30 Iconic Hugo Boss Outfits – Keeping It Upscale and Classy

Hugo Boss outfits are the kind that will always make a man look polished, classy and expensive. This high-end designer has been in the business for close to a century now (since 1924), and the company is famous for producing everything from suits to watches. Quality and uniqueness are the two things that set apart their clothes from the many other brands in the market. Any man that wants a clean and classy outfit should always go for Hugo Boss. Below is a gallery of some exquisite attires that will make any man stand out.

# 1 Elegant in Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow might not be the first shade that comes to mind when you think of a classy suit, but this one shows that you can achieve an impressive look with any color provided you choose a good designer. It is a slim fit with a two button jacket and the guy pairs it with a gray round neck t-shirt for an elegant look.

# 2 Sharp Black and White Boss Tuxedo

Hugo Boss outfits are what celebrities like Jeremy Renner will always go for when gracing the red carpet. Here he has a tuxedo that pairs a white jacket with black dress pants and finishes the look with a black bow tie over a white shirt.

# 3 Cool in a Boss Sweater

It is not always about suits when it comes to Hugo Boss because there are many other amazing looks that a man can pull. This particular one pairs a blue shirt with charcoal dress pant and finishes with a cute slim-fitting sweater.

# 4 Outstanding Gray Suit

This outfit comes in a gray shade and with a perfect slim fit that makes it look bespoke. But the gentleman also accessorizes it well with a patterned tie and a Boss watch.

# 5 Keeping it Classy

The color and fit on this suit are fantastic, and they are just what a man requires to look chic. He pairs them with a white shirt and slim black tie before accessorizing with a Boss belt and a watch.

# 6 Trendy Navy Blue

A navy blue suit like this one will make sure that a man looks as fashionable and stylish as possible. It is a slim fit with a two button jacket that comes in a navy shade, and the guy wears it with brown dress shoes.

# 7 Unique Three-Piece Suit

Although this suit also comes in a navy blue shade the tone is slightly darker. It is a unique three-piece that includes a trench coat instead of the usual jacket, and it looks perfect with the matching tie and light blue shirt.

# 8 Brilliant Turtleneck with Gray Pants

Hugo Boss outfits make it possible to keep the cold out while still looking stylish. This outfit is a perfect example of this, and it pairs a thick turtleneck with some lovely patterns with gray dress pants.

# 9 Awesome and Glossy Tuxedo

One of the things that make the Hugo Boss suit fantastic is the fact that they always have a perfect fit. This tuxedo is just the right size for superstar boxer Anthony Joshua, and it comes in a glossy black shade.

# 10 Sassy Fall Colors and Patterns

This look is what you need to stand out in fall. It is a stylish design that entails pairing a black and white pattern jacket with brown pants, a black turtleneck, and white sneakers.

# 11 Clean Black Tuxedo

A black Boss tuxedo like this one is all that a man needs for a look that will set him apart from others. And if he pairs it with a white shirt and black bow tie he will always be the center of attraction.

# 12 Powder-Soft Suede Jacket

Sometimes all it takes is a beautiful Boss jacket like this one to give a man a fantastic look. The jacket comes with a stand collar and a two-way zipper.

# 13 Chic and Upscale Outfit

Everything from the fit to the striking color of this suit is just fantastic, and it is what a gentleman should wear for a chic look. It is in a navy shade, and the guy wears it with a white shirt and black dress shoes.

# 14 Softly Structured Outfit

This softly structured and comfortable outfit involves pairing a beige jacket with gray dress pants and a beautiful white t-shirt.

# 15 Bright and Refined Boss Suit

You can never go wrong with a shiny Hugo Boss suit like this one as it will always give you a polished look. It has a slim fit, and two button jacket design and the guy only needs to pair it with a clean shirt that keeps the top buttons unfastened for a relaxed formal look.

# 16 The Flawless Outfit

A modern gentleman needs a perfect attire like this one to stand out from the crowd. It is about wearing a slim-fit blue suit with a thin tan tie and a clean white shirt.

# 17 Simple Black Suit

Even simple Hugo Boss outfits like this black suit will still make you stand out. It is a slim fit suit with a two button peak lapel jacket and white pocket square.

# 18 Winning Boss Suit with T-shirt and Sneakers

This black suit does not have a lot of detail, and it comes with a modern fit and a turn-up trouser design. But the guy still manages to pull an impressive look by pairing it with a white t-shirt and sneakers.

# 19 The All Black Boss Look

This Boss suit is made to measure, and this is why it will give a man a custom look. Wearing it with a black shirt and tie is also a fantastic idea as it helps to maintain an all black look.

# 20 Sharp Modern Fitting Boss Suit

Hugo Boss is the label that most prominent men around the world will always choose to wear as it always guarantees them an upscale look. This particular suit comes in a modern fit that is not very constricting and a striped tie over a white shirt.

# 21 Impeccable Gray Outfit with Sneakers

Even soccer stars like Mario Gomez know that Hugo Boss outfits are what to turn to for an outstanding look. For this look, Mario went with an impeccable gray suit with a white shirt and patterned tie before finishing with some stylish sneakers.

# 22 Perfect Youthful Outfit

Everything that makes up this outfit is from Hugo Boss, and it entails wearing clean white t-shirt and pants before topping them with the adorable long brown coat.

# 23 Kevin Trapp’s Boss Three-Piece

Kevin Trapp pulls a classic Hugo Boss look by wearing a three-piece that comes in a modern fit with a patterned tie and a bright white shirt.

# 24 Suede Top with White Pants

Here is an innovative casual look that a man can pull with Hugo Boss outfits. It is a sassy design that involves pairing a suede top that has some inventive pockets with clean white pants and accessorizing with a gorgeous black leather case.

# 25 Classic and Polished Gentleman

Black suits are always the best choice for a man that wants a classic and refined appearance. But, going for a Boss one like this will take the attire a notch higher. The suit comes in a modern fit, and it pairs with a white shirt, black tie and white pocket square to gives Henrik Stenson a clean and classic appearance.

# 26 Boss Spring Collection

This spring look is about wearing the stylish Hugo Boss suede jacket with some cute white pants and black dress shoes without socks. But, the fact that everything fits perfectly also helps to enhance the overall appearance.

# 27 Relaxed Casual Look

Gerard Butler is a classy gentleman, and so you can always expect him to go for the Hugo Boss outfits as they are as classy as it can get. Here he maintains a casual wear that entails combining a dark v-neck t-shirt with denim and finishing off the outfit with a black trench coat.

# 28 Brown Leather Jacket with Skinny Jeans

The options are endless with Hugo Boss as you can always find an outfit for any occasion. Andre Hamann proves this fact with this look which involves wearing a stand collar brown leather jacket with skinny black jeans and white sneakers.

# 29 Layered Boss Look

Layering also works well with Boss outfits. This attire is a good example of this, and it involves wearing a simple suit with a one-button jacket with a white shirt and a thin blue tie and topping up the outfit with a matching trench coat for a bold and layered look.

# 30 Extra-Chic Hugo Boss Three Piece

This navy blue three piece suit from Hugo Boss is the real definition of class and elegance. The gentleman also knows how to dress it, and he does this by keeping the top buttons on the shirt down and wearing it with double monk-strap shoes. He also accessorizes with a colorful pocket square and a stylish leather briefcase.

Hugo Boss outfits should always have a place in a man’s closet. Whether it is a suit or something for wearing over the weekend these outfits will always give you a refined and classy look. But, it is still important to know how to wear these designer clothes, and the gallery above should offer you some inspiration.

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