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Drawing inspiration from American heritage, vintage mountaineering, travel and fashion, Herschel has created few fashionable, stylish, and practical laptop bags for every woman and man looking to add a bit of peace of mind to their daily travels. Herschel Supply Co. backpacks are much in demand due to its contemporary utility and bold colorways. Here is the list of Herschel bags that will look sharp on you the moment you step out.

# 1 Classic Silhouettes

The Herschel Classic backpack stays true to its eternal silhouette. It is made to fit perfectly on your style. It has a single front pocket made from the signature striped fabric liner. Made for vintage mountaineering, this leather-trimmed backpack is necessary for outdoor lovers.

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# 2 Popular Pop Quiz Silhouette

The popular Pop Quiz is one of the most popular backpack silhouettes. It is a simple, modern and clean modification of an urban silhouette which can cater to all your school or work needs while staying useful. It has multiple storage options.

# 3 Contoured and Streamlined, the Barlow Silhouette

This contoured and streamlined, Barlow silhouette has been designed for the city and its people. This is a stylish backpack from Herschel, which also includes flexible sternum support, and curved shoulder straps. It was created keeping rural and urban travelers in mind.

# 4 The Gorge Duffle

The Trail Gorge duffle is a uniquely crafted design, made from water resistant and durable custom nylon fabric. It is perfectly fit for everyday as well as light travel. It offers the modern style, energy and services of the Herschel store in an enhanced manner.

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# 5 Novel Duffle

This Novel Duffel looks greats with its removable shoulder strap feature. It is an ideal idea for a weekend getaway. It has a wide variety of storage options, including an easy to use shoe pocket.

# 6 Signature Silhouette

This signature Silhouette from Herschel can help you carry all your daily essentials. Designed to become a wardrobe staple, it is complete with Herschel’s signature white and red lining, and is fitted with many inner pockets, which can keep your belongings organized and safe.

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# 7 Modern Classics

It is a modern, innovative and design driven backpack, which is dedicated to the fashion and tech savvy following around the globe. Modern classic backpack is an iconic silhouette, which has been paired with modern mountaineering style and classic functionality.

  • Herschel Bag 26
  • Herschel Bag 27
  • Herschel Bag 28
  • Herschel Bag 29
  • Herschel Bag 30

# 8 Heritage Backpack

The Herschel Heritage backpack has an ageless diamond shaped accent. It looks amazing with its all new functional design. The backpack consists of the following features-convenient front pocket, modern construction and hidden zipper access.

# 9 Feathered Curtains

Drawing inspiration from travel and fashion, and old mountaineering, Herschel offers feathered curtain styled backpacks. It features Single front pocket with key clip, Pebbled leather zipper pulls and striped fabric liner.

# 10 Leather Strap

Aim to take on adventures with style. The all new leather strap designed Herschel backpacks are back with its iconic multicolored stripes and white canvas features. The leather straps have quick closings for easy opening, and also has a routine chambray lining inside.

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# 11 PopQuiz Backpack

Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack is an archetypal work or school style that consists of a wide series of handy pockets and organizers, Water-resistant zippers with flat black leather pulls, and Fleece lined sunglasses section. It is a simple, modern and clean modification of a silhouette backpack.

# 12 Studio Collection

The studio collection has been built for urban exploration. Having a pioneering approach to utilitarian design, this new design pushes the limits of contemporary design. It has been inspired by the spirit of the regatta, and persistence to race against the wind, the Studio Collection looks good from a traveler point of view.

# 13 Packable Duffle

The packable duffle collection is a perfect idea for having extra baggage on the go. No matter how light you are traveling, it forms as an ideal piece for a small holiday as well as for a weekend trip. It is detailed with a classic bandana print.

# 14 The Sutton Mid Duffle

Made for everyday use and light travel, the Sutton Mid Duffle has a detachable shoulder strap, multiple storage sleeves and is durable in nature. It is quite strong and can be used for everyday work purpose.

  • Herschel Bag 31
  • Herschel Bag 32
  • Herschel Bag 33
  • Herschel Bag 34
  • Herschel Bag 35

# 15 Sporty Sutton Mid Duffle

The Sutton Mid Duffle is equally functional and stylish. Including a detachable shoulder strap, this backpack from Herschel has been made using premium tonal detailing and lightweight resalable fabric. The zip top also unlocks to a lined interior with aeration ports on the end.

# 16 Wander Weekly

Wander weekly backpack is best suited for everyday use. It has space for a 15-inch laptop pocket, which makes it an athletic carrying case rather than the typical briefcase. This bright and striped bag also has room for flashlights, cameras, first aid kits, and sunglasses.

# 17 Studio Collection

Made out of polycoat texture and industrial-grade tarpaulin item portions, this dynamic Studio Collection is made with premium tanned leather, fixed zippers, and screen-printed accents. Using creative water-proof materials and a refined urban taste, it delivers an innovative desire to challenge and raise conventional outline.

# 18 Heritage Backpack

Go for an adventure trip in style. The new heritage backpack incorporates iconic multicolored and white canvas design, which has an easy opening. It also includes a customary chambray outline inside the backpack. You can carry your things for casual or school travel inside this backpack.

# 19 Classic Traditional Backpack

This classic traditional backpack has a keen focus on internal compartments and pouches. It looks more like a more traditional backpack. Its outside remains free of confusing straps, and mesh bags, thus creating a stylish pack for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

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# 20 Cargo Bag

Herschel also manufactures some of the best cases and bags in the world, using high quality materials. This sleek and professional looking cargo bag has been designed for a lightweight and modern feel. The outer side of the bag is covered in tech gray textured nylon.

# 21 Urban Pack

If you want to carry more items while travelling, then it seems the Urban pack is the right choice. It is not only for storage space, it also includes a lot of features. From a wealth of available pockets in many sizes to use of microfiber cloth, you do not have to worry about spaces for keeping your things.

  • Herschel Bag 40
  • Herschel Bag 39
  • Herschel Bag 38
  • Herschel Bag 37
  • Herschel Bag 36

# 22 Fall 2015 Studio Collection

This collection from fall 2015 Studio has a refined urban taste and has been made using creative camo waterproof materials. It sports a conventional design with lots of external pockets to store your gears, and power chords.

# 23 Survey Backpack

Herschel Supply Co’s Survey gray Backpack is a classic design and is vintage inspired. Drawing inspiration from the first generation scouting bags, this backpack stays true to its brand’s heritage aesthetic nature.

# 24 Outdoor Backpack

The outdoor backpack is one of the most standard, sure, and a brilliant ode to simplicity styled pack. This backpack has an adaptable main compartment, and numerous internal loop webbing handy straps. A perfect companion for an outdoor trip, this backpack is spacious.

# 25 Little America Backpack

Herschel Little America backpacks are one of the most common signature styles. Paired with classic mountaineering elegance and modern functionality, it is a large hiking backpack for travel and hiking trips. Inspired by the deep-rooted American mountaineering heritage, it is fully lined with Herschel custom printed poly fabric style.

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40 Ideas on Herschel Bags – The Vercityle Accessory


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