40 Awesome Ideas For White Suits For Men – A Hollywood Look

White suits for men have become very popular nowadays especially for weddings, dinner parties and other events. White is such a spectacular color that will look great on you regardless of your skin complexion. It will bring out the best out of your fashion and personality. Whether you are attending a wedding as the groom or a groomsman, you can still rock a white suit and look awesome. The following are some of the great ways that you can use to style white suits for men to achieve a cool trendy look.

# 1 White Suit and Black Bow Tie

When we talk of white suits for men, it does not necessarily mean that everything has to be white. You can go for a white coat, white shirt, black bow tie and black trousers for an amazingly superb look.

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# 2 Cool Wedding Style

If you will be attending a wedding soon, this is the kind of suit you should consider wearing. The all white look will give you a fresh look regardless of your skin color. A black bow tie and black shoes will be perfect to go with this look.

# 3 Classic White Suit with Purple Shirt

3 Classic White Suit with Purple Shirt


A mixture of white and purple never disappoints. Both the suit and shirt in this look are amazingly slick. They will look perfect when paired with white sneakers.

# 4 White and Black

Instead of going for an all white look, you can blend a white coat and black trouser. This will be a great style to rock during a wedding. A white shirt, black bow tie and black shoes will look awesome with this look.

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# 5 Well Groomed Groom Look

This is a nice style that you will need to give a try if you want to look and feel your best during your wedding. The white suit looks great when worn together with a light blue shirt and a floral vintage tie.

# 6 Stylish Men’s Look

You will look too dope if you dress like this. A white coat when matched with a brown trouser and brown shoes will look absolutely great on you. A white shirt will be great for this look. There is no need for a tie.

# 7 Cool Semi Formal Look

A white suit and white shirt without a tie will give you a cool semi-formal look. To deviate from white a little, a black belt will be perfect.

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  • white suit 6

# 8 Total White

All white suit and black bow tie will definitely give you a handsome look that will cause people to admire you. This look is definitely beyond the Hollywood style.

# 9 Nice Summer Suit

This white suit with the checked red bow tie will not disappoint when you wear it in summer. It looks so slick especially when paired with a white shirt and black shoes.

# 10 White Tuxedo

On your wedding, you want to make sure that you are not overshadowed by the groomsmen. This white tuxedo will help you achieve exactly that. Your groomsmen can wear black suits to look different from you.

# 11 Elegant Boys’ Style

Younger men can rock white suits and look great. This particular suit that has black stripes will be great when paired with a black shirt and a black lapel flower for a cool semi-formal look.

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# 12 Ivory White Italian Cotton Suit

Italian suits are some of the best suits you will ever come across. This ivory white suit will look awesome if combined with a light blue shirt and black and white striped tie. A lapel flower that has a touch of blue and white will go well with this style.

# 13 Smart Casual Look

A white suit when combined with a blue V-neck T-shirt is a nice smart casual look to try. White sneakers will be awesome to go with this look.

# 14 Sharp Formal Look

This is an all time classic suit style to wear to weddings and other formal events. The white coat and black trouser go well together. A black bow tie and black shoes will complete this look well.

  • white suit 11
  • white suit 9
  • white suit 7
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  • white suit 8

# 15 Gorgeous Formal Wear

This white coat, white shirt, black bow tie and black trouser combination is a perfect wedding or prom look. Your date or spouse can wear an all white outfit to match with your look.

# 16 Nice Spring Fashion

You will look like a model if you wear this cool white suit with an olive green striped T-shirt and stylish white belt. It is a cool smart casual look for boys.

# 17 All White Style

You can decide to go all white with everything you wear. A white suit will look perfect with a white turtleneck and white sneakers.

# 18 White and Maroon Style

A maroon shirt will be great to go with a white suit. For the tie, you can go with either black or white and then complete the look with black shoes.

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# 19 Bespoke White Dinner Jacket with Black Trousers

This style will give you an elegant look that will turn heads at the function or event you are attending. A white shirt will be a good match for the white coat and black trousers.

# 20 Classy Gentleman Look

A white suit can give you a classy gentleman look that is needed at a formal event such as a wedding. A pink shirt and blue tie will be absolutely perfect to go with this look.

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# 21 Elegant Red Carpet Look

This is a style that you may have already seen many celebrities rocking on the red carpet. Rami Malek wore it at the 2016 Emmy’s red carpet and looked fabulous. The white coat, white shirt with black buttons, black bow tie and black trouser go well together.

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  • white suit 12

# 22 Stylish Tuxedo Suit

With a tuxedo suit like this, everyone at your wedding will be staring at you in awe. The fabric that it is made of looks absolutely gorgeous. The white coat looks great when combined with a white shirt, black bow tie and black trousers.

# 23 Dapper Gentleman Style

If you are a gentleman, this is one simple but classy style you will need to try. Everything from the white coat, white shirt, black trousers and black shiny shoes looks awesome.

# 24 White Suit for Younger Men

Since younger men are all about dressing to impress, this white suit will be very suitable for them. It looks awe-inspiring with the black bow tie.

# 25 Slick Groom Suit

During your wedding, you will look fantastic if you wear this suit. It is a cool tuxedo suit that features a combination of a white coat, black pants, white shirt and black bow tie.

White suits for men are highly elegant, professional, trendy and exquisite when it comes to their designs, cuts, fabrics and styles. They are the perfect attire that you would not think twice about when choosing a suit for your wedding. The white suits also portray sophistication and richness as formal and professional wear.

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40 Awesome Ideas For White Suits For Men – A Hollywood Look

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