grain Leather

A high-quality leather (or faux leather) jacket may initially set you back, but this is an item that should last you for many years. This matt jacket with zipper details will always be on trend.

# 25 Crushed Leather in Red

If black and brown is just a little too mainstream for you, why not get yourself a red leather jacket instead? This eye-catching item will guarantee that you’ll always be looking hot.

# 26 Smooth Russet Brown

This zip-up jacket is a dark russet brown shade and has detail at the shoulders with edging and quilting. It’s worn here over an all-black outfit consisting of a golf shirt, plain trousers, and simple belt.

# 27 Leather Jacket with Fur Collar

If you need something to keep you warm on icy mornings this creamy brown jacket is just the thing. It’s padded for extra coziness and sports a trendy faux fur inner collar.

# 28 Throwback Style

For a look reminiscent of the 1950’s grab an apricot brown leather jacket and pair it with a pair of stovepipe white jeans, white loafers, and a fedora.

# 29 Edgy All Black Look

Rock an edgy look like this by combining tight black jeans, ripped at the knees, black leather shoes and a black woolen top with a crushed black leather jacket.

# 30 Best Button Up

This model is wearing a creamy brown leather jacket with antique style buttons and squared off pockets in front. He teamed it with a gray t-shirt, brown belt, and muted blue jeans.

  • Leather Jacket 56
  • Leather Jacket 57
  • Leather Jacket 58
  • Leather Jacket 59
  • Leather Jacket 60

# 31 Soft Toffee Leather

This soft jacket is made with a thin hide, making it a supple and easy to wear item. The shade is a creamy toffee color and it’s worn here with a white shirt and blue jeans.

# 32 Bomber Chic

Go back to the origins of the leather jacket and get yourself a black bomber jacket. This one has elastic around the wrists making it easy for you to use your hands.

# 33 Luxury Minimalist Jacket

This model is wearing a black leather jacket in the minimalist style with no extra details or stitching. He’s wearing his leather zip up over a navy blue shirt and pants with a cornflower blue waistcoat.

# 34 Rock Star Worthy

This matt black hide jacket has golden and silver embellishment over the chest – perfect for a night on the town. Wear it with a black shirt, black jeans and a little swag and you’ll be the center of attention!

# 35 Striped Rider Jacket

This model is wearing a black rider jacket with high horizontal pockets and silver stripe detail on the arms. The jacket is padded over the shoulders and is worn with a checked shirt.

# 36 The Best You

A leather coat that is well fitted will accentuate your features. In this example, we can see how the smooth lines and finishes accentuate the shoulders and make them appear broader.

# 37 Light Brown Bomber

Any fashionable guy looking to rock an authentic 80’s look should not be without a bomber and this eye-catching light brown number is just incredible. We love the easy clip up buttons in front.

# 38 Simple and Stylish

A leather jacket will help make any outfit look stylish – so simple! This model is wearing a black bomber with brown finishings and a smartly folded leather collar.

# 39 Cowboy Combo

Ever dream of being a cowboy? You’ll feel like one in this western inspired brown leather jacket. This model is wearing the simply styled coat with the classic white shirt and jeans combo.

# 40 Flattering Black Look

This black leather jacket has pocket and zipper details in front together with an edgy clip collar to keep the cold air out. It’s tailored to flatter and looks great over jeans and a t-shirt.

# 41 Old School Cool

Step out in an old school style with this stylish dark brown leather jacket that sits just below the waist. It’s got buttons in front to fasten and will look good fastened or loose like the model is wearing his.

  • Leather Jacket 62
  • Leather Jacket 61
  • Leather Jacket 63
  • Leather Jacket 64
  • Leather Jacket 65

# 42 Fine Finishings

This model’s outfit consists of washed black fitted jeans, a plain round neck navy blue t-shirt and a shiny black leather jacket with brass zipper and button details.

# 43 Smoothest Hide

This handsome coat is light sandy brown, made from the finest hide to guarantee a smooth finish. He’s wearing it fastened with the collar open. Underneath, he’s wearing a white t-shirt and taupe trousers.

# 44 Horsehide Bomber

This no-fuss bark brown horsehide jacket will take you far! It features elasticized wrists and waist for an easy fit and has got two basic pockets in front.

# 45 Red with White Stitching

This bright red leather jacket is sure to be a conversation starter. We love how the model has drawn attention to the fine white stitching details by combining it with a clean white t-shirt and shoes.

# 46 Luxury Quilt

A handsome quilted leather jacket is the ultimate in luxury and we all deserve a little luxury in our lives right? Spoil yourself with a brown jacket like this one and feel handsome every day.

# 47 Buttery Brown

This model is wearing a buttery leather jacket with two pockets in front and simple clip buttons. Underneath he’s wearing a light blue denim shirt and dark jeans.

# 48 Streetwise Biker Style

Here we see a dark brown leather jacket with concealed pockets in front and zip details on the arms. He’s wearing the thick coat fastened at the waist with blue jeans and a white shirt.

# 49 Eclectic Olive Green

If you’re a little more eclectic you’ll love this dark olive green leather number with quilted shoulders and sharp zip details in front. Team it with an all black outfit for a hipster look.

# 50 Black with Silver Embellishment

This jacket is a little punk, a little street but definitely hot! This model wears a classic black leather jacket with plenty of zipper details and silver embellishments.

If you don’t yet have a leather jacket it’s definitely time to invest in one. If you buy a good quality one it should last you for many years so go for the best you can afford. If you don’t like wearing real leather don’t worry – there are plenty of gorgeous faux options to choose from as well. Team your leather coat with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a look that will always be on trend or dress it up by wearing a smarter outfit underneath. One thing is for sure – you’ll never want to take it off again!

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65 Versatile Leather Jackets for Men – A Must Have Item for Every Guy

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