25 Marvelous Ideas on Rare Jordans – The Scarce and Smart Footgear

Nothing will bring more attention to you than wearing some charming, rare Jordans. Whether they come in some odd colors or a unique design, they are still very glamorous. What makes these kicks unique is the fact that the company only produces them in a limited edition and once they go out of stocks they never come back. And so if you have a pair of some rare sneakers lying around, you are very lucky as there are only a few others in the world that look like yours. The gallery below portrays some of the looks that you should expect to get from these scarce or limited kicks.

# 1 Jordan 8 Champagne Grade

This edition of the Jordan 8 comes in a champagne grade and with a high top. It is a classic looking shoe with a distinct buckle style closure over the laces.

# 2 Retro Jordan 11 Space Jams

The distinctive shoelace style and the unique stitching on the uppers and shine at the front pair with the white and blue sole that also has an impressive design to give this sneaker its distinguished look.

# 3 Supreme White Kicks

This rear shoe is in an all white shade with a sole that is similar to the Air Force 1 and the cute bubbles that you find on the Air Max. It also has a high top and some elegant print patterns at the front.

# 4 Sweet and Classic Jordans

Just by looking at this shoe one can tell that it takes inspiration from several editions of the Jordan sneakers. But, the final look is just adorable, and it maintains the traditional high top with a black upper and extra cute sole that features a red Jumpman logo at the back.

# 5 Jordan 5 Retro “3LAB5.”

Sneaker lovers always find this shoe fascinating as it has a unique and impressive appearance. It features a patterned black top and a distinct red and black sole with air pockets.

# 6 Triple Colored 13’s

Although this shoe is from the Jordan 13 edition, the color combination and slight design variation are unique and also very rare.

# 7 The Sunset 5s

The attentiveness to detail when it comes to these rare Jordans is one of the things that makes them unique. They have an all white upper with a detailed stitching and small mesh-like section for breathability, and their unique sole has a nice color combination and a pattern that imitates the rays of the sun.

# 8 Stylish Rare Black Kicks

You cannot single out one thing that makes these sneakers fantastic because everything from the suede-like material to the collar design and the sole is just breathtaking.

# 9 Patterned Laser 5s

The patterned material and the breathable mesh patch are what most men will love about these rare sneakers. But, size and shape of the tongue and sole design are also fantastic.

# 10 Mist Blue 4s

These kicks would still be amazing even without being rare. Their mist blue shade is just astonishing but their design is also top notch, and it entails giving them a unique flat sole and a simple but unique upper style.

# 11 The Retro 4 DB

The combination of bright colors is what makes these sneakers unique. It involves having an unadorned black shade at the front, a patterned one above it and having the stitching in a blue shade. The laces and the detached extra eyelets are in a green shade while the sole combines green, black and blue.

# 12 OG Snake Skins

This shoe has a snakeskin design between the white upper and sole which is what makes it unique. However the style of the shoelace openings and sole are also very impressive.

# 13 Red Suede 4s

As rare as this lovely sneaker might be you can still find it if you search patiently. It is a red suede Jordan 4 that comes with a high top and also includes a mesh on the upper and an excellent outsole design.

# 14 The Impressive Burgundy Jordan 5

The Jordan 5 is a 1990 release, and although there are several color combinations still available, this burgundy one is as rare as it can get. It maintains a regular Jordan 5 appearance and so the only thing that makes it stand out is the color.

# 15 Retro Ferrari 14s

It is hard not to fall in love with this shoe because everything about it is just wonderful. It is from the Ferrari 14 edition, and it comes with a red suede upper section with an innovative lace and tongue design and an impressive outsole.

# 16 Bright and Rare Kicks

The multiple shades and patterns on the top part of these sneakers look fabulous, and they combine with the colorful laces to brighten up the kicks. This pair also has a thin but comfortable sole.

# 17 Cool Grey 4s

If you can get these rare Jordans, they will be one of your favorite because they have a very adorable look. They have an all gray upper section including the laces, and the sole is black and white with air pockets.

# 18 All Gold 3s

The shine on these kicks will make sure that you turn heads anywhere you go. They are from the Jordan 3 edition, and they maintain a bright gold shade throughout.

# 19 Black Varsity Red Jordan 6

Some kicks like these might look very simple, but the fact that they are scarce makes them unique. The Black Varsity Red sneakers feature a detailed black upper and a unique sole design that combines red, black and white shades.

# 20 Linen 10s with Unique Color Way

High top Linen 10s like these might not be readily available, but the look that they give you makes them worth the extra effort when searching for a pair. The colorway which combines white and light brown gives the shoe a very chic design.

# 21 DMP Jordan 1

Although the Jordan 1 has many re-releases, shoes that maintain the original look like this one are very rare. It has the original flat sole design, and the upper section with a high top comes in black and red.

# 22 The Jordan 4 Lightning

The color of these rare Jordans is enough to convince any man that he needs to have them. But, they also look neat and very comfortable which are just what you need in a sneaker.

# 23 Jordan 2 Retro Infrared

There is always something special about every Jordan sneaker edition, and this pair is that thing for the 2s. The high top with an extra-long tongue and the chocolate brown and dotted white color combinations are all magnificent.

# 24 Red Toro 4s

Red is always an eye-catching color for sneakers, and it is one of the things that make this pair special. It is a low-top Jordan 4 with a long tongue, breathable mesh and a black and white sole with air pockets.

# 25 Low Jordan 11

The innovative upper design that involves having white around the lace eyelets and a baby blue shade below it gives these sneakers a very cute look. They are low-tops with a white and gray sole, and their look makes them perfect for both playing and weekend wear.

The fact that rare Jordans are not easy to find makes them worth searching for because the experience will make your pair even more unique. And if you are not sure what to look for, one of the 25 glamorous pairs above will be a good starting point.

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